Broncos T Ja'Wuan James Tears Achilles, Out For Season

James, 28, originally signed with Denver in 2019, but missed 13 games due to a knee injury. He opted out of the 2020 season due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


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1 Wow that sucks. He's going…

Wow that sucks. He's going to lose out on cash for working out off site. I guess the moral is dont work out unless your money is set in stone.

15 My understanding is the…

My understanding is the NFLPA is discouraging players from attending OTAs and working out at team facilities because the player is better off . . . well, I have no idea why the NFLPA would give such advice. 

23 probably COVID concerns

With the thinking that "off-site workout" wouldn't mean anything that could tear an ACL.  

It doesn't make sense to skip OTAs and do full-contact workouts away from the facility.  But of course you don't need contact to tear an ACL, esp. if the player has knee injury history.

26 Rick D...

It wasn't an ACL, a knee ligament that CAN be torn without contact.

It was his Achilles tendon, which is a lot more long-term, links the heel and calf, and I have no idea how you can tear it without contact being involved.

27 Marino tore it back in the…

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Marino tore it back in the day while dropping back to pass, no contact whatsoever. I'm guessing it's a wear-and-tear issue. Perhaps the tendon wasn't as sturdy to begin with.

2 Ouch

and on the same day the Ravens sign Alejandro V, while not hurting their comp picks.

4 Not surprised

This is what happens when players refuse to do their jobs and opt-out using COVID as an excuse. Their bodies are unprepared to return to football.

6 Well, when players who play…

Well, when players who play for a life don't play for a year, it shouldn't be surprising that they are not in perfect shape when they return.

Even a short length absence causes problems. Look at what we saw last year with no preseason and ACL injuries running rampant in Week 2

14 This is utterly illogical…

This is utterly illogical.

You seem to suggest that players get injured because they are away from the game and "not in perfect shape when they return".  The antidote to that, I would think, would be to train, condition, and work toward being in perfect shape out of season.  Which is what James was doing.


16 I don't know if your…

I don't know if your argument is correct, but it seems to be a believable hypothesis.

However, the tone, "using Covid as an excuse" implies what...they wanted a free paid vacation?(for some it was a small fraction of what they could have earned).

Is it so unreasonable that they opted out from playing a season with a deadly virus going around that would mean they would have to isolate from their families and put some of their elderly family at risk? If you think this is a stretch, check out Karl Anthony Towns to see how real it is.

That's why yes, that statement is wholly mean spirited. 

25 "COVID as an excuse"

I have to be suspicious of the education level of anybody who uses the phrase "COVID as an excuse" in any context.  Suggests a refusal to come to grips with the death toll of over a  half million people.

9 It's a plausible hypothesis…

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It's a plausible hypothesis. I guess we'll see this season whether the 67 opted-out players have a significantly higher injury rate than those who didn't. Likewise for this year's draft class: those who opted out last NCAA season vs those who played. I would guess not, but who knows?

10 This is a classic case where…

This is a classic case where the data are likely to be noisy enough not to definitively resolve the question, but there will be enough examples that everyone will be able to point to support their priors, and everyone will be happy. :-/

19 Hopefully he has some kind…

Hopefully he has some kind of insurance, because with his injury history and the need for a replacement it would probably be mismanagement for the Broncos not to cut him and claw back what they can if only for extra cap space. He has been a poster child for availability trumping ability though in his time at Denver.

20 Broncos cut him

cap relief aside it feels like Goodell wanted them to do that to send a message to other players...

21 I doubt it's that.  He was…

I doubt it's that.  He was cleared to play in 2019 several times by medical staff and kept being uncomfortable returning - this combined with his opt-out to make teammates publicly pissed at him. 

He could have been cut after 2019 if not for guaranteed salary.  He definitely would have been cut after 2020 if not for guaranteed salary.  Then he voided his salary guarantees...