Injuries: Zach Wilson Sprains Knee Ligament

New York Jets QB Zach Wilson and WR Jeff Smith
New York Jets QB Zach Wilson and WR Jeff Smith
Photo: USA Today Sports Images

NFL Week 7 - The NFL retained last season's relaxed injured reserve rules for 2021, meaning that any player who is placed on injured reserve after the final roster cutdown day is eligible to return to practice after missing three weeks. As a result, we will continue to distinguish between players who will be placed on injured reserve (IR) and players who will likely miss the entire remainder of the season (Season).

Jets Quarterback Zach Wilson—Knee (IR?)
Jets Linebacker Jamien Sherwood—Achilles (Season)

New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson, the No. 2 overall pick from April's draft, will miss two to four weeks after spraining his posterior cruciate ligament against the Patriots. Fortunately, a PCL injury is much less severe than an ACL injury, and Wilson should be fine without surgical intervention. Head coach Robert Saleh is optimistic that his quarterback will be able to return against Buffalo in Week 10, but if that looks unlikely, Wilson could instead be placed on injured reserve later this week.

Saleh also confirmed that rookie linebacker Jamien Sherwood will miss the rest of the season after tearing his Achilles against the Patriots. Sherwood, a fifth-round pick in April, quickly worked his way into a starting role, playing the third-most snaps on the Jets defense since making his debut in Week 2.

Halfback Tevin Coleman injured his hamstring. Most hamstring injuries to running backs cause at least one missed game, but only 25% of players who suffer them miss more than two. Linebacker Blake Cashman hurt his groing and is awaiting MRI scans to determine the injury's severity.

Dolphins Halfback Malcolm Brown—Quadriceps (IR)
Dolphins Safety Jason McCourty—Foot (IR)

The Dolphins placed halfback Malcolm Brown on injured reserve due to the quad injury he suffered against the Falcons. This is unusual for a quad injury: only around one in eight (12.5%) quad injuries cause an absence of three or more games. Brown is very likely to return from injured reserve in November, and to be fully healthy when he does.

Safety Jason McCourty suffered a foot injury that may require surgery, which is expected to keep him out for quite a while. That probably means he either fractured a bone or suffered a Lisfranc injury; other foot injuries seldom result in missed time.

Linebacker Jerome Baker injured his ankle, but the injury is believed to be minor.

Packers Wide Receiver Davante Adams—COVID List

Though not technically an injury, the Packers got some very bad news on Monday when Adams, one of the league's top wide receivers, was placed on the reserve/COVID-19 list, meaning he will not play on Thursday Night Football when Green Bay plays at Arizona. Packers defensive coordinator Joe Barry will also miss that game after testing positive for the virus. If all goes well, Adams should be able to return for Green Bay's game at Kansas City in Week 9.

Ravens Tackle Patrick Mekari—Ankle (IR)

Ravens offensive tackle Patrick Mekari suffered a high-ankle sprain which is likely to keep him out for three to six weeks. The Ravens have suffered extensive injuries along the offensive line, meaning they are likely to place Mekari on injured reserve and sign a replacement during their bye week.


The following players left their respective games with concussion symptoms and enter the league protocol:

  • 49ers defensive end Dee Ford
  • Falcons cornerback A.J. Terrell
  • Jets linebacker Quincy Williams

Based on our current data, a growing majority of players now miss at least one game following a diagnosed concussion, but around 80% return within two weeks.

Other Injuries

49ers defensive backs Jaquiski Tartt and Emmanuel Moseley added to the team's rash of injuries at the position, suffering knee and back injuries respectively. Of those, Tartt's is more likely to cause missed time, but no specifics are yet public for either.

Buccaneers cornerback Dee Delaney hurt his ankle against the Bears, but he expects to be fine for Week 8.

Chiefs Patrick Mahomes was bashed and bruised against the Titans, but he would have been fine to return to the game but for a coach's decision. He cleared the concussion protocol and is expected to play against the Giants in Week 8.

Eagles halfback Miles Sanders suffered what appears to be a standard low-ankle sprain. Around one in three backs misses time after suffering such an injury, but only around 20% of those players miss more than two games. Receiver J.J. Arcega-Whiteside hurt his back, but no further news is yet public.

Falcons defensive backs Erik Harris, Fabian Moreau, and Avery Johnson all left Sunday's game with injuries, in addition to A.J. Terrell's concussion. Though none of the injuries has been announced as serious, that does leave the team shorthanded in the defensive backfield, so they are expected to sign at least one defensive back this week.

Washington Football Team receiver Dyami Brown suffered a minor knee injury against the Packers, but he is not expected to miss much time.

Giants safety Jabrill Peppers suffered knee and ankle injuries and is likely to miss time. It's common for combination knee/ankle injuries to involve the MCL and a high-ankle sprain, as the mechanism for a high-ankle injury can cause damage to both. If that is the case, Peppers is likely to miss around a month with the injuries, making him a candidate for injured reserve. However, nothing official has yet been released to that effect. Linebacker Lorenzo Carter hurt his ankle and did not return.

Lions cornerback AJ Parker is expected to miss time with a shoulder injury, though the exact injury has not been specified. The most likely candidate for an injury that will cause missed time but not end his season is some form of sprain, which would usually mean around a month to six weeks' absence.

Panthers guard Josh Miller suffered a low-ankle sprain against the Giants, which is likely to keep him out for two to four weeks. That may result in the team placing him on injured reserve this week. Cornerback CJ Henderson returned from a shoulder injury but was unable to finish the game.

Patriots cornerback Jonathan Jones was placed on injured reserve last week, so this is not a new injury, but news broke today that Jones is likely to miss the rest of the season following shoulder surgery. Tight end Jonnu Smith injured his shoulder, but the injury does not appear to be major. Linebacker Harvey Langi sprained his MCL and is likely to miss around a month. Safety Devin McCourty left the game with an abdominal injury, but only around one in five abdominal injuries cause an absence of more than one game. The same is true of guard Shaq Mason, who also left with an abdominal injury. Linebacker Carl Davis hurt his wrist. Complicating matters was the score in the game: many players who might otherwise have been able to return did not because the game was a blowout. Practice participation reports will tell us more about the status of these players.

Raiders halfback Josh Jacobs left Sunday's game with a chest injury and was quickly ruled out, but the team does not believe that Jacobs suffered a significant injury. With the help of the bye week, he is not expected to miss time.

Rams cornerback Robert Rochell hurt his knee against the Lions, but initial tests showed no major injury and the team expects Rochell to be fine.

Texans linebacker Christian Kirksey injured his thumb against the Cardinals, and initial reports suggest that the injury is a fracture. For most positions, that would entail a lengthy spell on the sidelines—about 40% of all thumb injuries cause the player to miss the rest of the season—but at linebacker, it is possible that Kirksey might be able to play with a splint or brace on the injured hand. If Kirksey does miss time, Kevin Pierre-Louis appears to be the next in line to assume the starting role.

Titans tackle Kendall Lamm sprained his ankle against the Chiefs, but the sprain was mild and the team expects him to play against Indianapolis in Week 8.


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1 And the Jets trade for…

And the Jets trade for Flacco with the Eagles... because?

On the Jets side, that is. For the Eagles, that's a great trade. Saves cash this year, makes the Minshew trade free. Little and basically pointless, but hey.

2 Sherwood, a fifth-round pick…

Sherwood, a fifth-round pick in April, quickly worked his way into a starting role, playing the third-most snaps on the Jets defense since making his debut in Week 2.

Sherwood started Week 1, has played more than 50% of defensive snaps once, and is currently 18th on the Jets in defensive snaps.  This sounds more like Quincy Williams.

3 And in response to Wilsons injury

They trade...for Flacco?

*ryan reynolds but why.gif*

This league loves mediocrity. What do they want this trade to accomplish? Does it really matter if Flacco is a little better (right now...maybe) than...Matt White? Like...I...Cam is vaccinated now, they know that right?

Why am I asking these questions?

5 Him too

In reply to by Scott P.

Then again, they're 1-5. they think they can salvage this season somehow?

I'm gonna have an aneurysm trying to find all the answers to my questions. These trades will always baffle me. The NFL loves lighting 2 dollar bills on fire. I just need to accept it. 

14 If it helps, here are two…

In reply to by ImNewAroundThe…

If it helps, here are two possible reasons for the trade that I can think of:

  1. It was dumb that the Jets didn't already have a veteran QB to mentor Wilson, and perhaps someone in the organization thought the same thing. With that in mind, they may have already had a trade in mind before Wilson got injured.
  2. If they're thinking ahead to next season, then the best way to evaluate the rest of the roster in Wilson's absence is to have a known quantity at QB, rather than a question mark in Mike White.

Enter Joe Flacco.

The first reason is extremely charitable. If they were going to get a veteran mentor, they would have done something sooner (like, before the season began), and not traded away draft picks. But hey, maybe someone just really thinks highly of Joe's leadership.

I could believe the second reason. Maybe. It still doesn't excuse backing Wilson up with White, but NFL teams have shown that they don't care about backup QBs until the starter gets hurt. Otherwise, they'd be fighting to roster the best possible backups instead of...whatever's going on. That's the only way I can rationalize the Pats cutting Newton in favour of Hoyer.

16 Backup qbs


1. I remain skeptical of the importance of vet leadership (at least this late into the season). Especially that of Flacco.

Did the Bengals error in keeping Ryan Finley over Dalton? I would agree they played it almost perfectly (maybe shouldve kept him longer into the summer for a potential trade but certainly no reason to make the final 53). Meanwhile is Herbert good because of Tyrod? Well why isn't Davis Mills good now then? Tua got Fitzpatrick but rumors still swirl for Watson. I dont think these veteran QBs matter in terms of development. Ok, I'll be generous and say 1%. I certainly don't see evidence beyond that much though. Would argue strongly that that money would be more impactful elsewhere in helping that rookie QB.

Overall I agree with you that it is an extremely charitable reason though.

2. There might be some merit in this but the known quality one is getting (especially at this time and specifically from Flacco) is simply not good. Hence being a backup for years now. And as we're seeing with Geno, even high end backups that get years to learn from a great QB like Russ, just aren't good. Are we able to properly evaluate anyone on Seattle? 

It's certainly harder to evaluate with worse QB play but should it be THAT much harder? I feel like they should be better at separating  such differences at evaluations at that level.

Who specifically are the Jets going to learn more about with Flacco having to learn from Saleh/Lafleur than White who already knows some system stuff anyway? Denzel Mims was already in the doghouse. They aren't moving on from Corey Davis anytime soon. We already know they want Crowder gone so...

Besides if White pops off instead of Flacco, he certainly becomes a better asset than Flacco simply due to age/contract. Flacco is what he is and no one will (or rather should) care. He's old and is an expiring contract (aka new deal needed next year). 

But if White sucks...oh well, not surprising. You could probably use the higher picks to keep building with anyway.


Fine discussion points though. The only rationale for keeping Hoyer over Cam (despite similar adots, which Cam vastly out performs him in) is simply because he wasnt vaccinated (as much as Bill denies it). Otherwise it goes down a very suspicious path. 

8 This is why

They need someone to semi-competently run the offense they've put in. What, you guys think they should now put a brand new offense in this week for Cam or - you've got to be kidding on this one, right - Colin?

As Mike Tanier has shown, no player develops if the QB play is just rancid. As Flacco showed last year, he can still QB at a minimum level of competence. Which is all they need for the next month for developmental purposes.

Flacco is the perfect pickup for the position the Jets find themselves in, in that anything above 'minimum required level of competence' would cost more than they're giving up for Flacco. And really, they've no business giving up anything more than they are here.

9 Has shown?

In reply to by BigRichie

Who's developing with Flacco? Who's ever developed with, nay, because of Flacco? 

This is a new OC and HC. What's the point of the body (Mike White) in practice then? The White (guy already integrated into the system) Flacco difference is really the deciding factor to being able to evaluate other guys or not? And is worth the cap hit (rollover $)/draft pick for a rebuilding team?

Still so many questions. All this on top of Wilson playing more like Cam/Kaep than Flacco lol so not really developing a new offense either.

12 Eh, it's probably a bit more…

In reply to by BigRichie

Eh, it's probably a bit more basic than that: the Jets GM is Joe Douglas, he was there last year as well, and he's got a strong relationship with Roseman since they worked together during the Super Bowl run.

Flacco's also pretty dirt cheap for the Jets, too, so the only real net cost is the 6th round pick which the Jets could conceivably net back. But even if they don't, a 6th round pick is GM candy. They're filler. It's worth it for the goodwill alone.

They obviously can't just stick with White only, he's the only QB on the roster. And elevating Johnson would mean replacing him, and since he's a 10-season vet it'd cost just as much as Flacco. So it's a total wash, and "White + Flacco + Johnson (PS)" is less work/risk than "White + Johnson + random guy."

Originally thought it was worse than it was, forgot Flacco's traded contract is vet min.

6 Cards/Packers.

With Davante Adams out with COVID, the line has bulged to 6.

This looks like a bit of a walkover with Arizona winning big.

To be honest, this game wasn't looking all that competitive even with Adams.

Packer's defense going to have a tough night.

10 3 all pros out (unless they…

In reply to by DIVISION

3 all pros out (unless they rush bakh back) a pro bowler, the number 2 wr and the #3 cb out for the packers.  How are the cards only favored by 6???  They are a great team that appears to be well coached, and would be a great matchup if both teams were uninjured.   I'm a packers fan and will be suprised if we are within 10.

7 Copy/Pasta

With Davante Adams out with COVID, the line has bulged to 6.

This looks like a bit of a walkover with Arizona winning big.

To be honest, this game wasn't looking all that competitive even with Adams.

Packer's defense going to have a tough night.