Demaryius Thomas Passes Away

Denver Broncos WR Demaryius Thomas
Denver Broncos WR Demaryius Thomas
Photo: USA Today Sports Images

NFL Week 14 - Demaryius Thomas, a wide receiver who twice played in the Super Bowl with Peyton Manning's Denver Broncos, has passed away at age 33.

"Thomas was found deceased in his home on Thursday night, the Roswell (Georgia) Police Department confirmed in a statement to NFL Media," writes's Chase Goodbread. "Preliminary information is that Thomas' death stems from a medical issue, and Roswell PD investigators currently have no reason to believe otherwise."

A four-time Pro Bowler, Thomas enjoyed his best season in 2013. He caught 92 passes for 1,430 yards and 14 touchdowns, ranking ninth or higher in each of those categories, and finished first among wide receivers in Football Outsiders' DYAR.

Tributes from Thomas' former coaches and teammates, as well as Denver/NFL media, have been flooding social media since new of his passing broke on Thursday night. This post from Nicki Jhabvala, formerly of the Denver Post, is my favorite:


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1 R.I.P. DT

DT was the most dangerous receiver of the most dangerous receiving corps of the most dangerous pass offense of the decade. And it sounds like he was a great teammate, too.

He was an asset to the sport, and will be missed.

2 just baffling

Gossip is that it's related to the neural damage he suffered in a car accident a few years ago.  He had been having seizures.  Wild guess is a seizure went tragically wrong.

3 It seems like mutliple…

It seems like mutliple tributes have made note of Thomas's gift for working with kids. Being able to actually see that in action here was pretty special.

4 One of the most touching…

One of the most touching moments was to read about DT's mom getting to see her son play live after serving 20 years in prison. She was so proud of him. How could you not be!

As some of the reacting posts have confirmed, the guy was a deeply good human being. One of the best ambassadors for the sport of football and a true role model. 

He was also fun as hell to watch. 

5 Sad news

Great video shared by Nicki Jhabvala.  Thanks for pass it along.

The twitter reaction from those who knew him is impactful.  I particularly liked the tweets from Payton Manning and Tyler Polumbus.  But there are so many, clearly heartfelt.  All that he overcame through a truly difficult childhood is inspiring.  Sympathies to all who knew him.