J.J. Watt to Undergo Season-Ending Shoulder Surgery

Arizona Cardinals ER J.J. Watt
Arizona Cardinals ER J.J. Watt
Photo: USA Today Sports Images

NFL Week 8 - ESPN's Adam Schefter is reporting that Arizona Cardinals' edge rusher J.J. Watt will undergo what is likely to be season-ending shoulder surgery. "No date set yet for surgery," Schefter writes. "Watt hurt his shoulder in the second quarter Sunday and still managed to play the rest of the game with the injury."

Watt has started every game thus far in his first season in Arizona. Though he only has one sack this year (against Baker Mayfield and the Browns in Week 6), he is second on the team with 10 QB hits and tied for the team lead with five tackles for loss.

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13 comments, Last at 01 Nov 2021, 10:47am

1 Is anyone really surprised…

Is anyone really surprised at this? I mean, it sucks, but it's just what you have to expect when you sign him.

4 10th/120 DI on PFF

3rd in PRWR but had a higher RSWR than those two above him (above average at both).

Pretty big blow. Exploiting it will be GBs key to winning tonight.

Sucks to see though. Great player to watch and beating AZ at full strength would be a great feat but amazing test regardless.

6 No one could have predicted this!

Sad to see a player in his prime continue to be out due to recurring injuries.  I doubt he ever plays a full season again.  Should he just become a 15-20 plays/game specialist at this point? 

7 Or make him a late-season…

Or make him a late-season/playoff specialist. Just plan that he doesn't take the field until December, and hope his handful of healthy games coincides with a playoff push/run. He clearly can't be counted on as a primary contributor at this point; may as well take the bonus he provides when it matters most.