Rashawn Slater Done for Season with Torn Bicep

Los Angeles Chargers tackle Rashawn Slater
Los Angeles Chargers tackle Rashawn Slater
Photo: USA Today Sports Images

NFL Week 3 - The Los Angeles Chargers will be without their starting left tackle for the rest of the year. According to NFL Network's Tom Pelissero, Chargers' second-year tackle Rashawn Slater suffered a ruptured bicep during Sunday's game against the Jacksonville Jaguars, effectively ending his season. Slater played 33 snaps in Sunday's contest before being replaced by Storm Norton. 

Slater served as a quality upgrade at the left tackle position his rookie season, playing over 1,000 snaps and allowing just 20 total blown blocks, good for a blown block rate of 1.9%. Slater had allowed just one blown pass block through his first two games, helping the Chargers finish second in the league through two weeks with a 2.7% adjusted sack rate.  

Norton, on the other hand, has struggled on the line for the Chargers. Playing right tackle in 2021, Norton allowed a 4.2% blown block rate in over 1,000 snaps at tackle for the Chargers, including a 5.6% blown block rate in pass protection. 

While still certainly a downgrade at the tackle position, Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert fared relatively well from a performance perspective under pressure when compared to the rest of the league. Herbert finished 2021 with a 53.9% DVOA without pressure and a -31.6% DVOA when under pressure. That -85.4% DVOA difference was the sixth-smallest difference among quarterbacks last year


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You can feel the charger season slipping away

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