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Football Outsiders 2021 NFL Draft Coverage Announcement

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2021 NFL Draft Coverage Schedule

Round 1 Thursday April 29th 8 p.m. EDT

Mike Tanier will be giving his pick by pick reactions with player comparisons and draft grades. Follow along live in the article and on Twitter @fboutsiders for pick by pick information.

Starting at 11:30 p.m. Aaron Schatz will host a Round 1 Recap Stream on Twitch! Guests include Mike Tanier, Derrik Klassen, Scott Spratt and Benjamin Robinson of grindingthemocks.com. The stream will overview the entire first round from multiple unique perspectives.

The Audibles at the Line crew will also have a first round article coming out following the completion of the round.

Rounds 2-3 Friday April 30th 7 p.m. EDT

Mike Tanier will be back for more live pick by pick reactions with player comparisons and draft grades.

The Audibles at the Line crew will also be following along and have a new article following Day 2.

Be sure to follow Football Outsiders on all of our social media platforms to stay up to date on all of our draft coverage!

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2 No love for IRC

I seem to recall doing something similar in an irc channel 714 years ago with FO

3 Nis poster drunk? There was…

In reply to by usedbread

Nis poster drunk? There was not football then. Maybe you meant 7.14 years ago so liek Late february 2014 but drsft was not in February in 2014. So, yes, poster is drunk

7 Coverage of the Aztec…

Coverage of the Aztec ōllamalitzli game was kind of spotty due to the limitations of IRC back then. 

When the Tlacopan Bird Dogs selected Huitzilin over Itztli in 1520, the servers crashed..