XFL ELO Projections

Points for creativity, as a fan named Anthony Reinhard has built himself an XFL play-by-play scraper and will be doing weekly ELO ratings and playoff odds projections for the XFL. If you're watching the latest attempt at a spring minor league, go give his website some views.

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2 comments, Last at 11 Feb 2020, 7:23pm

1 Interesting work. I see…

Interesting work. I see that the 8 teams have ratings ranging from 1.21 to -2.17 and home field being worth 2.6 points. That would mean that home field is really the only difference between any two teams (except NY would still be favored to win at Sea).

Would home field advantage really be that valuable in a startup league, where the fans aren't even sure if they care or not?

2 It's waaay early to be doing…

It's waaay early to be doing ratings and projections, but it's someplace to start. His fav-dog projections would have the best teams ending with a 6-4 record and the worst teams at 4-6.