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Eagles Hire Nick Sirianni as Head Coach

The Eagles are hiring Indianapolis offensive coordinator Nick Sirianni as their next head coach. The 39-year-old Sirianni has worked under ex-Eagles OC Frank Reich in Indianapolis for three seasons, although he was not the play-caller on offense. This hiring is a bit of a surprise, as Sirianni was not really discussed as a hot coaching candidate at the start of the offseason. An NFL source told Fansided's Matt Lombardo that Sirianni is "a young energetic coach who is extremely smart ... puts players in place to succeed based on their strong qualities."

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2 Not to stamp on poor Pat,…

Not to stamp on poor Pat, but this might be the worst job in the NFL pending what happens with Watson. 

I am not sure what market there was for Nick and the Colts offense is likely to decline next year so maybe his stock would get worse. I feel like this is the sacrificial lamb a la Dennis Allen for the Raiders. 

5 Stamp?! I've been saying it…

Stamp?! I've been saying it's the worst job since Pederson got fired.

I mean, at least they did sign a guy out of left field, so you might actually believe they chose their Best Candidate rather than the only available one (yeah, right).

Signing Reich's OC is just weird, though.

6 I don't think it's weird…

I don't think it's weird. The Eagles have no choice but to fix Wentz, it's their only chance at relevancy for the next couple of years. Reich was the OC when Wentz was putting together an MVP type season, you can't get Reich but you can get his OC who presumably thinks similarly to Reich and probably was debriefed by Reich on Wentz and what worked and what didn't work. Now Howie needs to trade Hurts for more than he paid for him, so he can save face with his QB factory comment, and so that we can get Wentz some more help.

8 See, this is why it's weird:…

See, this is why it's weird: you listed a bunch of reasons why *Reich* would be a great fit to help Wentz. And I get that. Makes total sense.

But Philly didn't hire Reich. Sirianni wasn't in Philly with Reich. He does have history with Reich with the Chargers: but really, that just means he's really had success with one QB (and honestly 2014-15 were bad years for Rivers).

So why hire Sirianni? Do they think Reich's somehow gonna give him magic Wentz powers or teach him all the secrets to dealing with him?

11 Yes very lazy.

Why get a good OC in an offensive league when you can think outside the box and get an assistant that bites off knee caps!? Or a guy no one else was interviewing! Work hard to overthink it!

No but seriously why is that "lazy?"

14 I think lazy's a good term…

In reply to by ImNewAroundThe…

I think lazy's a good term for it.

Offense is easy to measure: so finding a team with a truly good offense is easy. Then grabbing the OC is just grabbing the highest guy nominally responsible for it that you can.

Finding a *coach* that's truly responsible for a truly good unit takes a lot of diligence, though.

17 This + your other comment

don't make much sense to me. Because looking at good offenses like the Chiefs and wanting to be creative isn't the goal? In this offensive run league? Don't think the 49ers regret going after the Falcons offense, and waiting while doing so. Don't think the Colts regret waiting for a SB offense in their last hire. If it's easy, take it, dont make into rocket science.

But bring on "lazy." Think you mean obvious(ly qualified) but want to be different for the sake of being different (like why retread over a failure?). Work smarter (easier) before working harder for no reason. 

19 Colts Hire

[nitpick]Reich wasn't the the Colt's first choice - he wasn't hired until McDaniels reneged on them[/nitpick]

27 Oh I know.

In reply to by serutan

That's why I said SB offense and not specifically Reich. But do you think they regret that? Maybe the McDaniels thing, but not Reich. Maybe waiting til after the SB, and even a little longer, is alright. Blessing in disguise. I wonder why McDaniels continues to get interviews though...

20 No, I literally mean "lazy."…

No, I literally mean "lazy." As in, you say "team X has a good offense, let's take from them! Who can we take?" "Well, we can't get the head coach or quarterback, so... the OC?" "Perfect!"

It isn't *always* lazy, mind you, if a coach has been around a bunch of teams/QBs and had success all over, that's not the same.

I'm not even saying it's *wrong* most of the time. But sometimes there are deeper options: like the Eagles signing Reid (who was the QB coach) or Bengals signing Zac Taylor (ditto, although we'll see how that goes).

But overall hiring OCs always worries me a little, because I feel a good amount of the time it's not them causing the success.

22 This has been my general…

This has been my general view as well. If you're going to hire a top coordinator, that person should probably have shown success in multiple spots or multiple circumstances. Ron Rivera is a good example. Kyle Shanahan is too with his stints in Washington and Cleveland before going to the Falcons. 

Because just blindly going with the coordinator of the best offenses or defenses leads to  Mike Mccoy', Adam Gase, Joe Philbin, Chuck Pagano, Gus Bradley, Josh McDaniels, Bill O brien...etc etc.

I myself don't mind out of left field hires. Shaun McVay, Jon Harbaugh, Matt Lefleur, and Mike Tomlin were all hired and not on the backing of how great their units performed under their watch.


29 Nah you don't get to use that excuse.

EB literally worked for MN with Peterson. Of course that too isn't him. How ironic. So many hoops he has to jump through. Preferring left vs right is like preferring w...

This guy and EB are the same. Except for one big difference...EB has had better offenses. But you're only worried and skeptical of him. Where's the logical sense in that? In wanting guys that weren't good at a lower level? Because some others got lucky? Because the reverse was unlucky? 

You gotta stop defending every hire and show some sympathy because I almost guarantee the two new DC hires in the NFC North aren't gonna get a HC job like Staley did in one year. I mean, Josh McCown for crying out loud, got a HC interview. IDK what to tell you other than white guys not having to go through the same wringer, despite multiple pleas for empathy and understanding. There are biases and it hurts seeing people worry about the wrong thing.

34 It's worth noting that using…

It's worth noting that using *this* hire to criticize Bieniemy not getting a job is probably the wrong place - of all the coaching options out there, this was probably Bieniemy's least likely landing spot. *Super* unlikely that they would've gone with Reid's current OC after just firing the guy who was originally his boss.

Now, the Falcons/Chargers/Lions/Texans/Jaguars, those are better criticisms.

35 It's "better" but in a different way

As it's shows they're willing to hiring an OC that doesn't call plays, under a HC that had an offensive background (who, himself, didn't call plays before he was hired as a HC, as he working for an offensively minded HC too), despite being an OC 3 straight years for an AFC team that made the playoffs in 2020 (and not having failed anywhere else as an OC or HC). That's EB too, like I said. Find the difference. And it's not because Nick S. had better offenses!

All the other teams are proof as well but in various different ways that make things suspect as a whole for their own reasons. Teams want the weirdest of intersections for a HC. Call a spade a spade and the league, as a whole, is a spade right now. 

39 I'm guessing you didn't…

I'm guessing you didn't understand what I was saying? The difference is that Sirianni wasn't Reid's offensive coordinator - just like their former coach - and wasn't the running backs coach when Doug Pederson - who they just fired - was OC.

Look who Sirianni just brought in:

  • DC: Gannon, former DB coach with Sirianni at Indy
  • OC: Steichen, former QB coach alongside Sirianni on the Chargers
  • Passing coordinator: Patullo, former pass game specialist alongside Sirianni on the Chargers

The only former Eagles coach they're retaining so far is Stoutland, the OL coach. Notice a pattern? They all worked with Sirianni before. One of them immediately before. Makes sense.

So who would Bieniemy bring in? Of course, guys he's worked with before, many of whom Pederson would've worked with before as well. It wouldn't've actually been that much of a change for Philly. If they were going to stick with guys from Reid's coaching tree, why in the world would they have fired Pederson?

Go look at, for instance, KC's entire coaching staff. The links to Pederson there are insane. It would not have been easy for Bieniemy to make a staff that ownership would've actually thought was a real change.

That's the difference. Like I said, for other teams, it's a bigger issue. But to be honest I'm not even sure the Eagles would've gotten a warm response from Bieniemy. They did request an interview with him, after all. And I'm not even sure he would've been able to fill out his staff at Philly, because many of his candidates would've been skeptical about working with Philly after how Doug got treated. (For instance, Kafka, who's the QB coach at KC, was literally a quarterback with the Eagles when Pederson was his coach. I'm not sure how keen he'd be to go to Philly knowing his old coach just got fired after winning a Super Bowl where there's a QB there that his old coach apparently couldn't teach.)

To be fair the other difficulty Bieniemy has is that he's not available yet, and for his entire career as OC, he hasn't been available until super-late. So he is running at a disadvantage in that sense. But obviously I don't think that's the real issue, but I don't think the "real issue" is actually the issue for the Eagles, but only the Eagles.

41 Leaving aside my…

Leaving aside my reservations I mentioned above, I agree it is peculiar that he hasn't gotten a job yet. I get the negative implications coming from this but do they make sense?

I believe every single organization except the Texans have had a black coach at some point in their history. The Lions and Chargers have been recent history. 

I agree, its very peculiar given how team's hire that EB has not received an offer and I also agree, I don't think him coaching deep into the playoffs is the main driver. Lots of coordinators have gotten jobs despite that hurdle. 

An obvious thing to realize - we aren't in the interviews so we have no idea if hes interviewing well or not. 

42 "I believe every single…

"I believe every single organization except the Texans have had a black coach at some point in their history. The Lions and Chargers have been recent history."

Yeah, I mean, that's too close to the "hey I've got a friend who's X!" argument. Prejudice isn't necessarily overt. I mean, look at the number of coaches who clearly had nepotism play a role in being hired - it doesn't take a genius to realize that the fact that 2 of the youngest OCs in NFL history (Shanahan and Schottenheimer) are both kids of older NFL coaches (and go fig, kids of a generation with a racial bias have a racial bias). Still ends up being a racial issue.

Similarly, if you go and say "hey, Bieniemy got into a bunch of legal trouble (back when he was in his early 20s) maybe that's the reason" you then have to ask the question "does it make sense to treat legal trouble between candidates equally"? Which again, becomes a racial issue.

In my opinion it's clearly true that there are some organizations that don't actually conduct real coaching searches - they have a guy they want, and they go and get him (cough Jaguars Cowboys cough), and in my mind that's really questionable, because if you go by "name recognition" or "reputation" or "pedigree" you're always going to end up with a racial problem that way. Then there are other organizations that clearly do conduct real searches: Pittsburgh being the obvious one, for instance.

But I think those organizations are clearly in the minority, and so long as the coaching searches aren't actually real, racial bias claims are just going to continue to have merit.

43 My follow up question is - …

My follow up question is - "Is nepotism racist?" I think there is definitely nepotism and since the coaching ranks have been traditionally white, that leads to the natural conclusion that it is. But only indirectly I would say.

Still, I believe every single organization has at some point has gone down the "hire the top coordinator route at some point" 

By how the NFL hires, EB should have been given a shot in the same way Romeo Crennel was given a shot after 3 SB victories as the defensive coordinator. Maybe in retrospect it too longer than it should have but it wasn't seen as unusual at the time. 

And how much of the discussion becomes moot if the Texans offer EB a job? Will we remember him as twisting in the wind far too long? 

47 "My follow up question is - …

"My follow up question is - "Is nepotism racist?" I think there is definitely nepotism and since the coaching ranks have been traditionally white, that leads to the natural conclusion that it is. But only indirectly I would say."

Nepotism comes from the same core as "non-overt" (non-hostile? institutional?) racism - hiring someone you're more comfortable with because they're familiar. Fighting that kind of racism is way harder because not only do you have to assist the disadvantaged group, you probably have to push back against the advantaged group.

Personally I think the NFL should do something like require all family coaching hires to have a long "pathway to head coach" - as in, like, literally sons of head coaches can't become coordinators until 40 and head coaches until they're like, 45 or something. Which is horribly prejudicial against them, but given that Shanahan/Schottenheimer/Belichick are effectively 3 of the youngest coordinators in the damn game the advantages that they have are just way too big. But obviously something like that's never going to happen.

"By how the NFL hires, EB should have been given a shot in the same way Romeo Crennel was given a shot after 3 SB victories as the defensive coordinator. Maybe in retrospect it too longer than it should have but it wasn't seen as unusual at the time."

Yeah, uh, I think that's more of a sign of the times: saying "well, long ago, something that should've probably been considered racist wasn't considered racist" isn't exactly the strongest argument.

I mean, you're talking about a time when the hiring of Mike Tomlin was met with "holy crap, the Rooney Rule actually resulted in someone being hired."

45 It's still a good example

as it paints the league wide excuse of...that exact description, not being hirable.

If you're making reference to Duce Staley now, who they interviewed, and then he himself asked to be let go, as being the main driving points as to NOT hire a SB winning OC...is interesting. Guess it was interesting they fired their only SB winning HC in franchise history just 3 years later too. 

I think you're honing in on the wrong reason for the firing though. It wasn't because he sucked (2nd losing season in 5 years) and that it was the wrong system. They literally hired someone that worked under someone PEDERSON hired. Is that that much different than someone...that was also under Pederson (but in KC)? No. It was because Doug wanted more control from Howie. That's why there were reports before week 17 that he was safe and the reason he obliged to their (rightful) tank job. You think he puts Sudfield in if he knows he's getting fired? No, he'll grab 1 more W for his record if that were so, sticking with the best option. The power struggle came after that fiasco. So I don't buy that the Eagles are any different from the other teams. The Jets and Chargers could offer their own "unique" excuse that they wanted DCs instead of OCs. Detroit could say they wanted Hock to be good and were looking for an assistant. Falcons could say they wanted someone to turn around their old QB. Jags could say they wanted someone entirely fresh. Those are all true. But all are terrible reasonings to pass on EB as they come with their own (worse) cons.  

And the league had a chance to hire EB after their AFCCG loss. You know, after that insane offense he helped create. The one that is (still) the best one we've seen since the 2010 Pats. They didn't. Even though Nagy was hired after 1 season under Reid as the OC (just like EB!) and improved the Bears to 12-4 the following year (Reid tree still good!). That was prime picking time but...he...didn't call...plays? As, if Reid himself, did coming out? Sus. 

Just like slot avoiding the direct reason and essentially pining for nepotism and cronyism being better instead of calling a spade, a spade. Wanting to dance around it and give the benefit of the doubt despite empirical evidence. Finding any reason other than the obvious. Even going back decades when the franchises were run by almost entirely different people. Continuing to ask questions to validate the billionaire owners decisions. So many hoops he has to jump through.

46 They never planned on hiring…

They never planned on hiring Staley. They were being generous to him by giving him an interview in the first place. Plus, y'know, the obvious CYA. Although who knows on that. It always makes me go "hmm" when the first guy interviewed is a local minority coach.

"They literally hired someone that worked under someone PEDERSON hired. Is that that much different than someone...that was also under Pederson (but in KC)? No."

Yes. Because Reich was literally someone from outside Pederson's circle when he was hired, and Sirianni has no ties to Pederson directly and long ties with Reich. I mean, c'mon - you're concluding that Doug got fired because of the Roseman power struggle. So Roseman's sick of dealing with Pederson, fires him, and then is gonna go around and hire someone who'd be inclined to think Pederson was right? Are you nuts? Roseman goes full-on nuclear when he wins a power struggle.

"Finding any reason other than the obvious."

You do realize that I flat out said that there's an obvious reason why he hasn't gotten hired yet, right? And that the main "oh, what about this" reason is really just a secondary effect of the obvious reason?

So let me be super-clear about this: Bienemy's not getting a job because of racism/privilege. Clear enough? The whole "he had legal trouble 20+ years ago" is just rephrased racism/privilege, because people with privilege don't end up with highly public arrest records for stupid things they do in their 20s. Even Culley getting hired over him is likely just more of an indication that it's racism, because they hired the "more socially appropriate" Reid disciple who's a minority. Which in some ways is even freaking more disturbing.

Clear enough?

However, in Philly's case I don't even think that came up - because there was no way in hell Roseman was going to hire someone who might've sided with Pederson, because his ego couldn't take it. The interviews might as well have been "so, tell me about your time working with Pederson" "oh, I learned a lot from Doug..." "Thanks, we'll get back to you."

48 So they didn't hire him

because he might have "sided with Pederson" in the sense that...the roster wasn't great? Reich learned under Pederson just as EB did. So they decide to with a guy that has *short* ties to Reich? IDK how they'd be long ties since he literally was there for 3 years, under Reich. Reich who was in Philly.

IDK where you're getting that EB "is inclined to think that Pederson was right " even though they haven't worked together in 5 years and even moved up in the hierarchy since then. That's nuts? But not NS who's a branch of a Pederson branch? If you think that's really that different but a former RBs coach isnt...they literally took the next closest thing instead of going the complete and utter opposite. That's a fine line to balance for such a dysfunctional franchise. ANYONE can have sided with Pederson. You don't need to have been close to him to do that. "So Nick what did you learn under Reich" "Well he's great. As you know he loved learning from Ped..." "Say no more." EB can be Pedersons lil bro but NS is his lil grandkid. 

Reread the last paragraph. It wasn't about you. 

And I'll reiterate. This is an example for the league as a whole. The Eagles shouldn't get a pass because then everyone will have their own excuse. In fact reports started saying they were skeptical of the Reid tree. And anyone can use that dumb excuse!


49 Psst: where did Philly get…

Psst: where did Philly get Reich from? Where was Sirianni from before Indy? Sirianni and Reich worked together for 6 years: 3 in Indy, 3 with the Chargers.

And "in the sense that the roster isn't great"? Yes! That's the point! Roseman doesn't think the roster's trash, and it is. That's literally the power struggle that was going on: Pederson refused to play a bunch of guys he thought were bad.

Reich is *not* a "branch off Pederson" - he was an outsider brought in with no real ties to him. Same with DiFilippo: they brought them in to add as many varying voices.

This whole thing is very typical Roseman. He wins a power struggle, and then carpet-bombs people associated with the person he just ousted. Few years later, everything's hunky-dory and he'll bring guys back. Dude's just weird.

51 So only 3 years in SD

but you dont think Reich learned anything from Pederson and that Nick didn't learn anything Reich? And Reich is indeed a branch. He doesn't need to have started his career under him. He spent 2 years under him. Pederson employed him for multiple years.  

If they wanted someone far from Pederson, Nick is like the 2nd worst person. Weird threshold to have crossed. Not even the best coordinator from the Colts, if that's what they wanted. But anyone that takes that job knows there's holes to fill and that the roster isn't great. No one can deny that as an outsider. I'm still not giving the Eagles a pass because of the unique, bad excuse.

52 No, actually I don't think…

No, actually I don't think Reich changed his coaching style much/at all under Pederson, because Reich literally was brought in to be an outside voice. (And if you watch Indy's offense it's clear that it's not a Reid derived offense like Pederson's was).

"If they wanted someone far from Pederson, Nick is like the 2nd worst person."

No, he really isn't. In Roseman's eyes everything went downhill after 2017, when Reich left. Everyone was fawning over his draft picks, and Wentz was the talk of the league. Then Reich left, and things literally went to hell in a handbasket fast. In the end, Pederson ends up pretty obviously actively disparaging Roseman's draft picks and avoiding playing them, Pederson wants to stick to his plan rather than Roseman's idea to bring in more outside voices, and Roseman convinces Lurie to fire Pederson.

There was no way in hell Roseman was going to bring in anyone who might've had the same opinion of the roster Pederson did. But meanwhile, over in Indy, there's Reich and Sirianni. Sirianni probably comes in telling stories of how he and Reich sat down and watched tape from 2017 and he's just so amazed at how talented Wentz was, and he comes in saying "yeah, Reich and I discussed how badly Pederson was using Wentz these past few years." Boom. Hired.

Bienemy wouldn't be able to do that with a straight face, because Pederson was using Wentz exactly the same as he would. JJAW and Reagor are both miscast in a Reid offense, and both of them would likely want to keep Ertz around as well even though they totally need to ditch him.

Let me be clear, again: I'm not saying that Sirianni is a good hire. Dear Lord, I'm not saying that. I'm saying that in this specific case they hired Sirianni because Roseman is a petty freaking GM, and his reasoning in hiring a head coach is:

  • We were good back in 2010! What happened? Oh, we fired that Andy Reid guy and brought in Chip Kelly. Man, this guy sucks.
  • Huh. Can't hire Andy Reid again. Let's get his offensive coordinator! Oh, and let's get rid of all these Chip Kelly guys, they all suck.
  • We were good back in 2017! What happened! Oh, we lost that Frank Reich guy and kept Pederson around. Man, this guy sucks.
  • Huh. Can't hire Reich again. Let's get his offensive coordinator! Oh, and let's get rid of all these Doug Pederson guys, they all suck.

Sirianni just looks like the world's most freaking obvious petty hire for the Eagles, and, well, Roseman's a petty GM. Literally Roseman's entire career is filled with people saying the dude's power-hungry and out of his depth.

53 If you think he didn't learn anything

IDK what to tell you. Worried about not running Reids successful scheme is why they're bad now. Literally no sources on him just being a consultant (instead of an actual OC). Even though he runs a primarily west coast offenses (with almost identical neutral pass rates this season). Just like Doug did in Philly. Tell me who the 2nd worst is then. If not Nick, who? 

Wentzs 2017 was always unstable. Has nothing to do with scheme and Reich being the reason for that (weird how the OC was the guy that ran it in Philly, despite not calling plays, but not now in KC). Wentz was always going to regress and the team as whole as well (11.8 Pythagorean wins). That wasn't Reich. 

Things didn't go down as fast as you'd like to think with Wentz. It was a gradual decline til this year when the bottom fell out.

If you truly believe that the sole reason for them not hiring EB is because he worked with Pederson, you're playing hook line and sinker for their awful excuse. Because I know what you're saying. But it sounds like the exact same reasoning that can be applied to literally any other hire. Literally any. Any year. Only looking for one VERY specific thing. Something that is NOT, coincidently, EB. But not really.

The same thing you're doing with Philly, is done with EACH opening. But with their own unique (awful) excuse. For Philly, you believe it's because EB learned under Pederson but somehow Reich escaped that and so did NS. For the Chargers it was that their defense WAS worse than their offense. For the Jets they were just coming off an awful offensive HC. For the Falcons, they want Ryan to return to his MVP self.  For Texans they want a good guy. For the Jags they wanted some flashy dude with no (NFL) stains. For the Lions they wanted that blue collar guy. All very specific, non EB, preferences. Preferences...using the same line of thinking and diving hard into one VERY specific reason not to hire him. For outsiders they just shout past. Or that's it's all Reid (or in your case, him and Pederson being the same person). The other teams do the SAME thing but pivot just a bit for their own little differences. 

23 I kind of agree with the new…

I kind of agree with the new guy. Sure, it's lazy, but are there any solid indicators of success as a HC? You might as well pick a guy who's had success and hope he was the reason for it.

Personally, I think GMs simply hire the guy that gives them the best vibe. Which is why white GMs tend to hire white HCs, by the way.

24 How many times has a…

How many times has a coordinator of an offense run by an MVP level QB been a success? I guess Mike Shanahan counts. Mike Holmgren too. But then I think about all of the others I mentioned above. It appears that you are more likely to land a dud going that route.


25 Honestly that's why Sirianni…

Honestly that's why Sirianni bothers me as well: he's basically only worked with Rivers. If the Wentz/Pederson relationship was really part of the problem, I'm plenty worried about a guy whose experience with QBs is so limited.

33 Yeah, I'm not listing "top…

Yeah, I'm not listing "top quarterback retires after 1 year working with you claiming football isn't fun anymore" as a success, and there's a huge difference between working with a backup suddenly turned starter and a guy who's signed for $30M/yr.

Obviously that's not fair regarding Luck... but it is what it is. I should be clear I'm not saying someone *else* would necessarily be better for Wentz. Don't think they should have hired a head coach based on Wentz regardless.

28 You could have that concern about literally anybody.

And like Noah said, there's no real indicator. The interviews clearly mean nothing, more or less, and are just formalities. The Browns literally had Freddie Kitchens in the building before interviewing him and they couldn't foresee that disaster. The Dolphins had Gase in division and thought he interviewed well enough. 

The least logical thing is to take the guy that couldn't handle his last job well. Because piling on his responsibilities as a HC rarely works out. 

All this is just proving the jumps EB has has to go through. Overthinking and doubting his importance despite NO ONE seeing this Mahomes/KC offense coming, even after his meh 1 start in 2017 under Nagy (who still has a job btw, rightfully or not). 

None of this guarantees his success BUT...20 HC jobs, 18 teams, and not ONE are willing to take that "risk?" Come on now. Let's call a spade a spade and stop saying "well..."

30 Bienemy's different to me…

Bienemy's different to me because he's Reid's: different in the "WTF guys, you're nuts, sign him" sense. Reid's coaching tree is so good at this point I'd be signing basically anyone he recommends. Even if they've failed before. I'm surprised Spagnuolo hasn't gotten a second shot (and *really* surprised Childress never got another shot).

32 Perhaps

But he hasn't failed before. Just baffles me. Tree is amazing though. Again, no guarantee, but man IDK what else he has to do. Henne and Moore looked fine when they played. Just take the shot. 

36 Personally, I am creeped out…

In reply to by ImNewAroundThe…

Personally, I am creeped out enough by Bienemy's past off the field stuff that I would not be thrilled to see my team hire him regardless of how good a coach he is. And if he's handling questions about that poorly at interview, that could be one reason for him not getting hired.

40 Can you name anyone on this…

In reply to by ImNewAroundThe…

Can you name anyone on this site who thought Patricia was a good hire at any point in time?

21 Yes, I thought hiring…

Yes, I thought hiring Pederson was weird too. I also thought the Andy Reid hiring was a reach at the time. There are only 2 Eagles head coaching hires I was genuinely excited for Buddy Ryan and Chip Kelly. So, I am relieved not to be excited by the hiring of Nick Sirianni. Although I loved the Buddy era, I think it was the most fun, it's hard to declare him a success with 0 playoff wins.

18 I mean, at least they did…

I mean, at least they did sign a guy out of left field, so you might actually believe they chose their Best Candidate rather than the only available one (yeah, right).

Get that Bayseian logic outta here.  Don't you know this is a frequentist website?!?!?

4 Sirianni, McDaniels, and Todd Bowles

I too prefer this hire to either McDaniels, or Todd Bowles, who was rumored. As an Eagles fan living in NY, I've seen Bowles as a head coach before. I wasn't too enthused by his work with the Jets. Now, I do believe Bowles does deserve a second chance as a head coach, but I feel that he may need to come packaged with a good offensive coordinator.

15 I was hoping for Bowles,…

I was hoping for Bowles, actually. I think asking for someone to "fix" the offense is a lost cause: the talent there is at OL and RB, so a "creative" passing game's mostly a waste.

Plus there's a *ton* of cash sunk at DL (either 1st or 2nd, depending on Bears). If that's really viable talent, that's a resource you can't afford to waste.

7 Well, so much for the…

Well, so much for the supposed knock on Bienemy that Reid calls plays, not him.

12 More similarities this time

But it never held weight. When Reich was hired the same way. Plus a ton of others. Andy Reid himself was third in line for calling plays when he came out of GB. 

16 I think Bienemy should be a…

I think Bienemy should be a head coach.  I've watched his press conferences this year and think he comes off well.  He has a reputation as a disciplinarian who can actually tell players hard things without losing their respect or trust (not just a Les Steckel-type hard as without reason).  He's learned from Reid what all Reid's assistants seem to have learned, whether Harbaugh, McDermott, Rivera, Nagy, Pederson, etc., which is how to run a team.  He may not have the play -design and -calling skill of Andy, but who does?

I never expected that he'd get the Eagles job - why go from one Reid disciple to another?  And for all the reasons that have been stated here and in other threads, I didn't want him to get the job which looks doomed to failure.  Similarly, I hope he doesn't get the Texans job even if his hiring mollifies Watson:  that job looks even worse to me than Philadelphia's.  I'd like to see him get a job that has a chance of success.

When Mahomes says good things about Bienemy, you can chalk that up to a player supporting his current coach (especially Mahomes who is very media savvy and image conscious).  But when Alex Smith or Adrian Peterson say good things, I think it's worth paying attention.

50 They seem to have hired a…

They seem to have hired a religious coach that is familiar with Reich’s system to make Wentz happy. 
it is appalling  to me how unsecular NFL is. No other nation wide business but NFL would get away with so much religious practice in the open for a particular type of faith.