Dane Jackson Released from Hospital, No Major Damage

Buffalo ambulance carrying Bills cornerback Dane Jackson
Buffalo ambulance carrying Bills cornerback Dane Jackson
Photo: USA Today Sports Images

NFL Week 2 - Buffalo Bills fans can breathe a momentary sigh of relief this morning as Bills starting cornerback Dane Jackson was released from the hospital this morning after being observed for neck and spinal injuries. Jackson has full movement in his extremities and is waiting to receive CT scans and X-rays at Erie County Medical Center.

Jackson took an inadvertent hit from teammate Tremaine Edmunds on a routine second-down tackle. Jackson's head appeared to snap back, necessitating an ambulance to come onto the field to transport Jackson to the hospital. 

"Still awaiting word and obviously praying for Dane and all of [the Bills' injured players]," said Bills coach Sean McDermott after the game, per ESPN. "You go from the real part of it here; you go from being a coach to just being a human when I'm out there watching him getting loaded into the ambulance. That's a real moment."

McDermott added he had a chance to speak to Jackson in the moments before he was taken away. 

While Jackson will continue to undergo evaluation in the coming says, he has seemingly avoided the most significant of injuries from the contact. 


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4 Talking to some EMT friends…

Talking to some EMT friends last night, the immediate danger was that swelling would increase and put pressure/cause damage to some vital connections. The fact he could move his extremities while lying on the field didn't mean he was out of the woods yet. Today's report seems to indicate that immediate danger has passed. Good news. 

Although today's news does note that he's still waiting for CT scans and x-rays, so he may still be injured and need some time to heal. 

5 An old story I heard (I have…

An old story I heard (I have no idea if its true, but its part of Bills fan lore) is that the NFL chose to redirect charity funding away from research into neck injuries, specifically a method of rapidly cooling the area around an injury to prevent the swelling damage you mention. After fighting for it, Ralph Wilson continued to support the research from his own funds and not the shared NFL pool. That method was used on Kevin Everett when he suffered his tragic neck injury, and allowed him to later regain the ability to walk. So the story goes.

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