Black Monday Discussion Thread 2022

Former New York Giants HC Joe Judge
Former New York Giants HC Joe Judge
Photo: USA Today Sports Images

NFL Week 18 - Here's our annual thread for discussing all the Black Monday firings after the NFL regular season ends. We'll keep this thread updated with the latest news starting on Sunday night.


The Denver Broncos have fired head coach Vic Fangio after a 7-10 season and another year of missing the playoffs.

The Detroit Lions will reportedly fire offensive coordinator Anthony Lynn.

Not a Black Monday firing, but it will be announced that Pittsburgh Steelers GM Kevin Colbert is retiring after this year's draft.


Chicago has fired head coach Matt Nagy and GM Ryan Pace.

Minnesota has fired head coach Mike Zimmer and GM Rick Spielman.

Miami has fired head coach Brian Flores.


New York Giants GM Dave Gettleman announced his retirement, but the team will keep head coach Joe Judge.


Upon further reflection, the Giants will not be keeping Joe Judge after all.


Since Houston waited so long to pull the trigger on firing David Culley, we gave that one its own Extra Points thread.


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#148 by ImNewAroundThe… // Jan 12, 2022 - 11:18pm

Mooney was the 30th highest graded WR out of 133 but is currently 90th in WR cap hit. And after FA and the draft, that will likely be pushed down as he can't be extended until next year. 

Meanwhile the Bears have above average cap space and the Giants and Vikings have not just below average but negative cap space. Thankfully 1 year of Fields football life doesn't define him. We got plenty of college and high school pedigree to work off of if the coach dedicates the time to it and doesn't waste their time with a Dalton or Foles taking his reps. Which you should be able to help in the search as GM. PFF almost copied me but they say it nicely too, hopefully better than I.

Money was on Pace staying? I...just can't believe that. That rumor, if it had any truth to it, was for maybe one final feel of the public. There was really no justification for it with his last reported contract expiring. They knew that it was going to be a clean sweep otherwise the backlash would've been horrendous. There was nothing going for Pace once they lost the Mack trade. Even the blind didn't like what they saw from him. Ted Phillips may just have too much power but even he couldn't justify Pace to the public anymore. 

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