CJ Henderson

CJ Henderson Traded to Panthers

The Panthers have reacted to Jaycee Horn's broken foot by trading for another former first-round cornerback, Jacksonville's CJ Henderson. Henderson and a fifth-round pick go to the Panthers while tight end Dan Arnold and a third-round pick go to the Jaguars. Henderson was the Jaguars' first pick in the 2020 NFL draft, and to say that he had an up-and-down (short) career in Jacksonville would be an understatement. He dealt with a lot of injuries and off-field stuff that made it hard to get things rolling. Jacksonville desperately needed a tight end who can be a factor in the passing game, so in comes Arnold. It’s a damning indictment on the previous regime in trading Henderson, however. You don't normally trade a ninth overall pick after one year.

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1 Unreal. I guess gotta trust…

Unreal. I guess gotta trust the coaching staff but what sense does it make to cut bait this early on such a huge investment? 


11 Lol

Exactly. This regime seems a little on the impatient side. Sometimes our 20,000 foot view is the correct one.

3 Sunk cost

Or profitable asset? Idk what the opposite of sunk cost is actually but sometimes moving on too early is also a possibility. 

5 It is indeed a possibility. …

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It is indeed a possibility.   I call it "not being able to see past the end of your nose",  but "too impatient" and "seeking instant gratification" work as well.

7 Hasn't been great

but I feel like this one falls under not being able to see past the end of their nose. Urban really seems impatient. Traded TE Oliver, LB Schobert, this, etc. 

8 Jacksonville

Well, sure.  You give up on a seemingly high upside player at a premium position because - we'd like to have another average tight end this week?  Jaguars fans, I weep in empathy for you -- all seven of you.

9 Dan Arnold.

The Jags got the better of this trade.   Arnold was one of Kyler Murray's favorite targets and had a good year in Arizona.  I just feel bad that he goes from a semi-contender to a total rebuild when he really should have just stayed in Arizona.


12 Really now?

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The ninth overall pick last year for a non PB TE and going up two rounds? 

10 Arnold in Arizona

Let me start off by acknowledging that my comment was mostly snark and cheap laugh.  And JAX may well win the trade if for nothing else but the third round pick.  But your defense of Arnold seems strange.

In Mr. Arnold's single full season in Arizona, he ranked 5th in targets with 45 over 16 games.  (DeAndre Hopkins dominated with 160 targets). 

Arizona allowed him to leave via free agency to Carolina, which, also is seemingly a semi-contender, only for Carolina to trade him during a promising 3-0 start.  I have no opinion of him myself, but the league seems to view him as mildly fungible.