NFL Home-Field Advantage is Almost Extinct

Cincinnati Bengals fans
Cincinnati Bengals fans
Photo: USA Today Sports Images

NFL Wild Card - Good article here from The Washington Post on the disappearance of home-field advantage and the reasons that might be true. Home teams were only 137-131-1 this year, barely above .500. Even Vegas has adjusted, favoring home teams by an average of just 1.7 points this season instead of the classic standard 3 points.

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1 Does this mean some upsets…

Does this mean some upsets are to be expected this weekend?  Raiders over Bengals,  or 49ers over Cowboys perhaps?

2 Maybe.

1 of them probably bound to but as we saw yesterday, the home teams are all favored (and have higher DVOAs) for a reason. If I were to put money on it, it'd be AZ. But HFA is still alive, only diminished. 

3 The past three years results…

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The past three years results point to HFA at least being on life support. With caveat that they were COVID affected

4 Perhaps

But we saw it on the whole Cincy LV td controversy yesterday.

Cross off the Eagles upsetting. 3/3 for home teams (not surprising)