Cam Newton Returns to Panthers

Cam Newton, Carolina Panthers
Cam Newton, Carolina Panthers
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NFL Week 10 - Cam Newton has agreed to terms to return to the Carolina Panthers. After Sam Darnold's injury (and awful play), Newton will probably take over as the starting quarterback sometime in the next couple weeks. A little closure after the Panthers just quietly released him following the 2019 season. The bad news for Newton is that the Panthers have one of the hardest remaining schedules in the NFL, as I point out here.

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1 Lol.

We all know Rhule was bungling the QB position but today it's just hilarious. NOW he wants to take a look at Cam. 

And they gave him how much?! LOL Rhule is really bad at this QB thing, yeesh. Essentially signals they aren't giving the job back to Darnold when he's healthy otherwise why give him so much? Darnolds still guaranteed next year. What leverage did Cam have?

3 Sam da

Sam Darnold bow entering part of Career where will shit to bounce around guy. Think Dave Krieg afet  leave Seattle, Jeff Blake after leave Cincinnati, and Ryan Fitzpatrick in general. Jsut craptastical with Panths this season now injured. P.J. walker to start Sunday and cam Newton after that if 


stay healthy.


Darnold to play in training camp competition with Davis Mills in 2022 or be signed as clear backup somewhere eelse

5 Yeah, I agree Darnold looks…

In reply to by Raiderjoe

Yeah, I agree Darnold looks like an old style Cleveland Browns QB like Colt McCoy and Brian Hoyer.   Its a nice life sitting on an NFL bench collecting a paycheck that large.  Darnold has 5-10 years of this in him I believe.

4 Ticket Sales

This move has caused the Panthers ticket sales to increase per local news. That's a win I guess.

6 Welp

Good start lol