Rams Waive Darrell Henderson

Los Angeles Rams running back Darrell Henderson
Los Angeles Rams running back Darrell Henderson
Photo: USA Today Sports Images

NFL Week 12 - The Los Angeles Rams have officially waived running back Darrell Henderson, according to a report from NFL Network's Ian Rapoport.  

Henderson has started 28 games for the Rams over the last three seasons, including seven games this year. Over that span, Henderson rushed for 1,595 yards, caught for an additional 437 yards, and scored 19 total touchdowns. In 2020 and 2021, Henderson finished 4th and 12th respectively in rushing DVOA rankings among qualified running backs. 

While No Rams running back has the 88 rushes to qualify for our DVOA rankings, Henderson was performing much better than teammate Cam Akers, leading him in rushing DVOA 9.5% to -30.6% and in rushing DYAR 49 to -71. Henderson also ranked 15th among all running backs in receiving DVOA. 

The Rams currently have Cam Akers and Kyren Williams on their roster. Los Angeles has struggled to run the ball this year amid a series of offensive line injuries, currently ranking 26th in offensive rushing DVOA. 


3 comments, Last at 23 Nov 2022, 12:21pm

#1 by Spanosian Magn… // Nov 22, 2022 - 7:54pm

I agree keeping Cam Akers over Henderson is downright bizarre. Akers' injury sucks big time, but the sad fact is he's never recovered, and is pretty much toast. If they want to keep him around for vibes and the occasional change-of-pace, fine, but that's all he's got left.

Given that, I do wonder if Henderson asked for his release, hoping to get picked up by a team with a better chance at the post-season. Kansas City might be in the market for a quick patch at RB, with CEH banged up...

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#2 by IlluminatusUIUC // Nov 23, 2022 - 10:53am

Man, if the Bills weren't sitting on 4 halfbacks already this would have been a good add.


EDIT: What are "Points" on my post?

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#3 by JS // Nov 23, 2022 - 12:21pm

I have to assume this was a courtesy cut. 

OTOH, McVay has never made much sense with his RBs. I always put him in the Mike Shanahan, galaxy-brained club as far as that went. The only thing that ever made sense with Henderson was:

He's the best RB on the Rams, but 

he's kind of fragile, so

let's use him in spots that give the best bang for the buck, and

use the other crap RBs  (Malcolm Brown, Akers, etc.) the rest of the time.

I'm not at all sure that's how McVay sees, or saw, the situation. 

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