Miami Dolphins Sign RB Chase Edmonds

Miami RB Chase Edmonds
Miami RB Chase Edmonds
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NFL Offseason - The Miami Dolphins filled one of their less pressing needs in the opening moments of the “legal tampering” period by signing former Arizona Cardinals running back Chase Edmonds to a two-year, $12.6-million deal, per ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

Edmonds rushed for 592 yards and two touchdowns in 2021, adding 43-311-0 as a receiver. He ranked eighth in rushing DVOA and 17th in DYAR while splitting carries with James Connor. Edmonds was a rotational committee back through four seasons with the Cardinals. 

The Dolphins ranked 29th in rushing DVOA in 2021, with rushing leader Myles Gaskin averaging just 3.5 yards per carry and finishing with both negative DVOA and DYAR. But the woeful Dolphins offensive line was the real culprit for the lack of rushing success. The Dolphins ranked 30th in the NFL in adjusted line yards last year; the Cardinals a not-great-but-still-better 26th. Gaskin averaged just 2.1 yards per carry before contact, per Pro Football Reference. Edmonds, who ceded most of the Cardinals’ heavy-duty plunges into the line to Conner, averaged 3.1 yards per carry before contact. After contact, Edmonds averaged 1.5 yards per rush, Gaskin 1.4.

In other words, the Dolphins essentially acquired another Gaskin. That said, new coach Mike McDaniel is likely to want to rotate a committee of versatile rushers, 49ers-style, and Edmonds’ price tag isn’t very steep. The Dolphins have plenty of cap space, even after Edmonds and signing edge rusher Emmanuel Ogbah to an extension on Monday morning, so they will likely start doing what really matters – upgrading that coffee filter of an offensive line – in the hours and days to come.

Overall Chase Edmonds impact: Minor. Edmonds is an incremental upgrade over Gaskin and the backs Gaskin shared carried with last year, but running backs only matter a teensy bit.

Fantasy Chase Edmonds impact: Assuming McDaniel makes the Dolphins running game viable, expect Edmonds and Gaskin to leech from each other in annoying ways. And neither fits the bill as a traditional “goal-line back.” 



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2 Not much to say about this,…

Not much to say about this, but I thought I'd say something. They still need their James Conner goal line back.

That's all I've got.