Bucs DT Akiem Hicks Out With Plantar Fascia Tear

Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive tackle Akiem Hicks
Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive tackle Akiem Hicks
Photo: USA Today Sports Images

NFL Week 3 - The Tampa Bay Buccaneers continue to deal with a litany of injuries, now losing defensive tackle Akiem Hicks for a month to a planter fascia tear according to ESPN. 

Hicks, 33, signed a one-year, $8 million deal with Tampa Bay this offseason, playing 59 snaps for the Buccaneers through his first two games with the team, starting both contests. 

Hicks joins a growing list of Buccaneers players who have gone down with injury. Both wide receivers Chris Godwin and Julio Jones missed last week's game with respective injuries, while Buccaneers head coach Todd Bowles announced this week that he does not expect left tackle Josh Wells to be available this week against the Green Bay Packers.

According to internal data from Football Outsiders, foot injuries like Hicks' tend to linger in defensive linemen. While 87.5% of foot injuries in defensive tackles allow them to return to the field within two weeks, it takes twice that time for 75% of those injuries to be taken off the weekly injruy report. 


4 comments, Last at 25 Sep 2022, 9:49pm

1 And

And Evans' appeal was denied

2 Oh man

GB better win.

3 With so much going wrong…

With so much going wrong with other teams, at this point it's hard to see the Eagles not getting the number 1 seed. Especially with their laughably easy schedule. The Saints, Packers and Cowboys later on in the year (assuming Dak is healthy) look to be the only difficult games left for them. Maybe the Cardinals will be better by then and make for a tough game?

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