Rams Sign Kupp to 3-Year, $80-Million Extension

Los Angeles Rams WR Cooper Kupp
Los Angeles Rams WR Cooper Kupp
Photo: USA Today Sports Images

NFL Offseason - The Los Angeles Rams signed wide receiver Cooper Kupp to a three-year, $80-million contract extension, according to ESPN's Adam Schefter.

The contract includes $75 million guaranteed and is worth $110 million over the five years of the deal, sources said. It's the highest amount of guaranteed money ever given to an NFL wide receiver.

Kupp, who turns 29 in June, was named Offensive Player of the Year after leading the NFL with 145 catches, 1,947 receiving yards, and 16 touchdowns. He set a Football Outsiders record with 615 receiving DYAR. Then he was named Super Bowl MVP for his eight catches, 92 yards, and two touchdowns in L.A.'s 23-20 win over Cincinnati.

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1 Wrote this in the Aaron Donald extension post

Rams are committing huge money to Kupp, Donald, Ramsay, and Stafford. I guess when you have those 4 players, you are sort of forced to go that route. I'll be interested to see how they approach roster building from here on out. I can't imagine they can afford to trade for yet another star player for draft equity and pay the guy. Thus, they may be forced to keep their first rounders for a change.  

5  I'll be interested to see…

 I'll be interested to see how they approach roster building from here on out.

If you want to understand why I'm so "raised eyebrows" at the Browns, the Rams and Browns are basically in a similar situation cap-wise...

except the Rams have like 15 more person-years on the list (the Rams have a full team next year already, the Browns do not, for instance) plus they still have a '24 first round pick. Oh, and the Rams have obviously had significantly more success with their current team.

The Rams are basically coasting for two years, but they won't lose that much talent and they're obviously starting out at "Super Bowl contender" level.

7 Injuries are always a big…

Injuries are always a big risk, but if the Rams have Stafford, Ramsey, Donald, and Kupp healthy they’re going to be a +10% DVOA team pretty much no matter what. Especially with McVay running things.

While it’s not talked about, they’ve either drafted extremely well in the later rounds, or just had McVay’s program get the most out of these players, but there are a lot of fifth round type players who come in and perform well, if not even outright above average. 

If that starts to not happen anymore, then the Rams will slowly decline into mediocrity as they lose more and more solid players in FA. But even if that happens, I’m happy with one cap crash year as they strip mine the club for picks and do a rebuild. Winning a Super Bowl buys a lot of goodwill.

11 No, I totally agree. I wasn…

No, I totally agree. I wasn't actually suggesting the Rams are in a bad spot. They're limited, definitely, and they don't really have margin for error, but it's totally worth doing rather than let the team start to heavily fracture. Especially because they know they're a solidly built team.

I was mainly pointing out the difference between the Rams and the Browns - the Browns are in a worse situation draft and cap-wise, and realistically they don't even have any evidence they know WTF they're doing.

I’m happy with one cap crash year as they strip mine the club for picks

Sadly, that's kindof a thing of the past - with the way deals are structured now, cap crunches are typically a 2 to 3 year penalty. That's not to say with good coaching/drafting/development you can't be "competitive" (as in, mediocre) but it just sucks the life out of you for like 2 years at a minimum.

For a while (as in, 2 years ago!) teams were holding onto "well, we can still trade him" in contracts, but even that's gone now. Donald's untradeable until '24 (when he'll be 33), Stafford's untradeable until '25 (when he's 37!), and while Kupp and Ramsey are marginally tradeable next year the team's going to have to push some cash forward and they're the likely choices, so one of them will probably be untradeable too.

Things change fast...

6 Definitely seems risky for a…

Definitely seems risky for a guy who's 29 and just had his first pro bowl season. Hill and Adams had established a high level of production.  Not as much here. They know what changes he made, so they have a better idea how real the improvement is. 

8 I didn't realize he's…

I didn't realize he's already 29. That makes his last season seem even more improbable. He was always a good player, but for him to win the trip crown and have possibly the greatest receiving season of all time; REG + POST is kind of amazing.

I've said before, receiver age curves suggests his best days are behind him but he's had such a weird career that I am not sure what to believe. However, the Rams don't have the luxury of letting him walk the way the Chiefs kind of do with Tyreke. 

9 If he's evolved into a top 5…

If he's evolved into a top 5 WR then it's not terrible. It's only 3 years and elite WR are usually serviceable into their early 30s (I'm guessing they payed a bit more to make it only 3 years). I'm always wary of paying a player right after they had the best year of their career. 

10 Its actually 5 years total,…

Its actually 5 years total, with 75 million guaranteed. Tyreke is one year younger and his contract is one year shorter, but roughly equivalent money. Devante is the same age, with a 5 year contract with a higher salary figure but with fewer guarantees. It seems this was the going rate.

I wrote on the devante thread that I didn't like the signing precisely because of receiver age curves and that effectively means its even harder to push the obligations into the future because the player might decline so precipitously that you are just stuck cutting him.

So I am supposed to hate this signing as well, but I guess difference here is that the Rams have no first rounders and thus are stuck with Kupp while the Raiders had to trade real stuff to first acquire Devante and then pay to him. 

It would have been interesting if they could have traded Kupp and received really good compensation for him. Since they already won the SB, I kind of like that alternate path better.