Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson Out 4-8 Weeks

No reason for this one to wait for our injury roundup on Monday afternoon. Sources say that Russell Wilson will miss at least a month, possibly 6-8 weeks with a middle-finger tendon ruptured in last night's loss to the Los Angeles Rams. Geno Smith will be the Seattle starting quarterback for the next few weeks. Remember that the New York Jets own Seattle's 2022 first-round pick because of the Jamal Adams trade. Given that Wilson was making noise about getting out of Seattle before this season began, could this possibly be the end of his time with the Seahawks? Does it even make sense for him to come back in December if the Seahawks are out of contention?

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1 Welp. I guess fans of the…

Welp. I guess fans of the rest of the NFC west and the Jaguars are especially happy. 

I have a prediction. With Geno Smith, the Seahawks defense will no look nowhere near as bad as they have this first quarter of the season.

4 What I've never understand…

What I've never understand is that teams actively choose to not insure themselves at the most important position. If you really thought Cam Newton is better than your current backup (and he most likely is), you should have brought him in five weeks ago. Signing Newton now is just admitting that you didn't plan for a QB injury. Or maybe that you didn't want the headache of a QB controversy. Either way, that's bad management.

I'd like to think that Seattle actually believes Geno Smith can take care of business, and I hope he proves it. I'm entirely willing to believe that his career was sunk more due to being a New York Jet than his own lack of talent. ;-)

16 Cam Newton is better than…

Cam Newton is better than your current backup (and he most likely is)

Cam Newton (career average) is likely better. Cam Newton (2019-2020) is basically replacement level. Newton hasn't had a positive passing DVOA since 2015. His entire value over a backup QB is basically due to his rushing ability, and he's 32.

A team in the NFL kicked the tires on a guy who missed multiple years due to being in prison. I don't understand why people think that teams don't do their due diligence on this stuff, or that they're idiots. Rather than the much simpler explanation - namely, that the league doesn't think the player's worth it anymore.

3 Woooow

The defense only gets worse now. 

And somehow people will twist this into smaller QBs being injury prone even though this is his first injury that causes missed time lol

6 They'll look better next…

In reply to by ImNewAroundThe…

They'll look better next week, simply because they're facing Roughedupburger and what little is left of his arm.

9 Playoffs

I have to think that this probably removes the possibility of all four NFC West teams making the playoffs now. 

10 Just seen they are on SNF…

Just seen they are on SNF next week vs. Pittsburgh. Bleurgh.

Also being reminded that the Jets have their first round pick next year (jeez that was an awful trade for Seattle). The Jets are in fantastic shape going forward......if Zach Wilson can hit...... 

11 Kittle to IR

Hate to sound like fatalist but Niners and Seahawks seasons may be sunk this year

17 Hawks and Niners.

This year they are both in rebuild mode, or "in transition" if you will.

Niners should be starting Lance for the rest of the year to see what he is, but I hear that Shanahan still thinks Jimmy G is a better option.  He's wrong.

With Russ being out for 4-6 games, the Hawks are already done.  Geno is not as bad as people think, but he's not Wilson.  Geno might keep the offense on schedule, but he's not winning you games.