Carson Wentz to Undergo Foot Surgery

Indianapolis Colts QB Carson Wentz
Indianapolis Colts QB Carson Wentz
Photo: USA Today Sports Images

Indianapolis Colts quarterback Carson Wentz will be undergoing surgery and will be out for five to 12 weeks. That's a significant range at this point in the season. It means Wentz could theoretically be back for Week 1. It also means he could be out until October. 

For the time being, the Colts' starting quarterback will be Jacob Eason, a 2020 fourth-rounder who played college ball for both Washington and Georgia. He'll be backed up by Sam Ehlinger, Jalen Morton, and Brett Hundley, who just signed with the team this weekend. Of the four, only Hundley has thrown a pass in an official NFL game. 

This is clearly bad news for the Colts, but it's also bad news for the Eagles. As part of the trade that sent Wentz to Indianapolis, they received a conditional 2022 second-round draft pick that turns into a first-rounder if Wentz plays at least 75% of the Colts' snaps (or 70% if the Colts make the playoffs). Obviously, a long-term recovery would make that a difficult bar to cross.

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12 comments, Last at 10 Aug 2021, 4:48pm

1 whispers

Trade for Jordan Love. 

Also the Colts should've cheesed the snap counts anyway. Wentz would've been on board for spite. 

2 It would be funny if this…

It would be funny if this were the sole issue that caused his pocket presence to disintegrate over the last few years, and he comes back playing like an MVP candidate.

4 Predictable. This has been…

Predictable. This has been something I have worried about without even factoring in Wentz's Mr. Hyde routine last season. The dude is injury prone and made of glass and QB is the one position where even 4 games missed could toperdo your season.

Time to hope Eason is Tom Brady 2.0? I'd happily settle for Romo 2.0 at this point. 

5 I can't believe there were…

I can't believe there were Eagles fans who thought the first round pick bit would work out. Only way it would have is if Wentz played well enough that Philly would regret trading him.

10 Something for nothing and your checks for free

Pat:  That is reasonable as far as it goes but Carson Wentz was truly awful in Philly last year.  Him doing well for the Colts in no way suggests he'd do so for the Eagles.  Ergo, no regrets.  From their point of view anything Philly gets for a 36th rated QB is pure profit.  If nothing else, Jalen Hurts is generating considerable excitement.  As for Wentz, should he play well in Indianapolis there will dancing in the streets of the aptly named City of Brotherly Love.

11 Pat:  That is reasonable as…

Pat:  That is reasonable as far as it goes but Carson Wentz was truly awful in Philly last year.

You seriously want a list of things that were truly awful in Philly last year? The reason the Eagles were able to trade Wentz at all was because half the other teams in the league already knew the Eagles were toast prior to the preseason (I certainly did) and while Wentz's performance was obviously worse than you'd expect, the entire year was such a giant disaster that it was totally worth taking a flier on him.

I mean, if there were Eagles fans that would've been happy to see him doing well in Indy, they're beyond nuts - the Eagles have been so incredibly mismanaged for the past few years that if it turned out that Wentz was capable of mid-level QB play it just stresses how much Philly missed out on due to Roseman's insanity.

8 To echo Raidersfans point…

To echo Raidersfans point. At this stage it's been years since he last played and last played well. Without getting into topics of fairness and all of that, anyone who's been away from the game that long I wouldn't have much faith in as a quarterback or really for anything