Raiders Fire Mike Mayock

Mike Mayock, ex-Las Vegas Raiders
Mike Mayock, ex-Las Vegas Raiders
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NFL Wild Card - The Raiders have fired general manager Mike Mayock after three seasons. It makes sense, as Mayock was pretty specifically partnered with departed head coach Jon Gruden. Under Mayock, the Raiders were known for a lot of reaches in the draft, taking players long before conventional wisdom expected them to be taken. Most of those players have not worked out, including cornerback Damon Arnette, defensive end Clelin Ferrell, and running back Lynn Bowden. But the Raiders did find some good players in the later rounds under Mayock, from Maxx Crosby to Nate Hobbs. I assume that Mayock will be back on NFL Network in time for this year's draft.

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1 Hitting on picks is important

It's more important that it's the early ones to otherwise moving on from them is much harder.

Then again, there was Gruden

3 If we (Raiders fan here) had…

If we (Raiders fan here) had merely drafted chalk in those drafts, either Brian Burns or Josh Allen or Sweat instead of Ferrell, for instance, ANY of the other prospective 1st round WRs instead of Ruggs, Darrisaw or Cosmi instead of Leatherwood, oh man...

Sometimes folks get fired for bad luck or external circumstance, in this case, his record was his pink slip. 

8 Ferrell's totally a solid…

Ferrell's totally a solid criticism. Absolutely. Ruggs is a bit unfair, that's basically a roll of the dice.

I still think it's too early on Leatherwood - an offensive lineman who starts 100% of the snaps his rookie year is already above average. Yes, obviously, he wasn't good, but plenty of rookie linemen can't even get on the field. Says something to be able to. Not sure what it says, but...

Once Gruden was gone Mayock was going to be gone after the season. That was a total guarantee. Even if you thought he didn't do a terrible job (I think "not terrible" is a good description) he wasn't doing it alone before.

4 So now Bisaccia gets to…

So now Bisaccia gets to dangle until they hire a new GM and ask "what are the chances you would give up maybe your one chance ever to hire the coach you've always wanted and instead retain this guy?"

6 Bisaccia should do OK

Even if he doesn't stay with the Raiders, he did a good job getting them to the playoffs when "nobody believed in them!"  I would hope he'd find a job quickly.



9 a

Lynn Bowden is a receiver and he worked out in the sense they suckered Miami to trade for him.

10 Yeah...

In reply to by johonny

They spent a 3rd round pick on him then traded him WITH a 6th round pick for...a 4th...before his rookie season games started...

Suckered is a strong word. 

11 Revised GM rankings

1. CHI - Fields. Mooney. Cap space.

2. NYG - 3 picks in the top 44

3. MN - Justin Jefferson. 

4. LV - Let go of Mayock despite Gruden having final say