Commanders Spend $100 Million on Virginia Land

Washington Commanders WR Kyric McGowan
Washington Commanders WR Kyric McGowan
Photo: USA Today Sports Images

NFL Offseason - The Washington Commanders, who currently play in North Englewood, Maryland, have spent $100 million on approximately 200 acres of land in Dumfries, Virginia, with an eye on building a new stadium, according to John Keim of ESPN.

"The Commanders like this site because of how it can be developed," Keim writes. "According to a source, their plans include a 60,000-seat domed stadium—so it can be used throughout the year—as well as: the team's practice facility; an amphitheater that seats between 15,000 and 20,000; a small indoor music arena; high-end retail shops; bars and restaurants and residential living. The roof would be translucent and the stadium's facade could change colors—it would be white during the day and, for example, burgundy at night."

Washington's contract to play at FedEx Field expires in 2026. FedEx Field is approximately 12 miles from the heart of Washington, D.C.; the new site in Virginia is about 30 miles away in the other direction down I-95. Incidentally, the Baltimore Ravens play at M&T Bank Stadium, which is about 35 miles northeast from the District of Columbia, and have the added benefit of not being owned by Daniel Snyder.

Speaking of whom, Keim's final paragraph says a mouthful: "The purchase comes amid ongoing investigations into Commanders owner Dan Snyder. Both Congress and the NFL continue to examine allegations of sexual misconduct, which Snyder has strongly denied. They also responded to allegations of financial improprieties with a 105-page letter sent to the Federal Trade Commission, with emails and signed affidavits that they say proves their innocence. The attorney generals' offices in Virginia and the District of Columbia said they will investigate the financial claims."

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7 What was the last stadium…

What was the last stadium that WASN'T tax subsidized? It seems like teams use moving as leverage for that all the time these days. I'm sure they up getting tax break and probably a subsidy of some sort. They may just publicize it less due to backlash. 

24 Virginia is apparently…

Virginia is apparently offering a $350 million "stadium package" to Snyder.

Maryland has stated that they won't offer any direct taxpayer money, but that they would offer funding for infrastructure and land development around a stadium. In other words, taxpayer money for expenses related to the stadium project.


2 For the convenience of…

For the convenience of federal investigators, the Redskins are moving adjacent to Quantico.

\In 1861, it took four years to get from Washington DC to Richmond. In 2022, this is still true.

25 I95 south of DC

I95 south of DC only has 2 lanes in each direction.  It's a massive traffic jam all the time. (I live in the DC area.)

More generally, DC area traffic is bad, especially when it comes to crossing the Potomac (another bridge is needed, but that's not going to happen), but I don't think it's in LA's league.  It's usually in the top 10 in terms of congestion, but below NY, LA, and Boston.

26 Chicago is bad, too.It's…

In reply to by RickD

Chicago is bad, too.

It's the confluence of five interstates (55, 57, 80, 90, 94) and six US highways (12, 14, 20, 30, 41, 45), and is touched by a few more (I-65, I-88, US-52, etc). Lake Michigan prevents it from completing a beltway, so about five of those roads are funneled into I-90 right through downtown. 

The absence of a belt prevents DC's eternal spinning clock of traffic, but you're gonna get grinding gridlock on at least half of your journey through Chicago. It's just a question of whether it's coming in or going out. The artificial chokepoints of the Skyway and the 94/90 merge don't help.

3 Clever innovation

Apparently the Commanders are going to use quantum physics wide receivers whose precise location on the field is indeterminate, rendering tackling difficult.

4 If it is established that…

If it is established that Danny boy has been skimming from his friends in That Thing of Theirs, he may end up in Long Term Parking at Dulles.  Or under the foundation at the new joint.

12 No you don't.  It's without…

No you don't.  It's without a doubt the worst NFL stadium built after 1980.


The proposed new location is interesting.  Living 19 miles south from there, assuming people actually attend the games, Route 1 is going to back up far worse than it does in Foxboro, and 95 could be worse.   Major infrastruction improvements will be necessary.  Major.  And I don't know the Commonwealth has the stomach for this rich asshole's vanity project. 

I'm not saying the team couldn't have chosen a less-accessible location, but they would have had to try pretty hard.

13 Leesburg, maybe? But even…

Leesburg, maybe? But even that is more convenient to the airport than Dumfries.

One of the major problems for DC traffic is how hard it is to cross the Potomac. Outside the Beltway, there's not another bridge until halfway to Richmond to the south and almost to West Virginia to the NW.

There's a reason Harper had a ferry and not a bridge.

18 Leesburg would have been…

Leesburg would have been much easier to reach, and might have provided impetus for extending Metro all the way there.

Dumfries is...insane. I live in Woodbridge, and the roads here are at capacity - it would take the majority of NoVA longer to get to a stadium in Dumfries than driving to Baltimore. Prince William County wouldn't help keep the single A baseball team here, but unfortunately I can see them falling in with NFL stadium grift. Although no one likes Snyder.


Edit: Since I've seen the platt now from the post below - yeah, this is a ruse. No one would be able to get TO the stadium without major road improvements and extending Metro out from Springfield.

14 FedEx Sucks

Have seen a couple of games there and the sightlines are rotten.  Stadium is boring with no interesting facets or architectural curiosities.  Also, there is essentially nothing of interest immediately around the stadium so you'll travel out there and then immediately leave the area after the game.  

19 Yeah, it's easily the…

In reply to by Bill Walshs Ho…

Yeah, it's easily the crappiest "modern" NFL stadium I've been to. Hell, Highmark is a better venue, and it's 50 years old - to say nothing of Ravens Stadium, which is an overall good experience, especially if you take light rail in.