Julio Jones

Falcons Trade Julio Jones to Titans

Julio Jones is poised to get his wish for a trade, and it will be with new Falcons head coach Arthur Smith's previous team, the Titans. Jones should more than fill the need the Titans developed in their receiving corps with their free agency loss of No. 2 receiver Corey Davis. And while football fans will lose out on seeing what Smith himself could do with the Falcons skill talent that with Jones looked like some of the best in the sport, Jones's move to what should be a similar system with new Titans offensive coordinator Todd Downing is a good consolation prize.

The Falcons get a second-round pick and a fourth-round pick for Jones, with the Titans also getting a sixth-round pick from Atlanta.

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1 Done deal apparently

So what happened to “ we already have an offer on the table that includes a first round pick...” blah blah blah

They did ok I think. But if this really helps the Titans then who knows. Of course they still need to address their defence.

Looks like a 6 team race in the AFC:
One unknown and out of know where team (SD??)

5 Ravens

In reply to by ImNewAroundThe…

I despise John Harbaugh and really hate the Ravens.  I do like Lamar though.  I just see them (hopefully) choking again.

2 Forgot Patriots

I forgot to mention the Patriots. If Cam turns it around they could be in the wild card discussion

6 I don't think you forgot…

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I don't think you forgot anyone, I think you're setting a real low bar for contention. Realistically, it's KC, Buffalo and Baltimore IMO. Of course, you can never rule anyone out, that's the fun thing.

3 Weird Falcons offseason

Restructure Ryan, draft Pitts...and trade Julio? Another team aiming for purgatory. Should've done all they could to trade back/into next year(s) or draft Fields, if their plan was to trade Julio all along. 

Good on the Titans though. Julios demise has been greatly exaggerated. Wish my Packers would've done that deal (and they had MORE cap space). Get a bonus 6th back too just in case it backfires, keeping the same number of stabs (2).

Should be interesting without Arthur Smith. Let Tannehill cook(?)! 

7 I can't figure out why they…

I can't figure out why they didn't make this deal before the draft if they knew it was inevitable. A second round pick (with a known slot) this year is worth a lot more than one next year.

8 June 1st

split the dead hits. 

Also, unknown isn't necessarily bad. The Texans ended up giving the 4th overall pick in the Watson trade and then the 3rd overall pick in the Tunsil trade (poor franchise). Unless you think you're being fired within the year (but we're fans, so who cares about that).