Seattle Seahawks WR Josh Gordon

Josh Gordon Signing with Chiefs

Former All-Pro wide receiver Josh Gordon, having been reinstated after his latest suspension, is expected to sign with the Kansas City Chiefs, according to a report by ESPN's Adam Schefter. 

Gordon, 30, led the NFL with 1,646 receiving yards with the Browns in 2013, but his career before and since that year has been repeatedly interrupted by a long series of drug-related suspensions, dating back to his college days at Baylor. He was last seen in the NFL in 2019, when he had 287 yards in six games with the Patriots, got released, added 139 yards in five games with the Seahawks, and was then suspended. 

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1 A Good Signing

This is a good signing, since the Chiefs have experience in deals with employees with addiction problems.

2 Good signing

It reminds me of Antonio Brown signing with Tampa. Gordon doesn't have to be the star in KC. He's the #3 receiving option in the offense after Hill and Kelce. Since Hill and Kelce are often double-teamed, it leaves a lot of the field open for someone with Gordon's talent. As long as he can stay clean, I can see this being successful. 

5 Not sure if he even will be…

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Not sure if he even will be ahead of Hardman. Barely performed near that level in his last NFL action in NE and SEA.

It feels like Brady taking Mr.Big Chest under his wing is a one-in-a-gazillion success. Mahomes still has probably a few years at least to go before hitting that level of mentorship.

6 AB >>> JG

Gordon's only had one season of production anywhere near Brown's average output. And that was eight years ago.  Brown's general divaness is nowhere near the on-field distraction that Gordon's drug use has been.

I do wish him the best.  

4 Surprising.

Seattle said they were going to resign him when he came off suspension.

The Chiefs are desperate, so I get why they'd want him but surely there were other suitors...

7 Don't see

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I don't see how Gordon is going to help a defense that's giving up 30 points every week.

9 The Chiefs have 3 HOF level…

The Chiefs have 3 HOF level players on offence (4 if you count Andy Reid), but it really doesn't feel like they have managed their offensive personnel very well. They had expend huge resources to do an entire rebuild of their O-line this off-season. And now signing a proven liability because their depth at receiver is so shaky. Oh, and they also drafted an RB in the first round.

10 Obviously, Gordon is…

Obviously, Gordon is unlikely to be a huge factor in the KC offense. But if he can even capture a little bit of what he did in 2013, he could be very, very good. He led the NFL in receiving despite having to catch passes from Brandon Weeden and Jason Campbell.

12 Raiders 3-0, Chiefs desperate

Raiders would never sign Josh Gordon

 Wider recoever corps nice. Don't need Gordon. Focused on winning real football. Chiefs more interest d in fantasy football.