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Jaguars Name Urban Meyer as Head Coach

Urban Meyer, who coached college teams at Bowling Green, Utah, Florida, and Ohio State, has been named as the head coach of the NFL's Jacksonville Jaguars.

The Jaguars have the first pick in April's draft. It will likely be Clemson's Trevor Lawrence (or perhaps Ohio State's Justin Fields, though Meyer left Ohio State before Fields transferred there from Georgia) running Meyer's version of the spread offense in Jacksonville.


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3 Well, willl liekltt draft t…

Well, willl liekltt draft t. Lawrence so that is a start. Have to build rest of tema. Pretty barren rooster. U. Meyer weird guy

Employed douchebags at Florida and ohip state. At Florida had this guy name A. Hernandez. Real epic douche. Another one of his players grabbed an opponent's junk

 Other guys got arrested for all sorts of stuff. Then continued wjth problem guys at Ohio state

Then thongs gpt a little  bad there and Meyer pretended he coild not remember anymore and one of his assistant coaches beat up his wife (the assistant coach's wife, not Meyer'a wife). 

Probably Jaguars willl go 4-12 in 2021. Then 8-8 im 2022 and wpnt get some free agent thugs and Meyer will fight with GM and be begiinninf of end. Tben 2023 mighr be 6-10 and then Meyer will complain of hemorrhoids or ulcers and then quit.

13 I don't know, if Saban…

I don't know, if Saban couldn't make it work in the NFL then it's not certain Meyer will.  Plus, Saban only had to deal with a bad owner, not one who thought he was a GM as well.  Also, Meyer only has six years to win it all because that's the longest he's stayed anywhere.

19 It's easy to remember only…

It's easy to remember only the guys who flamed out after moving up from college ball, but Pete Carroll did all right for himself. Jimmy Johnson did all right. It seems like a fairly different skill set to me, but it's certainly possible for a college coach to succeed in the NFL.

23 Oh, it's entirely possible…

Oh, it's entirely possible Meyers wins at the NFL level.  My doubt stems from his history of not staying anywhere that long, but mainly from Khan's remarks about keeping roster control.  Perhaps it won't be an issue, perhaps Khan meant something different than him being the General Manager, since he was very loose before firing Coughlin, which may have been a problem.

4 Come on now.  The man won at…

Come on now.  The man won at Bowling Green and Utah.  Florida wasn't winning a lot before he got there and hasn't won as much since he left.  He took Ohio State up another level to the clear class of the Big Ten and a perennial playoff contender.  Similar to most coaches who transition to the NFL, we can only wonder how he'll do when he doesn't have talent advantages at nearly every position and resource advantages against every opponent.  But he deserves a shot and the benefit of the doubt. 

18 No. He's overlooked criminal…

No. He's overlooked criminal activity by his players and staff when it suited him. There's nothing to indicate that he's changed. He might lead the Jags to a playoff but it will all fall apart when his deficiencies catch up with him. He won't be the king over a bunch of kids, he'll have to deal with adults with legal representation. I doubt he'll last any longer than little Nicky Saban did.

29 I'm *definitely* not…

I'm *definitely* not defending Meyer but to be clear, the assistant coach in question had a lot of ties to Meyer's family, so it's tough for me to see that as a pattern of behavior rather than just cognitive dissonance because of association. (as in, I suspect that the idea that 'most people would've reported him' is a bit of hero complex).

Meyer does have other issues from Florida that make me more suspicious, though.

5 Maybe it's just me

It's probably just me, but I don't get the attraction of Urban Meyer. He's never been in the pros in any capacity. His schools do great, but he leaves a mess in his wake. His health concerns alone should disqualify him. I'm already feeling sorry for Trevor Lawrence. 

22 I’m a Gator alum, was in the…

I’m a Gator alum, was in the stands for the two championship seasons under Urban and it was great to be a fan of those teams. But I feel like those who are skeptical have the right measure of Urban. He often leaves a mess behind him but seems to slither his way out and convince the next person to hire him.

I honestly don’t see the allure of him from a football perspective either. The same spread concepts he uses are widespread in the NFL now. Bienemy gives you the same or more plus NFL experience and the Andy Reid stamp of approval, for whatever that is worth.

Jags get a guy the Florida audience will recognize, that to me is the only benefit of Urban. I just hope they did their homework. They might do well if Lawrence pans out in the way that Herbert and Burrow look like they will. Their roster isn’t totally barren. But in 3-4 years, scandal could be on the way.

26 You don't get the attraction?

He wins! He has won big at every school he has been at--perfect season at Utah, 3 national championships at OSU and Florida. 

I'm not saying he will work out but this hire has a very high ceiling.

7 Can I hijack this thread …

Can I hijack this thread (since its the first new one in a few days) and ask what anyone's thoughts are on the recent GM hires?  As a Broncos fan, I'm pretty optimistic about getting Patton from Minnesota but don't know a ton about him specifically. 

12 My thoughts that no one asked for

  • Did they meet his $12m a year demands? If they truly think he's worth it, these rich guys should pay no mind of price. Gain the competitive edge where there's no salary cap. 
  • I don't hate the hire overall. Always tricky when going from college to the pros, with a retirement (or two) in between especially. 
  • Haskins back in the league! (calm down you're foaming at the mouth!)
  • I do wonder if Ryan Day is connected enough to Meyer that he'll take a haul to trade down with Fields.
  • Jacksonville will at least be interesting the next few years!

14 NyJets.com is claiming the…

NyJets.com is claiming the Jets have come to an agreement with Robert Saleh.  I remember players backing out of agreements so I wanted to make sure I had a chance to jinx it this time.

24 Yesj, seems weird

In reply to by ImNewAroundThe…

Seems liek a football writer got drunk nnd and came up with that trade idea whiel takjng beer dump

16 This makes me think back to…

This makes me think back to one of the Old FO Almanacs (actually I'm pretty sure it was still Pro Football Prospectus at the time) from like 2006 or 2007 where you first did a study that showed how much more efficient the shotgun formation was.  At the time you jokingly asked whether that meant the league "should hire a bunch of Urban Meyer clones?" (or something to that effect).

It took like 13 years, but here he is.