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Bengals Unveil New Uniforms

The Cincinnati Bengals have unveiled new, simplified uniforms—and no, they didn't change the helmets.

The new unis have three jerseys: black with orange tiger stripes on the shoulder, orange with black stripes, and white with black. There are also three sets of pants: black with orange stripes, white with orange, and white with black. 

Some of the combos are definitely better than others, but on the whole this is a much cleaner look and a big improvement.

There is also a full gallery (including, just for fun, Chad Johnson as a model) on the Bengals' website.

UPDATE: Paul Lukas has done a fine job pointing out the changes in the uniforms with before-and-after photos at Uni-Watch.


6 comments, Last at 24 Apr 2021, 6:18pm

1 They look good. I dont like…

They look good.

I dont like the name "Bengals" on the chest, it's quite redundant, needless and unnecessary.

I know what team I am watching or what shirt I am wearing. 

The Browns took all the words off of their uniforms and it made it much look better.

2 is okay. definitely…

is okay. definitely improvement over prior crpatistic unfiroms. do not care for number font at lal. that is worst aspect of new unis

6 Who cares...

...if the product on the field is the same ol' bengals?