Mike Tanier Joins Football Outsiders

Tanier Welcome
Tanier Welcome
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“The best pure writer we’ve ever had at Football Outsiders” – Aaron Schatz, The Godfather of DVOA


“I feel like Batman ditching the “I work alone” routine and finally becoming an official member of the Justice League!” - Tanier


New York – June 8, 2021 - Football Outsiders, the authority on in-depth NFL and NCAA advanced statistics, announced today that Mike Tanier, a top respected national football journalist, has joined FO as Senior Analyst. The announcement was made today by Aaron Schatz, Creator and Editor-in-Chief of Football Outsiders, and the “Godfather of DVOA.”

Tanier has a long and storied career as a football journalist. He has been a contributor for Football Outsiders since 2005 in addition to writing for The New York Times, Pro Football Network, Bleacher Report, Sports on Earth, ESPN, and many others.

An educator and journalist, Tanier spent 17 years teaching and was Joe Flacco's senior year Calculus teacher at Audubon High School, in Haddon Twp., N.J.

AARON SCHATZ ON TANIER: “Mike Tanier is the best pure writer we've ever had at Football Outsiders: sharp, insightful, and hilarious. It means so much to me to have Mike finally writing for Football Outsiders full-time as we move forward with our goal of providing the best analytics content anywhere.”

MIKE TANIER: “Joining the Football Outsiders and EdjSports teams feels like a homecoming in some ways. It’s also a chance to do what I do best -- advance the NFL conversation through a mix of stats, jokes, and plain-old common sense -- at the place where I fit best: the smartest football outlet on the internet, and the one that put “analytics” on the football world’s radar. I feel like Batman ditching the ‘I work alone’ routine and finally becoming an official member of the Justice League! I can’t wait to bring the type of content I provided for the New York Times, Bleacher Report and other outlets back to the website that gave me my start.”

Tanier lives in Mount Ephrain, N.J., in what he describes as “about 10 Josh Allen bombs east of Lincoln Financial Field.” He is married for 27 years to his wife Karen, has two kids, C.J. and Michael, and a dog, Beemo, an “incorrigible” pitbull/Weimaraner mix.

ABOUT FOOTBALL OUTSIDERS (AN EDJSPORTS BRAND): Established in 2003, Football Outsiders has created in-depth NFL and NCAA advances statistics including their proprietary DVOA and DYAR ratings. Football Outsiders’ editorial staff provides an intelligent viewpoint challenging conventional wisdom about the game and contributes regularly to ESPN+, in addition to identifying all-star players within the EA Sports Madden Ultimate Team and EA Sports Madden NFL Mobile games. 

ABOUT EDJSPORTS: EdjSports \Edge-Sports\ empowers smarter decision-making with proven predictive and prescriptive analytical models and win probability applications in the sports industry for teams, media, fans, and bettors. EdjSports helps decision makers enhance their ability to gain the competitive edge that ultimately impacts the bottom line - winning. EdjSports properties include EdjSports.com, Football Outsiders, EdjVarsity and EdjSports has a strategic partnership with Massey Ratings


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1 I don't understand why this…

I don't understand why this was announced some months after Mike showed back up at FO, and the "press release" tone of all this feels a bit odd.... but I don't care. Still excited to have Mike back here.

Welcome back (again), Mike!

3 What happened wuz ... Last…

What happened wuz ...

Last offseason I was freelancing for FO, the New York Times, Fansided and another outlet. So I wrote Walkthrough and then went elsewhere for the rest of the week.

Now I am a full-timer at FO for the first time ever. You will find me here several times per week in-season, doing my Monday "Digest" and such, and also helping beef up draft coverage and doing other things to help FO and Edjsports take back the analytics streets.



2 Mike's article on the 1986…

Mike's article on the 1986 Eagles' chase of the season sack record is one of my favorite football articles of all time: https://www.footballoutsiders.com/walkthrough/2006/every-stat-tells-story-sacked-and-looted-1986-eagles

4 Great News!

Tanier back at FO is great news! Now gentlemen, how about getting the FO Twitch Radio Show back up and going?

5 Re: Twitch FO Radio Hour

In reply to by BillHouston

This is still happening.  We skipped this week since Aaron was out of office, and it seems like we skipped last week because we failed to record the stream to post as an on-demand video/podcast episode.  But we will be back on the air soon.

6 This makes me so happy :)…

This makes me so happy :)

More historical deep dives and glorious pop culture pastiches please. I've sent links to so many of Mike's columns over the years to people who don't really follow sports and they've enjoyed them for the humour and the heart.

7 Pro Football Network

So, should I delete my bookmark for your work at PFN, or will you still be posting there?

11 Wecome back ... again.

I commented when you showed up here at FO again several months ago in what I guess was still a part time gig. But this news is worth another welcome back. I've been following you around the web since you left FO years ago. Now my life is just a little simpler.

Thanks. And thanks to Aaron for the sense to jump on a good thing.
Walkthrough FTW!

14 Mount Ephraim

Biruced typo jn article above

Actuallt worked on Mount Ephraim avenue at oen time so familat eitj spelling of it

20 No Not stalker. All thinf i…


 Not stalker. Only thinf i might stalk are woodland creatures. Did see first snake of year Sunday befpre last. It was a garter snake

 Did not try to pursue due to random dopey kid in woods who assked if he should get a rock

 Obviously, this kid was like 1976 Bucs of snake knowledge. If that kid was not ther I would have gotten snake, held it for a bit, and tjen let it go. 

Anyway, not in Camden County on any regular basis. Livw in differnt pRt of New Jersey

18 Askia

...has set a hundred villages on fire in celebration of this joyous moment!

21 Aska

In reply to by TreyKelso

Nit sure who Askia is. Askia Jones, guard,  kansas state wildcats?


Do know Joe Aska. Soem readers happy Tanier is back like Raiders fns once happy seeing Aska run all over 1996 Jets

19 Congratulations

On job.

Will post football things a lot during seaskn. Meant tl type this last night but phone is acting weird of late. Had tl restart phone while in middle pf post

24 Great News!!!!

Welcome back as a full-timer Mike. Looking forward to reading more of your work here.

25 This is awesome. It would…

This is awesome. It would not be a stretch to call Mike one of the best pure writers in sports journalism period.

That said, I could never keep up with him once he left FO, especially in recent years as I've become more and more a casual fan.

26 Great News!

Welcome back, Mike! I felt like there was a marked downturn in the writing quality on FO around the time you were no longer a regular contributor. I didn't make a point to seek out your articles elsewhere; but it was always a treat to find one. So next season it'll be like Christmas every week!

And I just have to add - I'm so confused, my world is upside-down, Raiderjoe lives in ... NJ? That's just, wrong, somehow.