Three Week 15 Games Postponed: Raiders, Rams, Washington

Baker Mayfield, Cleveland Browns
Baker Mayfield, Cleveland Browns
Photo: USA Today Sports Images

NFL Week 15 - The NFL tried to make it through the 2021 season without postponing any games due to COVID. It didn't work. COVID clusters with the Browns, Rams, and Washington Football Team are going to lead to postponements of games this week. The Raiders-Browns game originally scheduled for Saturday will now be played Monday at 5pm Eastern. Both the Rams-Seahawks game and the Eagles-Washington game will now be played Tuesday at 4pm Eastern. We'll have to see if these teams get enough healthy players back to make moving the games worthwhile.

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1 And if by Tuesday CLE's…

And if by Tuesday CLE's covid cases have mostly cleared up but now there's a cluster with the Raiders, they'll postpone again, or make the Raiders play short-handed after giving the Browns a break?

Hopefully we don't have to find out.


5 I'm just amused that the…

I'm just amused that the world is now referring to these COVID situations as "clusters", which is much less alarming than "outbreaks".

I feel like this explains how we got to where we are today.

2 Does anyone know which…

Does anyone know which players are likely to be able to come back with this extended time? Is Baker Mayfield going to be able to play on Tuesday? Case Keenum?

3  Any vaccinated players can…

 Any vaccinated players can come back if they test negative twice consecutively. But that could conceivably be on tuesday.

So for setting lineups for fantasy playoffs its going to be an absolute crapshoot


4 Seems massively unfair

Opposition made to play on short weeks at the very least. And as mentioned above, what if they develop their own problems in the next few days? Seems odd that (eg) the Browns who were shorthanded on the intended fixture date are given time to recover, but the Raiders who had a full complement on that date are made to play shorthanded.

Why not put these games in Week 19 and just shift the playoffs back by a week?

7 So what's new?

The Cleveland Browns have a long history of not putting actual teams on the field. The only difference is this time it would be because the players and staff failed somewhere to keep to COVID protocols. It's massively unfair to still play this game if suddenly the teams who had not had an issue suddenly lose key players after Sunday. 

9 It's been established that…

In reply to by justanothersteve

It's been established that as far as we know they used every preventative/mitigative measure that was recommended by the league, so this is not like, for instance, the no-QBs-Denver game last year. (I was originally thinking they could try to pin this on the one supposedly unvaccinated player in the bunch, JohnJohn III, but apparently he got the shots also.)

The forfeit role, for one, explicitly states that it has to be an unvaccinated outbreak.

10 But not the Raiders?

That's debatable - but what is surely wrong is the assertion that the game MUST now be played on the rescheduled date - so if the Raiders have an equivalent epidemic they are screwed, even though their players were available for the originally schedule game. What's the logic in that?