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Exciting Announcements from our Editor-in-Chief, Aaron Schatz

Dear Readers,

I have some very exciting news I would like to share with you all in between working on my Almanac chapters. Here at Football Outsiders our goal is to provide you all with the best football analytics out there along with unbiased analysis of NFL and college football. As you may be aware, we’ve recently solicited customer surveys to get your feedback on our product and services. The FO Team and I greatly appreciate the feedback you have provided. So, with that in mind I have some exciting changes to announce that we will be changing this upcoming season to your Football Outsiders experience.

For starters, Football Outsiders has a new look inspired by your feedback! We’ve added team pages, so you can now go to your favorite team and get their curated DVOA ratings, stats, roster information, fantasy player data, and all-new DVOA grades! Get all your team information in one convenient location. For the first time, we will have player DVOA and DYAR by game available on player pages. We will also soon be adding postseason team DVOA ratings to the FO+ database for the first time along with incorporating all the data tables and information from EdjSports and Massey Ratings for your convenience.

Scott Spratt has expanded our fantasy offerings to include projected passing, rushing, and receiving first downs in both the weekly and full-season KUBIAK projections. He has added rest-of-season projections for offensive skill players that will be updated every week of the regular season and will be filterable by week or over multiple weeks. He has added DFS value projections. And he has developed new fantasy research tools to help you examine tendencies in skill player carry and target shares and efficiencies with advanced metrics like expected completion rates, success rates, avoided tackle rates, yards before and after contact, and opportunity-adjusted touchdowns with myriad filtering options and customizable time frames.

Along with site redesign we are bringing back an old friend. We are excited to officially welcome Mike Tanier who will be rejoining the Football Outsiders family in a full-time capacity! Mike will continue to write his Walkthrough column as well as lead our betting content and additional NFL draft coverage throughout the season and the offseason. We are looking forward to bringing Mike’s expertise and humor home to FO.

Speaking of great FO fan favorites, Loser League is returning this season - where the objective is to select the biggest fantasy losers. This year things are bigger than ever! Our Weekly Loser will be awarded great prizes and our season long Grand Loser will win a trip to experience the BIG GAME in LA with me! Details for how to sign up will come later this summer.

We are also increasing our multimedia content. As you might have seen already, I will be hosting the FO Radio Hour on Thursdays on Twitch. Scott Spratt will be hosting his fantasy shows for Waiver Wire and Best Plays on Tuesdays and Fridays. We will also have Monday recaps with our friends at EdjSports, Wednesday AMAs, and Thursday Night Football watch parties with the FO writers all live on Twitch. Most shows will also be available on YouTube and podcast platforms in case you miss the live the shows!

The final big change being made is our pricing and package offerings. Listening to your feedback, we have lowered our FO+ prices. You can now get FO+ for only $4.99/month for annual subscriptions and $9.99/month for monthly subscriptions. Our premium content and tools are now available through an FO+ subscription including the digital edition of Football Outsiders Almanac 2021. If you are already an FO+ subscriber, we have renewed your subscription for 50% off the new price (yes, 50% off the already new lower price). If you are new to FO+, now is the time to join!

We’ve made all these changes and additions to Football Outsiders because we want you to have the best experience possible on our site. As we embark on this next season, we are going to be doing more than we’ve ever done before. We hope that you support our team of writers and producers as we bring you what we feel is the best football analytics and analysis out there. I have been doing this now for 18 years and have never been more excited about what is to come for Football Outsiders. I hope you are as excited as we all are and I look forward to having you be a part of our community at Football Outsiders this season.


Aaron Schatz



18 comments, Last at 15 Jun 2021, 9:37am

1 The redesign looks great!

The previous one was definitely showing its age; this one looks modern and seems to respond much more quickly than before. Clearly a lot of work went into this, kudos to the dev team!

14 about the comment header…

about the comment header though... most commenters dont use so it is often ignored, however this means when someone does use it as the intro to his comment things get wholly confusing.

For the rest, I am already looking fw to the season! FO is pretty much the only thing I read when it comes to football coverage.

I love some youtube analists, ypu might want to look into those. Brett Kollmann for example is really good.

3 Too Bad

Too bad the redesign did not consider some people use iPads.

5 iPad problem

In reply to by Raiderfan

Can you e-mail customer service (fo-support@edjsports.com) and detail exactly what kind of problems you're having on iPad? We really want to get this solved for you but the site looks fine on our iPads.

8 I've emailed customer…

In reply to by Aaron Schatz

I've emailed customer services, and they have responded promptly, but nothing has improved. If you use iPad in portrait mode all you get is really big picture filling the screen and no sidebars, so navigation is painfully awkward. Using non-fullscreen browser windows on my PC also sometimes gives some really bad display issues (narrow column of text with masses of white to either side and no sidebars, for example). Have shared this with customer services too, but nothing has changed yet.

9 We are working on the ipad fix

Thanks for sending in your screenshots, Tim. We have this in the queue and hope to have an update pushed next week sometime. Let's be in touch through your email thread. Thanks for your patience and understanding! 

10 We are working on the iPad fix

In reply to by Raiderfan

We are aware that the current experience on iPads is less than ideal. We have this in the queue and hope to have an update pushed next week sometime. To make sure we have your personal use case covered, can you please us an email at fo-support@edjsports.com with details about your device and attach screenshots. Thanks for your patience and understanding! We will get this fixed.

4 These are all fantastic…

These are all fantastic changes, particularly the changes to the FO+ pricing setup. I hope the revenue loss isn't too substantial, but for a student on a razor-thin budget, the drop makes all the difference in the world.

6 Loser League

Thank you for bringing back Loser League, I look forward to assembling the worst team imaginable. I have a couple months to come up with an ideal name....

Now, for the Loser League Anti-Dynasty crossover....

15 Thanks for listening to the people!

2020 was the first time that I was disappointed in FO since I joined in 2005 (pricing in particular was a tough pill to swallow).

Love the addition of Tanier, looking forward to all of the new analytics (especially the team pages) and really glad to see that you’re still innovating even with (relatively) new corporate ownership.

16 More Ben Muth!

I love the in depth look at line play.

Maybe you could do the same for DL, linebackers, and other "non-skill" positions?

Also the new look is great. What's best is the reporting, though.

17 Mike is back

That is awesome. I did not follow him to his new site. It was not the same.
His walkthrough on the watchman is still my all time favourite internet article !!!

18 A la carte

Any thought to making Kubiak a single item purchase again?

I personally despise subscription models, but would be more than happy to give you money for quality product that I want.