Dwayne Haskins Dead at 24

QB Dwayne Haskins
QB Dwayne Haskins
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NFL Offseason - Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Dwayne Haskins, a one-time first-round pick of Washington, was killed on Saturday morning when he was struck by a car in Florida where he was training with other Steelers players. He was only 24 years old.

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2 Awful

Goes without saying, but what a terrible tragedy.  Judging from the outpouring of love and sympathy from players who knew him well, he was apparently a very well-liked guy and a good teammate.

3 Agreed. Schefty and, to a…

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Schefty and, to a lesser degree, Gil Brandt have been rightly bodied for more critical comments on him as a teammate/player.

Now is not the time for that.

9 I hope not.

I've only seen things along the line of "unverified reports suggest Dwayne Haskins was driving to the airport to return to Pittsburgh when his car ran out of gas. There is no mention as to why he didn't use his cellphone to call roadside assistance, but he reportedly stepped out of his car to cross the road looking for help."

If only for sake of those that loved him I hope it was a tragic accident and they are not left with the additional grief suicide leaves those who wish they could have done more. As someone who has dealt with depression for my entire adult life, and lived around and with others in similar situations, I am only too aware of both how much energy people can put into hiding problems, and how much damage suicide can do to those who cared.

Trying to cross an interstate by foot sounds suicidal, but that someone in an unfamiliar place and with a broken down vehicle on the way to the airport (and so most likely feeling under time pressure too) might do foolish things without intending such consequences.

10 I think about how much…

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I think about how much everyone indulges in the drama when a high first round QB ends up a bust. 

Ryan Leaf has become a household name at this point. 

Yes Haskins got paid well, but life is much more than about your career and football, unless you are Tom Brady, is only a small slice of your full adult life. 

Haskins identity as a person was and should have been more than football. His success as a man and person shouldn't be tied to his abilities as a QB. I too find the circumstances of his death peculiar. I certainly hope he did not do this for suicidal reasons. 

6 Absolutely tragic

And there's no need for Gil Brandts analysis anymore. 

8 Terrible news

Drafted too high by a garbage franchise and thrown to the wolves before he was ready. He was only twenty-four, he still had the time and the talent to possibly carve himself out a halfway decent NFL career. I'm reading that his car apparently ran out of gas and he was struck after leaving his vehicle. Just a shame.

11 Many definitions of the…

Many definitions of the concept of "tragedy", and this story meets most of them.  What a painful story.  Sympathies to anyone close to him.