Cowboys Doubt Odell Beckham Will Play in 2022

Odell Beckham Jr. during his free agency visit with the Dallas Cowboys
Odell Beckham Jr. during his free agency visit with the Dallas Cowboys
Photo: USA Today Sports Images

NFL Week 13 - Following a series of free agency visits, there is now speculation as to whether wide receiver Odell Beckham jr. will be able to make an impact on the field this season. According to ESPN's Ed Werder, the Dallas Cowboys are concerned that Beckham has not progressed enough in his recovery from an ACL tear last February to ensure he would be available to play by mid-January. This, per Werder, gives the Cowboys little reason to sign him before the 2023 season.  

This report just comes days after Beckham completed free agent visits with the New York Giants, Buffalo Bills, and, most recently, the Dallas Cowboys. During a weekly appearance on 105.3 The Fan, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said the team "enjoyed every minute" of Beckham's visit, but he also noted Beckham is not working out for any teams. This led to a question about Jones' confidence in signing a player coming off an injury like Beckham's. 

“I’m not confident at all,” Jones said, via ProFootballTalk. “And, so, that’s the issue. Now, we all realize that issue of health, that issue of availability is here every time. Just this one is very obvious and very pointed toward his injury that occurred last year in the Super Bowl. We got a good bead on that. We got a great read on his career. It’s not like a draft pick coming at you. You got a lot of history here and you can take a good look at, not only the obvious and that’s his performance, but also any issues regarding health. So, all of this we got to come in with our eyes wide open and it has to be addressed, and that’s when you can see if you can make a deal or not.”

Beckham has been reportedly looking for a deal that runs through the 2023 season with any team that signs him. He has not played football since Super Bowl LVI in February.


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In other news, the grapes I can’t reach were sour anyway.

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