Rashod Bateman to Undergo Season-Ending Surgery

Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Rashod Bateman
Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Rashod Bateman
Photo: USA Today Sports Images

Baltimore Ravens head coach Jon Harbaugh has announced that Rashod Bateman will undergo surgery to repair a Lisfranc injury, ending his 2022 season.

Bateman has had an up-and-down season, starting three of his first four games for the Ravens and scoring touchdowns in his first two. Bateman was ruled out in Weeks 5 and 6 with a foot injury, started in Week 7, then played just 13 snaps in Week 8. Despite missing two games, Bateman ranked third on the team in receiving yards and led the team in yards per reception with 19.0. Bateman finished his season with a receiving DYAR of 5 and a receiving DVOA of -10.4%.

Bateman also missed the first five games of 2021 with a groin injury during training camp.


4 comments, Last at 04 Nov 2022, 8:38am

#1 by JimZipCode // Nov 03, 2022 - 9:40pm

Brutal for the Ravens. They consider themselves a conference contender; but their chances to hang offensively with Buffalo or KC or Miami in the playoffs probably depended on Bateman returning to full health. He's the closest thing to a “#1 WR” that the Ravens have.  Thru the first 3 games this season, Bateman was over 14 yards-per-target.  Then he hurt his foot midway thru game 4 v Buffalo and missed the next two games.  Came back for one game, then re-injured himself in Q2 of the next game vs Tampa.

I had Bateman as one of the “indispensible” Ravens on offense, without whom their postseason hopes die, along with Mark Andrews & Ronnie Stanley (and of course Lamar).  To my eye Bateman is a better player than his DVOA score indicates.  He's had a few start-to-run-before-you've-finished-making-the-catch drops; his catch rate isn't where it should be. But that seems to me like a typical “young WR” issue: correctable. If nothing else, he's dangerous, and requires defensive attention.

Ravens twitter is crucifying Eric DeCosta for not having more depth at the position.  It's not unlike his treatment of Offensive Tackle heading into 2021, when his operating assumption seemed to be that Ronnie Stanley would return 100% and everything will be fine.

Plan B seems to be Devin Duvernay, Demarcus Robinson, and limited doses of DeSean Jackson.  Judging from last year, DJax can be effective as hell in small doses.  I personally like James Proche, the poor man's Jarvis Landry: but Greg Roman doesn't seem eager to give him chances.  Proche has missed games this year with a groin.  The Ravens also probably hope that with Mark Andrews & Isaiah Likely at TE, they won't need many WRs.  And they have another rookie TE, Charlie Kolar, who's supposed to come off IR shortly.

Fuck it: who needs WRs at all?  Put Mark Andrews, Isaiah Likely, Charlie Kolar, Patrick Ricard and Gus Edwards out there.  Go full Navy, play triple option football.  Turn the clock back to 2018, Lamar's rookie year.  Have some fun with it!  (Sigh.)

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#2 by ImNewAroundThe… // Nov 03, 2022 - 10:14pm

Dude just can't catch a break. 61.6 grade on the year. 81st/113 WR. They should push hard for OBJ now. But after this season their WRs are

  • 2+1 years left of Bateman
  • 2 years left of Tylan Wallace
  • 1 year left of Duvernay
  • 1 year left of Proche

Injuries are hard to predict but regardless, they need to plan to attack WR in the offseason. Find a WR1 and push Bateman down the depth chart. I liked him as a prospect but the Ravens can't take the position lightly and rely on the guys they have to carry them.

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#3 by JimZipCode // Nov 04, 2022 - 8:05am

but the Ravens can't take the position lightly and rely on the guys they have to carry them

Evergreen comment. Have you seen the Ravens?  For ~20 years that seems to have been the only approach they've known.

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#4 by ImNewAroundThe… // Nov 04, 2022 - 8:38am

But yes, times change though. They've gone 10 straight rounds without one. Just remembered they didn't pick any this past draft,  which is quite bad. 11 picks, all in the top 6 rounds, including a P, and they thought they were fine. And Demarcus Robinson wasn't a bandaid at the time either. That's rough. 

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