Rams RB Cam Akers Out For Season with Torn Achilles

Los Angeles Rams RB Cam Akers
Los Angeles Rams RB Cam Akers
Photo: USA Today Sports Images

Los Angeles Rams running back Cam Akers suffered a torn Achilles while training before the start of camp and will miss the 2021 season. A second-round draftee out of Florida State last year, Akers led the Rams with 625 rushing yards, adding 221 more in two playoff games. His spot will be filled by Darrell Henderson, a 2019 third-round pick who has 771 rushing yards in 28 career games, and Jake Funk a seventh-round draftee out of Maryland.


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1 Really sucks for him, and I…

Really sucks for him, and I hope he makes a speedy recovery.  But everyone in mainstream sports media is making this out to be a bigger deal than it actually is as far as its impact on the Rams offense (even taking into account how much individual RBs tend to be overvalued).  According to DVOA/DYAR, Henderson was by far the more efficient rusher with a similar workload.

5 Henderson stan checking in

Loved Henderson as a prospect. Hurt his rookie year. IDK why the Rams thought they were a 2nd round RB away (wait that sounds like my team) but alas. Hope Akers turns out fine but happy the Henderson may finally be freed. Was better even by standard stats (and PFF grade). Led the team in broken tackles but not attempts.

4 Maybe they should call Le…

Maybe they should call Le'veon Bell's agent. He's looking for work after burning his bridges on the way out of KC. 

6 Rams are still a Super Bowl contender

Henderson was the better runner last year anyway. Akers only got the starts in the playoffs because Henderson was hurt. Plus, rushing is more about the o-line anyway. Rams should sign AP to back up Henderson.

8 I guess I'm the only one

that thinks they don't need to right now. Henderson, Jones, Funk, different enough I'd say right now. See what ya have and reevaluate later. It's not that high of an impact position to worry about that much. Start giving Everett (career 5 rushes for 31 yards), Kupp (10 for 62), Woods (66 for 461), Desean (71 for 459) carries (as you see, part of the reason not to worry, almost any (skill?) player could play RB, especially in the interim).