Los Angeles Chargers Sign DT Sebastian Joseph-Day

Los Angeles Chargers DT Sebastian Joseph-Day
Los Angeles Chargers DT Sebastian Joseph-Day
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NFL Offseason - The Chargers had one of the league's worst rush defenses in 2021. That's not likely to happen again in 2022.

After addressing their pass defense with Khalil Mack last week and J.C. Jackson earlier on Monday, the Los Angeles Chargers have reinforced their run defense by signing veteran defensive tackle Sebastian Joseph-Day away from their cross-town rivals, the L.A. Rams. Best known as "the Rams' other defensive tackle," Joseph-Day has been more than just Aaron Donald's sidekick. The 6-foot-4, 310-pounder was drafted out of Rutgers in 2018, but was a healthy scratch throughout his rookie season. He then missed just one start over the next two years, when the Rams finished 17th and third in DVOA against the rush. He started the first seven games for the eventual Super Bowl champs last season, but then was lost for the rest of the season with a torn pec. At the time of his injury, he led all defensive tackles in tackles, and just because that sentence is awkward doesn't make it any less impressive.

The Rams liked to use a lot of Bear fronts last season, putting Joseph-Day, Donald, and A'Shawn Robinson on the field at the same time to clog up the middle while Leonard Floyd and Von Miller attacked off the edge. The Chargers still don't have that kind of talent, but Joseph-Day's presence inside should help Mack and Joey Bosa get more one-on-one opportunities on the outside. Joseph-Day should make a dramatic impact on his new team, and he won't even have to move. 

As for his old team, the Rams are now learning what happens when you focus all your assets on one season: you see the effects of attrition the next year. They won the Super Bowl, so no regrets, but there's a reason few teams have made the bold kind of moves that the Rams have in recent seasons.

Sebastian Joseph-Day Overall Impact: Honestly, you can't isolate Joseph-Day in this space. It's not just about him, it's about Jackson and Mack and whatever comes next too. Chargers head coach Brandon Staley was the Rams' defensive coordinator in 2020, so he's well aware of what Joseph-Day and Donald accomplished together. He could still target Georgia defensive tackle Jordan Davis in the draft, though that might require a trade up at this point. Regardless, the Chargers have the most valuable asset in the NFL—a stud quarterback on a rookie contract—and they are doing everything they can to take advantage of that.

Sebastian Joseph-Day Fantasy Impact: As noted, Joseph-Day gets a ton of tackles, so he's a significant factor in IDP leagues. He also added 3.0 sacks in his seven games last year, but that's a fluke—he only had four, total, in the prior two seasons. The biggest impact here is for those who like to stream running backs. Any running back facing the Chargers last year could have been considered a must-start, but that won't be the case this fall.


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2 Solid starter. Was made…

Solid starter. Was made superfluous with the excellent play of Greg Gaines in relief. If the Rams had more cap space they'd have loved to resign him.

Considering that Staley sells out to stop the pass in the secondary, counterintuitively having great run stuffing dlineman might be more valuable for them than most other teams. Since he's not bringing that safety up to help unless he's forced to, you kind of need the fatties to be performing at a high level.

3 Chargers going crazy

Meanwhile the team with the most is waiting to pay big bucks to a G after paying the valuable TE.

4 Awesome signing

Maybe the best so far. 

The Chargers aren't likely to take Davis now that they've sign Day.

A three tech, a WR, or a right tackle make much more sense, though a late round nose probably would be wise.