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Carolina Trades Teddy Bridgewater to Denver

Carolina is dealing quarterback Teddy Bridgewater to Denver for a sixth-round pick. Apparently Carolina will pay $7 million of Bridgewater's contract, Denver will pay $3 million. Congratulations, Teddy, you wanted out of Carolina... and now you go from backing up a young quarterback who has never played up to his draft status to backing up another young quarterback who has also never played up to his (somewhat lower) draft status. This presumably takes Denver out of the running for drafting a quarterback this year, but you never know.

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1 Teddy will definitely win…

Teddy will definitely win that job if it’s an honest competition. He’s not a franchise QB but he’s a lot better than Lock.

3 $3M for the 20th best QB…

$3M for the 20th best QB. How's that for value? And it doesn't stop them from drafting and sitting Lance if he falls to 9, and further nukes the value of the #4 pick if the Broncos are still considering trading up.

8 These are basically my…

These are basically my thoughts as well. Let's assume he's a backup -- $3M is still a bargain. Plenty of guys who are far worse than him are making more than $3M. Unless you already have your top two QBs in place, any team should say yes to adding Bridgewater for $3M and a low pick. 

4 If this move somehow…

If this move somehow persuades Denver that they don't need a new Qb...then the entire front office needs to be fired.

My first reaction was that fangio did this because he's on the hot seat and can't stomach another year of Lock. In that sense I get it.

7 Definitely feels like a hot…

Definitely feels like a hot-seat move. Honestly, I'd forgotten they went 7-9 in Fangio's first year; last year was a big step back on the field, and Lock didn't look like the QB of the future. He's probably heard that both of those things need to turn around this season or he's out. Bridgewater either lights a fire under Lock's behind, or takes his place.

EDIT: oops bumped the post button before finishing my other thought:

I wonder how much it has to do with the Broncos' complicated ownership situation? Last I heard, two sides of the family were fighting over the team. Maybe Fangio (and Elway, even) had been assured a bit longer leash when they signed on, but now they're feeling pressure to look good for whoever eventually wins that battle, as they might be inclined to purge the lingering regime to cement their control - unless said regime is just too successful to let go.

11 A separate thought occurred…

A separate thought occurred to me. I think, unless you have a good qb already on the team, defensive coaches just don't make much sense as head coach hires. Fangio took over a middling team in decline and hes done about as well as can be expected given the roster hes been given. And yet, if he finishes once again around sub 500, he's going to get fired. I get why that happens, but the process makes no sense. 

If Fangio was a terrible coach, they'd probably finish really badly and have a chance at a QB so in a way, its actually worse that he's effective on defense. 


5 maybe I'm crazy

But Teddy feels like one of those guys that finally lands on the right team in his early 30s and has a mini-career.

10 I really hope so, I've been…

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I really hope so, I've been a fan of his since his college days. It's amazing considering how long he's been around, but he's only actually had two full seasons as a starter (plus about 3/4 of his rookie year). And a lot of people talk about him like he's chopped liver, but he completed 69% of his passes last year and put up an average DVOA despite a supporting cast that was pretty mediocre without McCaffery. He's probably never going to be a put-the-team-on-his-shoulders franchise guy, but I don't see any reason he couldn't be as successful as, say, Kirk Cousins or Joe Flacco (Ravens edition) in a comparable situation.

He seemed like a good fit for the Niners or the Colts, but that didn't happen. I think he might actually be a good match for the Pats, with a strong line and a bevy of short-medium receiving targets. He reminds me of early (pre-2007) Brady in some ways, with physical abilities that aren't mindblowing but are solid across the board, with above-average accuracy especially on short-medium throws. BB might be able to do something with him.

17 Yeah when he plays he…

Yeah when he plays he consistently finishes in the early 20s or late teens in DVOA. That means he's a bonafide NFL starter. Doesn't seem destined to be a top 5 type of guy ever, but I don't understand why he's consistently looked at as a backup or just not a good player.

6 Pointless

If you're still going to draft a QB, why cant Lock be the "bridge?" If this causes them to pass one of the top 5 QBs at 9, congrats on your 2022 11th overall pick. Enjoy purgatory...just like the Panthers did this past year by signing Teddy (not good enough to make your team actually competitive but also no where near getting a good pick and in place for a top QB)

9 Wonder what this does to the…

Wonder what this does to the likelihood that the Patriots trade up... and what it does for the Falcon's expected return on trading their pick. Conventional wisdom had the Falcons potentially commanding a king's ransom for the #4 pick due to imagined bidding wars between New England and Denver, depending somewhat on which prospect the Niners take at #3.

Rumor is that the Patriots like Fields, Lance, and then Jones in that order. Which if any, do you think, would have to get past the Niners for the Broncos to still be interested in trading up for? Or, with return for the pick potentially diminished, do you think this will increase the chance the Falcons stay put and pick their future signal caller at #4?

14 It's an interesting dynamic…

It's an interesting dynamic. I've never for a second believed that the Falcons would actually draft a QB at 4 (if they were going to, Ryan would be gone by now), and I doubt most teams have either. Which would seem to mean at least 2 of the five QBs would to be available past 6 - but I do think it's realistically possible that the Lions pick a QB at 7, and I'd think this trade makes it much more likely that the Panthers would go QB at 8 as well (as much as I have an irrational affection for the guy, no sane team is confident with Darnold as their QB of the future, much less present, at this point). So if anything, this might have inched the minimum-pick-to-get-a-QB line up a bit, which in turn ought to make the Broncos' pick less valuable than it was - and make the Falcons' more valuable in trade for a QB-desperate team.

(In other words, before the trade you needed a top-9 pick to be virtually guaranteed one of the QB prospects - now you need top-8.)

I'm a little bit skeptical that the Pats would trade up all the way to 4, considering the likely price - but if Belichick buys the dynamic that this year's late picks are less valuable than usual (and next year's more) he might be inclined to make that trade. I'll believe it when I see it, but it's not unthinkable I guess.

I'm also skeptical Belichick really prefers Lance to Fields (tall Big 10 QB who couldn't start as a freshman because he was stuck behind a guy who'd had an illustrious amateur baseball career - it worked for him before!), but if he really does, Lance seems to be the one most likely to slide as the Mac Jones hype train is running full steam now. Long story short, if they're willing to trade up I'd think they're targeting the Panthers' pick - or maybe the Broncos', if the Lions don't go QB at 7.

12 Belichick: "Newton for…

Belichick: "Newton for another year for $5 million is a good deal."

Elway: "Hey Bill, I just got Bridgewater for $3 million."

Belichick: "Damn"

Elway: "Best part is I probably won't even play him 'cuz I've also got Lock. Have you seen how far Lock can throw the ball?"

Belichick: "You do you, John."

13 I've had a sort of wacky…

I've had a sort of wacky idea for awhile now that the Bengals (and/or possssssibly the Dolphins) are going to trade into a second top-10 pick, basically to get one of the tackles and one of the receivers. They really need OL help to keep their franchise QB alive, but it's also rare that there's even one WR prospect as good as Smith or Chase available, much less two, and it would be a shame to pass that opportunity up. This would seem to put the Broncos' pick in play, making it that much more likely that they (or possibly two teams) could pull it off.

It would make some sense to trade this year's late picks + next year's early picks, considering the apparent talent disparity. Last I heard, literally something like half as many college players became eligible this year than usual, as so many want to go back to school next year and see if they can improve their play/draft stock in a more normal year (and/or, at least have one more normal-ish year of college life). Losing next year's top picks won't hurt as much since better-than-normal talent ought to be available later (and conversely, this year's later-round picks are less valuable than usual). It'll be interesting to see how many teams pick up on that dynamic; it might lead to more trade-ups than usual.

15 Bears?

So if Bridgewater is available for a 6th round pick, and at a price of $3M, why would someone sign Andy Dalton?

16 It was done before the Darnold trade

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And, from 2014 (when Teddy entered the league), Dalton has had a higher success rate and epa/play (unadjusted too).

Both are middling moves that aren't worth it but if they want mediocrity! But at least the Bears didn't give up a pick...they did that last year lol

20 Stupidity. Seriously, though…

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Seriously, though...the Bears presumably could have had Andy Dalton for about $3M in 2020. Heck, let's be generous and say they would have had to give him $5M to make their offer more attractive than Dallas. What they did instead was trade away a 4th round draft pick AND carry a $6.7M cap hit for Nick Foles...who, by the way, also carries the same cap hit this year and keeps the Bears locked into him because it would cost more to cut him. (In 2022, they can either keep him for a $10.7M hit or cut him and have $3.7M in dead money. Cool cool).

So after passing on Dalton for $5M or less, they decided that they HAD to have him in 2021 for $10M guaranteed (the cap hit for 2021 is $5.5M, but that just means they're committing themselves to dead money in 2022 and 2023). In a year when they presumably could've had Bridgewater for a 6th round pick (in a year where the late round picks are deemed to be even worse than usual) and $3M.

In 2020, Bridgewater was 19th in DVOA and the only one of the three to post a positive DVOA at 2.0%. Foles was 29th and Dalton was...30th. Only the Bears.

I'm just going to be watching the draft tonight praying all of the QBs remotely considered to be first round prospects go high enough that Pace can't trade up and mortgage the next two drafts to get the 5th QB off the board.

23 Trade now complete.

Give me defender Tarron Jackson and QB Justin Fields over defender Patrick Surtain II and QB Teddy Bridgewater any day of the week.

*shudders* mismanagement