Melvin Ingram

Steelers Sign Melvin Ingram

The Steelers signed former Los Angeles Chargers edge rusher Melvin Ingram to a one-year deal this afternoon. He probably bumps prospect Alex Highsmith from the starting lineup. Ingram is 32 and played only seven games last year due to knee injuries, and he had 0 sacks. But he still had 16 hurries according to SIS charting, which is in line with the 24 hurries that the departed Bud Dupree had in 11 games. Ingram had seven sacks each of the previous two seasons.

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2 Well crap...

I figured KC might have a shot at him, especially if it was in that range. 

3 Less cap space

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They'll have less, even after Pitt signs Ingram (not official yet). Might not have been offering as much?

4 Another AFCN team has picked up

a 31 year old AFC Edge rusher for a similar amount in July.

Justin Houston to Baltimore (like this more, especially since it's a little less guaranteed, Steelers have add to tac on 4 void years just to get the cap hit $415,000 less than Houston, who I think is better outright, although I thought he was older)