Buffalo Bills Sign ER Von Miller

Buffalo Bills ER Von Miller
Buffalo Bills ER Von Miller
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NFL Offseason - One of the top edge rushers in free agency, Von Miller, had seen his name linked to a lot of familiar places in recent days. Some said he would return to Los Angeles, where he just won a Super Bowl with the Rams. Some said he would return to Denver, where he won a Super Bowl with the Broncos. Some said he would return to Dallas, where he grew up, and try to win a Super Bowl with the Cowboys. But we have an upset! Miller is heading to the AFC East to join the Buffalo Bills a franchise that hasn't won a Super Bowl … yet.

Since he was drafted second overall in 2011, Miller leads all NFL players with 115.5 quarterback sacks. That includes 110.5 sacks with the Broncos, where he was named defensive rookie of the year; made three All-Pro teams and eight Pro Bowls; and earned the Super Bowl 50 MVP award. Last November, he was traded to Los Angeles, where he added 5.0 sacks in eight regular-season games and 4.0 more in the playoffs, a key cog in the Rams' championship defense.

After a particularly frenzied free-agent chase, Miller has joined the Bills where he will look to improve a defense that was (checks notes) already the best in the NFL. Buffalo was first in both overall defensive DVOA and pass defense DVOA last season. And while they were "only" seventh in adjusted sack rate, they had the league's highest pressure rate according to Pro Football Reference.

The Bills did it with numbers last year—16 different players had at least half a sack, and Mario Addison led the team with just 7.0. Addison and Jerry Hughes (2.0 sacks) are now free agents, but Miller is a clear upgrade over either of them—he has had at least 8.0 sacks in each of the last seven seasons. He turns 33 later this month, so he probably won't see the end of his six-year, $120-million deal, but he may see a third championship ring in his future.

All of this, of course, is terrible news for the Rams, who lose not only their top edge rusher, but also the second- and third-round picks in next month's draft that they gave up to acquire him. But again: they won a Lombardi Trophy, so no regrets.

Von Miller Overall Impact: Massive. Last year, the Bills lost an overtime playoff game to the Chiefs, who went on to lose a playoff game to the Bengals, who went on to lose the Super Bowl by only three points. With the relative weakness of their division, they were already a strong bet to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl next season. Miller's arrival takes them a step farther and makes them the likely Super Bowl favorites.

Von Miller Fantasy Impact: Buffalo's divisional opponents now include a Dolphins team in transition, a Jets team that is still finding its way, and a Patriots team still looking for weapons. They also face the Steelers, Browns, Bears, and Lions. This should be the first defense taken in every league's fantasy draft.


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1 This is an amazing signing…

This is an amazing signing but that is absolutely bonkers money for a 33 year old. There had better be a lot of funny money on the end or good grief

5 There always is

$51.5 in real dollars. So if they get 3 good years out of Von, it's absolutely worth it. Even 2 good years, I'd say worth it, given where they are.

Only way the Bills lose big is if Von doesn't make it through to this year's playoffs. Which, this being the NFL, is absolutely a possibility.

39 Hmm

I don't think Von Miller is the guy to chase down Patrick Mahomes.

Not a fan of this signing: the Bills are at the point where they need to be specifically looking for that final part to beat the Chiefs.  This is a lot of money to spend on a 33-yo pass rusher.  Yes, one who is a Hall of Famer, but he's still getting long in the tooth.  


43 It's a high-risk / high…

In reply to by RickD

It's a high-risk / high-reward signing, I have no doubt. But to be honest we have had the pieces to beat the Chiefs and should have done so in January. The final piece has to come from between McDermott's ears.

4 This is exactly the kind of…

This is exactly the kind of move I would expect where it makes sense for someone like the Bills to absorp some down the road cap pain (I fully expect Von to be cut within 3 years of this deal and possibly by this time next year).

If I were the Bills, I would have also gone after JC Jackson if they were going to make this Von Miller signing. 

One angle I think people don't realize about Buffalo's defense. While it was ranked 1st in DVOA, it was also 32nd in variance. It would be fun to think about how you discount a team's defense by how unreliable it is week to week. For fun, NE's defense was similarly high variance. Something related to bad weather and the Jets being in the same division I suppose. 

12 They basically overhauled…

They basically overhauled the D line and then signed Miller to get sacks. Their variance was a product of their thoroughly awful run D and lack of consistent finishing on the opposing QB. Looks like they just need some corners now

34 They feasted on terrible…

They feasted on terrible offenses during blowout wins that really drove up their defensive DVOA. Those games included games against CAR 31st in offensive DVOA, HOU 30th, ATL 28th, JAX 27th, PIT 25th, MIA 24th, NO 23rd, NYJ 22nd, WAS 21st.

6 He'll see three years of it

But that's it. It's a lot of money, but the idea that Smith and Jones are steals by comparison doesn't hold up, as they simply aren't as good. They just aren't. As an added bonus, this likely means the Bills can't extend Edmunds.

The rest of the AFC East should do their fans a favor and either take this season off or light themselves on fire. It's gonna get U-G-L-Y.

7 I'm wondering if this is a…

I'm wondering if this is a precursor to Edmunds being moved. We run the majority of our snaps in the nickel with Edmunds and Milano. Miller has, as far as I know, never played an every down DE. So we either go to kind of a hybrid 3-3-5 with Miller standing up on whichever edge, or Edmunds gets moved, Minalo takes the middle and Miller takes Milano's olb spot. 

8 From what I've read today ...

... Miller played a mix of 3-4 and 4-3 in his early years in Denver. I wouldn't mind seeing Edmunds shipped off, but I'll believe it when I see it. I think Miller has rushed from the edge often enough that our constant nickel isn't going to be a problem; if that had been the case, he wouldn't have been a target, IMO. But we'll see.

17 Miller played 4-3 a lot, but…

Miller played 4-3 a lot, but predominately as an outside linebacker. I don't recall him playing significant snaps from a 3 pt stance. I don't think it's a problem ​​​​​, "How do I use Von Miller?" is the kind of worry defensive coaches dream about. But it is something to consider when you pay this kinda cash. You build your defense to fit him rather than the other way around. 

41 That seems likely, but it…

That seems likely, but it also seems to be a pretty lean defense to use as your base. Hopefully we get more schematically diverse, like we did against New England in our second and third games.

11 Von has had an injury…

Von has had an injury history and in LA he was playing off Donald. 

I feel like at this stage of his career he can't be your Ace pass rusher. He reminds me a bit of DeMarcus Ware signing with Denver, though they could bookend ware with Von Miller.

Also also,

I'm not sure what to make of Josh Allen going into next year. His postseason was superlative but his regular season was way worse than people realize. I am in general heavily slanted toward the larger sample size, which means there is more than a few question marks about what we should be expecting from Josh Allen


13 I feel as of the Bills win enough along the line …

… to kind of make up for that. They won plenty last year; they just couldn’t finish. Miller finished, and his presence should allow his teammates to finish better than they did last year. ThTs the theory, anyway.

I think Josh was about 5% to 10% worse last year than he was the year before, when he played at a league MVP level. Take the MNF game out of there, and he’s even closer to that 5% mark. I’m not worried about him. It’s not always pretty, but he’s King Freaking Kong out there. Looks like a man among boys sometimes. 

15 Josh's problems line up…

Josh's problems line up pretty much perfectly with the games where the o-line wasn't protecting him. I don't expect 2020 but I do expect an offense that can run better with Kromer and the Oline changes they made. It'll be interesting to see what they do differently 

18 Exactly this

The Bills had their lull when the OL was a wreck. When it wasn't a wreck, they pretty much beat everybody by double digits or lost a close one.

21 Look I dont have a rooting…

In reply to by Tutenkharnage

Look I dont have a rooting interest with Buffalo. Well, actually if they got to the SB, I'd root for them because I like to see new teams getting a ring.

But this comment and the statement above almost makes it sound like Josh Allen is a blameless victim; explaining away all of his variance due to the offensive line. 

Of the three games I saw Allen "struggle"; one was against NE in awful conditions. Ok pass. I saw him actually play well against Pittsburgh but I thought Pitt's D did really well that day so again, that's ok. And he was downright terrible against the Colts. I mean, just awful. You can blame it all on the offensive line if you want, but that was a seriously embarrassing performance where I didn't even think the Colts got that much pressure on him. 

Btw, I also thought he was bad against the Colts in that playoff game and was fortunate his lunatic free lancing didn't ultimately burn them. 

And if one can overreact to an ugly loss to the lowly Jags where they managed to score an unthinkable 6pts, one can similarly overreact to a playoff game where they never punted.

All that to say, I don't buy that all or most of Allen's variance is explained by the offensive line. That rarely occurs short of a total meltdown every week. 

At this stage, I am inclined to view him as a tier 2 player with a chance to get into tier 1, but that's far from certain given his resume so far. 

22 Nah, the Colts game, the whole team just sucked

Three quick fumbles, IIRC, including one by McKenzie after halftime; no one acquitted themselves well, and the game just got away from them.

Some of it comes down to this: you have to watch the game. If you just looked at the box score from the Bills-Falcons game late last year, you'd see that Allen three three picks and think he was terrible. But he wasn't: he made one throw he shouldn't have, trying to hit a pass he'd hit for touchdowns on multiple occasions; he had a miscommunication with a receiver and threw the ball where the receiver should have been; and he had a pass tipped straight into the gut of some overweight dude who probably never would have caught that ball otherwise. It was a fluky, fluky game. And what did he do? He got pissed, they switched gears and let him run it, and he started truuuuuuuuucking dudes. Someone who didn't watch the game would look at that box score, think Allen sucked, and figured the team won despite him. Anyone who watched the game would understand that he had some fluky crap happen, bounced back in a different way, and actually led his team to victory.

Allen is tier 1. There are roughly four guys I am certain are worth a damn right now, and two of them are really, really old. He could take a step back this year and change my mind, but I'd be shocked. And I hated the Allen pick so bad that I shredded my most comfortable (Bills) shirt when they made it, as I promised I would, so I needed longer to buy in than most.

25 I only spoke on games of…

I only spoke on games of Allen's that I saw because I agree, box scores can be misleading. I watched the Colts game. I stand by my view. But it wasn't all his fault, we agree 

I prefer to keep tier 1 for people who repeat MVP worthy seasoned. That's why I don't have Lamar and not(yet) Allen.


28 The Bills and Allen had a…

The Bills and Allen had a particularly shitty game against Indy.  But that's a 17 game schedule for you.  And the Colts were extremely good for much of November and December too.

31 And then theres that loss to…

And then theres that loss to the Jags.


They were 13th in pass offense and 31st in variance. Allen was also 15th in DVOA. Obviously, those are mostly team aggregates, but this should at least be a worthy consideration when assessing Allen next year.

44 Both Allen and the defense…

Both Allen and the defense had a few bad halves last year. The Colts game was the first where both had an appalling first half, so by the time Allen started to put it together the score was totally out of control and the game script was firmly playing into Indy's hands. 

35 Oh, he's not blameless, and…

Oh, he's not blameless, and I don't mean to give that impression. He's good for something boneheaded once a game, although that got milder as the season progressed. His holding on for the big play when it isn't there is something he is addressing during the offseason, according to his comments, and the team is addressing it by giving the offense better linemen. I suspect you'll see a shifty receiving style back come in the draft to help address the issues with two-deep.

It's up to Allen to make the correct decisions as to when to use them.

Allen has weaknesses, as all QBs do. In my mind, the team is addressing them, but of course we won't know if it works until they play the games. Different OC, too, so I'm curious how that will change things.

16 "Smith and Jones are steals by comparison doesn't hold up"

They're younger and cheaper. Price absolutely matters in a salary cap league. 

And since Chandler been in the NFL (2012) he's had more sacks, FF and FR. And since Zada has been in the NFL (2015) both Chandler and he have more in the same 3 categories. They were definitely steals (Chandler only relatively).

19 Stats

Must be why Pro Football Reference gives Miller a 16-point advantage in approximate value since 2012. Must also be why Pro Football Focus gave Miller an 18-point advantage in play last year despite coming up with two fewer sacks. You can make a big deal out of an extra fumble recovery (when we know fumble recovery isn't a skill) and an extra 3.5 sacks while conveniently leaving aside an additional 17 TFLs and 9 QB hits since 2012. Or you can defer to the guys who study the tape, all of whom seem to agree that Miller's a better player and just might agree he was a better player last year, too.

They're a year apart, which might matter, but might not. Would I feel better if they had signed a 26-year-old who might see four or five years of this contract, or who could have been given a legit four- or five-year contract that he would be expected to play out? Sure, but that wasn't an option. But if I can effectively get Miller or Jones at 3 years and $52.5 million—and that seems to be the read on Miller's contract, which would put it right in line with Jones's—would I rather have the Hall of Famer with two rings who still plays like a Hall of Famer? Damn straight I would.

Unfortunately for Jones, we'll likely never know whether he was worth it for the Raiders because they're going to be the fourth-best team in their division for the foreseeable future. That's a complete tangent, but if the Bills thought Jones was the better player, they would have gone after him. If they did, then he either turned down a comparable deal from Buffalo to play in Vegas, which is a dubious decision, or they offered him less money because they didn't think he was as good. The Bills were in on Von Miller last year and didn't cough up the picks to get him; if they had, Western New York might still be escaping the hangover of the Super Bowl parade.

Anyway! When I heard six years and $120 million, I thought that was ridiculous. But this is the NFL, where multiyear contracts never clock in at the first-reported numbers. If given a choice between both players at the same money for three years, I would have chosen Von Miller in a heartbeat.

20 We can use PFF if you'd like.

In reply to by Tutenkharnage

Jones deal: Above Average 

Zada: Elite 

Von: Average

You paid for a player. It is what it is. Doesn't change the fact that similar quality, younger players got less and are thus steals!

But of course the Bills only go after the best like J.D. McKissic! And too bad the money isn't the same! Which was the entire point! Ah!

And yeah Chandler will be in the HOF too and is still playing like it (PB last year, 9 AV vs 8). 

23 How is Chandler a "steal" ...

... if the two of them essentially have the same contract—again, this is not a six-year, $120 million deal in any real sense—and have similar stats? Not seeing it, sorry.

Nice tangent with McKissic, though! Completely unrelated to anything I said. (My thoughts on the McKissic signing? It was kind of strange, given that Allen throws to his running backs less often than any other quarterback. So either that was on Daboll, and the Bills were planning to incorporate more throws to the RBs now that Daboll was in New York; that was on Allen but finally got fixed late last season when he finally started taking the checkdowns, in which case the signing was a decent one as long as you don't believe that third-down backs kind of tip your hand if they're on the field when it isn't third down; or that was on Allen and wasn't going to be fixed, in which case the money would be wasted. Maybe even a combination of all those things. Better idea than trading for McCaffrey or Barkley, I guess.)

Ever think maybe Jones didn't want to come here? If he turned down that Miller contract to go to the Raiders, and the contracts are identical (which, by all accounts, they are once you account for the usual cap nonsense), then either he loves Vegas a little too much (as do I!), or he mistakenly believed the Raiders would have a better chance to win a title. If the Bills offered him less money and he took Vegas's offer instead, then either the Bills were wrong to offer less, or he wasn't considered a good fit, which ... I mean, I read a lot about how Jones was a 3-4 player virtually his entire career, but the same could be said of Miller. Or he wasn't the type of player who wanted to take less for a better shot to win a title. We have no way of knowing and almost certainly won't find out.

Anyway, they're both good players, and they're comparable and still very productive. I'll take the rings and the leadership in the locker room and be quite happy with it. Wake me if/when Miller shows that he's washed.

37 Keep making excuses

Amazing Jones contract is what it is but oh no not Von Millers, not as bad as reported! Not getting essentially the same guaranteed as Jones whole deal! You've correctly stopped talking about Zada as you've got no answer for that and he's even younger. Mckissic was not even a tangent lol it's with your absurd, "only look at the best" statement. That'd be you talking about Barkley. 

There was just no need for a bad call out when they are realtively steals when compared to Vons contract. "doesn't hold water" except for all the reasons it does. No one said Von was bad. 

Also, IDK why the edit button eludes some people.

47 Here’s an idea, Mr. Resident Expert

In reply to by ImNewAroundThe…

What would you have done? Paid Jones more? Oops, guess his contract isn’t as valuable now, and you’ll have to create even more room by restructuring contracts. Offered Miller less? Oops, guess he’s still a Ram today, and you still haven’t fixed your major problem, since you still don’t have a difference-making edge. Go ahead, though. Tell us what the right move was, since you obviously have all the answers.

You may think giving Jones and Miller the same contract for next three years is a bad deal, but I don’t. Brandon Beane doesn’t, either. Von Miller leads the league in pressure rate since 2016, which puts him a solid step above Jones in my book. He also has two rings and is acknowledged as a leader, a great teacher, and a fantastic teacher. Unless Smith is more nickel edge rusher than linebacker, he almost certainly wasn’t going to fit the scheme, as evidenced by his signing with the Ravens.

But go ahead. Bless us with the answers! I’ll wait. In the meantime, try to figure out why the ability to engage in some modicum of even-keeled discussion eludes you. I didn’t edit my original post because I didn’t want to add that point after you had already responded, in which case it might have been overlooked, which I considered a real possibility at the time, given how often you had already replied. I was posting about the NFL on rec.games.football and similar newsgroups in the late 80s, before Al Gore and I invented the real internet together. “IDK why the edit button eludes some people,” my ass.

48 What's wrong with you?

Why you do continue to think this is a personal attack? Why are you so hurt that other younger, similar quality players signed for less and are thus considered a steals? Geez, now you're telling us your "scheme" cant accommodate a good player, yikes. I dont need to hear why Von is good. I literally praised him and the rams play throughout the playoffs. 

I hadn't even responsed yet. You had time to edit. Not every response is gonna be the exact same time lol. It's not that serious that I could respond while you edit in one more sentence lol 

51 Scheme vs. fit

I'm saying that scheme matters, yes. This is one reason I have rarely cared when Baltimore and Pittsburgh defenders hit the open market: because the Bills, for most of the last forty years, have been a 4-3 team (and, most recently, a big-nickel team). So the fact that Smith went from the Ravens to the Packers under Pettine and Barry and then back to the Ravens tells me he wasn't a likely scheme fit for the Bills, who simply won't play 3-4. This doesn't mean they can't take advantage of talented players; it just means that they've got their preferences and are unlikely to deviate very far from them. Similarly, they rely heavily on zone coverage, so I'm confident they're looking for a zone-capable CB2, and whether he can play heavy man will matter less than whether he can diagnose the run, run up out of zone when needed, and make a tackle; to me, the fact that the organization has always seemed dead-set on getting by relatively cheaply at CB2 meant that JC Jackson was never in play for the Bills. You can't plug a square peg into a round hole, which—lack of good instincts aside—is probably one reason Tremaine Edmunds isn't a good fit here. (More than one observer has suggested that he'd be a better fit in a 3-4.)

54 Nah

In reply to by Tutenkharnage

Great coaches make it work. They don't come in with only square holes. Zada can play all over. 3-4/4-3 not even the most used fronts anymore. Get creative. Von Miller has like 4 snaps in the dirt since 2018

55 I guess technically the last…

In reply to by Tutenkharnage

I guess technically the last 21 years counts as "most of the last forty years," but the Bills ran a 3-4 throughout the 80's and 90's, under Knox, Stephenson, Bullough, Levy, and Phillips, which IIRC included a period when they were one of only a few teams still doing so.

Not that that matters in the context of which players best fit their scheme now, of course.

49 As a side note, no one has…

As a side note, no one has access to perfect information in free agency. Things move fast and you can't "know" what the market clearing price is for Von Miller vs Jones, especially since the cap means assessing true cost becomes opaque.

I think it sounds easy to bargain hunt for value, but that only works once you have supreme job security and your legacy is iron clad. Otherwise, the closer you are to a SB, the more urgency you feel and you can easily end up losing the musical chairs of free agency.

I am personally a bit lukewarm about the signing, but I totally get why they did it.

24 Annnd let's not forget ...

... that Von Miller hosts his own pass-rush summit to teach the tricks of the trade to younger rushers. I'm sure Beane is putting some value on Miller bringing out the best in Basham and Rousseau. (Hey, and maybe even Epenesa! OK, maybe not. But maybe!) Gotta be worth something.

26 A little surprised they…

A little surprised they would make this much of a "win now" move. I mean, Allen should be around for a quite a while before age kicks in and you have to pay the piper on this one b4 that

29 In the early 80s the same…

In the early 80s everyone thought a young, excellent QB that had just lost a Super Bowl would have plenty of time to get to and win another one.  You may have heard of him; name was Marino.

30 Marino is famous for being…

Marino is famous for being the exception. Buffalo has a competent coach an front office and a young stud QB...those teams usually breakthrough at least once.  This almost makes the window smaller 

40 overreacting to exceptions

Overreacting to the rare data point that diverges from the main trend is a great way to build a terrible strategy.

Why did Marino never make another Super Bowl?  Because the Dolphins' D was bad for a long time.  The Bills took over the AFC East with a team that was simply better in all ways (except the QB position, which was a push).  

I do agree somewhat with the idea off a team close to the top bringing in the one guy who will make that change.  That's what Revis did for the Pats in 2014.  I just don't see Von Miller as the right guy to beat the Chiefs.

It's not like the Broncos were doing much of that in the past several years.

45 Not just the Chiefs

Let's not act like it is 100% assured the Bills will need to beat the Chiefs.

At this point, I can absolutely see a path for the Bills where they don't have to play the Chiefs to reach a Super Bowl.

Also I do think Miller will help - as another poster mentioned, Mahomes has struggled at times against Denver (which isn't just Miller, but getting a good edge rusher that is fast enough to often chase down Mahomes doesn't hurt).

36 Plus, next year is when…

Plus, next year is when Allen's big contract really kicks in. I suspect there will be some suitable system CBs signed, as well, as they seem to not be screwing around with going for it this year.

38 I really don't think 3 years…

I really don't think 3 years $51.5m for a top edge rusher is that much of a mortgage the future move, hell it doesn't even involve draft picks, but when you have a top QB you need to make moves to win while you have him 

50 Two big questions about this

One of the more interesting questions about this signing is how often Miller will be on the field. Buffalo has relied on a very heavy rotation since McDermott arrived in 2017, but Miller has played an extremely high percentage of snaps throughout his career. Will the Bills continue to rely on their rotation? Will they rotate him heavily early in the year in order to keep him fresh for the stretch run, then increase his snap counts after Thanksgiving and throughout the playoffs? Or will they change their philosophy at that position, since he's shown he can handle it? (And in regard to this last point, he turns 33 next Saturday. Can he continue to handle it?)

Another question is whether Frazier and McDermott will deviate from their usual plan, which doesn't rely on a lot of stunts and generally asks each of the four down linemen to beat his man and make a play. Buffalo's defense has showed a maddening tendency to be as vanilla as possible, but using a big-ticket, first-ballot HoFer in that role seems as though it would be a bit of a waste.

53 In my book, it's just a bad approach in general

Frazier almost never dials up the blitz. He generally lets the opposing quarterback see what's coming, then does little to nothing to throw that quarterback off his rhythm later in the game. So I guess for me, it's like this:

  1. Playing vanilla is bad by default. You don't have to run the most exotic defense, but you can't let the other team know what's coming. That's just a bad approach in general when it comes to strategy games.
  2. The Bills didn't have that player on the roster and didn't counter by trying to disguise things to maximize value. Instead, they stubbornly stuck with their beat-your-man game plan.
  3. Great players are almost always going to be better if the coaches maximize their chances to succeed, and going back to #1, I don't like the default Frazier/McDermott approach much to begin with on this front.

All that said, if you're going to insist that your players function in a beat-your-man system, sure, it's best to get the best players you can. But the best players would be even better if Frazier and McDermott sent a corner blitz in the fourth quarter every once in a while, stunted their linemen on occasion, kept the offense guessing as to which four are coming and where they might be attacking, etc.

60 Yeah, I was sorta surprised…

Yeah, I was sorta surprised the numbers are as high as they are. I think the impression is more about the timeliness of the extra-man pressures (never seems to happen when the Bills have the lead) and the effectiveness of them (middling-tier sack numbers).

56 Zada's deal was apparently…

Zada's deal was apparently so much of a steal that he realized he was getting lowballed and opted not to sign

59 The cap numbers are in!

And it's effectively three years with a total cap hit of $52.47M or four years with a total cap hit of $69.97M.


2022: $5.15M cap hit
2023: $18.705M cap hit
2024: $21.205M cap hit
2025: $21.205M cap hit ($7.41M dead cap)
2026: $3.705M dead cap (since there's almost no chance they'll keep him during his age 37 season)

So if Miller still looks good entering 2025, the Bills can keep him for a cash outlay of $17.5M and a cap hit of $21.205M; if that's no longer a good deal, they can walk away. It's effectively a three-year deal with a fourth-year club option.