GB-NO Game Moved to Jacksonville for Week 1

New Orleans Saints RB Mark Ingram
New Orleans Saints RB Mark Ingram
Photo: USA Today Sports Images

With Hurricane Ida forcing the Saints out of New Orleans for the next month or so, the NFL has moved their season-opening game to Jacksonville's TIAA Bank Field. The game will remain a 4:25 p.m. ET start and be broadcast on FOX.

"The decision was made, in consultation with state and local officials and both clubs, in the interest of public safety," the league said in a release. "Details on tickets and other specifics, including how fans can continue to help in the recovery effort, will be announced in the days ahead."

The Saints have temporarily relocated to the Dallas area. They are scheduled to play at Carolina in Week 2 and at New England in Week 3 before hosting the Giants in Week 4. 

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8 comments, Last at 19 Sep 2021, 5:35pm

1 Stadium capacity question

Packers and Saints have larger fan bases than the Jags. Are they going to remove the tarps to increase the seating capacity? 

2 I was actually wondering…

I was actually wondering about that too. Not only do they have larger fan bases they travel well (or in the case of the Packers are just established all over the place and I suspect there are still a good number of NO fans in the Jacksonville area too). With less COVID restrictions in place that becomes a factor. It's a bit funny that it's likely to be the most fans that stadium sees all season.

3 Not So Sure

Not so sure that will be true.  I think it likely that the Jags home debut of Lawrence—and The coach, for that matter—will draw a lot of interest.

4 Good point. I forget about…

In reply to by Raiderfan

Good point. I forget about the Jags so much and I tend to think it really takes a couple years for rookie QB's to really get settled in, that I even forgot they have Lawrence. So yeah my joke, while it likely would have worked in past years, falls flatter this year.

5 The tarps

In reply to by Raiderfan

There's a good chance that if the NFL removed the tarps covering seats for the Pack-Saints the game would sell out. You're correct that Jax won't have too much trouble selling tickets this year with Lawrence. I don't think the coach makes that much difference. OTOH, if Tebow had somehow made the squad, the Tebow cult would have had a waiting list for season tickets. 

6 I actually think the tarps…

In reply to by justanothersteve

I actually think the tarps are gone these days - you can go to Stubhub and buy tickets in every section of the upper deck for a Jaguars game. The NFL has suspended its blackout rule for awhile, which removes the most immediate need for the tarps, and I think the Jags have also replaced some end zone seats with terraces, the pools, etc.

It looks like they expand the stadium to 80k+ for Florida vs. Georgia. I wouldn't put filling that past Packers fans, but I'm sure they won't bother to do all of that just for Week 1. (The Saints would probably tell them no!)