Zach Ertz Dealt to Arizona

Zach Ertz
Zach Ertz
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Zach Ertz is being traded to the Arizona Cardinals, ending a long wait for him to be traded out of Philadelphia. The Eagles are getting sixth-round rookie cornerback Tay Gowan and a 2022 fifth-round pick in return. It's worth noting that while Ertz had lost his spot as Philadelphia's No. 1 tight end to Dallas Goedert, he was still playing at least 50% of snaps in each game. He'll become the top tight end now for the Cardinals, who lost Maxx Williams to injury. Sadly, there will be no more Hurts to Ertz.

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1 I'm very curious to know if…

I'm very curious to know if he can play on Sunday after playing in last night's game. If so, I imagine he might have an opportunity to become the first player in the modern era to play 18 regular-season games. (I'm assuming nobody has done it previously!)

5 Yeah, I figured his…

Yeah, I figured his participation would be unlikely because of the factors you mentioned -- and that if he did participate, it would be in a very limited fashion.

However, if he were "technically eligible" to play, I could see them perhaps working him in for a specific package (e.g., having him learn a couple goalline plays so they can utilize him if they wanted to bring out a "heavy"  package).

Then again, that spot on the active gameday roster would probably be better spent on a player who could contribute in more ways than that.

13 Players' salaries are paid…

Players' salaries are paid during the regular season in 18 weekly installments (17 installments in prior seasons). Even the guys who have played 17 games before have been paid once per week to play once per week. What you're suggesting for Ertz is that he play twice in a week while being paid once in a week. And the player's union would never, ever, ever allow that to happen. So it's mostly financial reasons, a tiny bit of safety, and zero percent fantasy. 

Here's a story on teams asking if Jalen Ramsey could have played twice in a week when he was still on the Jaguars and they had a Thursday night game.

6 Ahhh, thanks. Neither The…

Ahhh, thanks. Neither The Athletic nor ESPN mentioned that when I first saw their stories.

I'm curious when that rule was put into place. If it was within the past 10-15 years, I sadly share your cynicsm that it was probably motivated at least as much by Fantasy considerations as it was by player safety concerns. (Not that I think the league was more concerned about player safety prior to then! But they probably weren't so concerned about Fantasy implications at that time.)

2 Interesting

AZ got criticized a bit for building old around Murray but I dont hate it. Get him some vets, that are still good and know what they're doing to trying and win before his $$$$$

This continues that and I again don't hate it. From either side actually. Who do I lean towards winning it...maybe Phil since Ertz isn't that great anymore and he wanted out and they got a mid round pick and a rookie prospect.

9 The Rich get Richer.

Go from losing Max Williams to upgrading with Zach Ertz.

Steve Keim is amazing!

Only had to give up a CB prospect and low round pick.

Cards doing big things.

12 Do you watch the Cards?

I'm guessing no.

Maxx Williams was a nice TE, but Ertz is an upgrade in talent even if he is older.

Pull your head out of the stats and watch the games sometime.

TE isn't primarily featured in the Cards' offense, but you make this move if you can.

The rich get richer.

14 Lol. He was barely playing…

Lol. He was barely playing 50% of the snaps in Philly, a team fairly bereft of pass catching talent. Ertz was available for trade all off-season for anybody that wanted him. 

I mean it's an ok move by the Cards to fill a hole at short notice. But suggesting it's a masterstroke - that's some kool-aid you're drinking.  

16 Do you watch the Eagles?

I'm guessing no.

Maxx Williams was a nice TE, but Ertz is not an upgrade in talent even if he is older.

Pull your head out of the stats and watch the games sometime.

Not that I even mentioned stats but a grade. Ertz isn't who he was.

It's a fine stop gap but stop acting like it's "amazing"

No one likes homers 

18   Only had to give up a CB…


Only had to give up a CB prospect and low round pick.

I mean, plus ~$6M for a TE who was worst in the league last year and bottom-5 this year. And it isn't because Philly's terrible or anything, there's a TE on the same team who's top-10 in DVOA!

I'm... very skeptical of your idea that Ertz is an upgrade to Williams. To say the least.