Schefter: Changes Coming to MNF in 2023

ESPN Reporter Adam Schefter
ESPN Reporter Adam Schefter
Photo: USA Today Sports Images

NFL Offseason - ESPN reporter Adam Schefter has revealed that significant changes will be coming to Monday Night Football in 2023. He reveals the differences in an interview with Mike North, the NFL's vice-president of broadcast scheduling.

What does this mean for Football Outsiders? Three weekends where we have some very long nights, and possible delays in Quick Reads and DVOA analysis going up on those weekends. And one less game to cover on those Sundays. For most fans, it will mean the possibility of a Sunday game being moved to Monday (or vice versa), so you'll want to include some flexibility in your plans if you're traveling to a game.


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1 Ok sure fine

But Jaire "Baby Gil" extension more important than this.

Also separate game threads for each day of football. Sunday, Monday, etc. Please. 

2 Yes

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yes, separate threads.  Pretty please With sugar on it.

9 TV $$$$ > fans at games

Flex scheduling on the same day is kind of reasonable, since you've likely set that day aside already. But moving games from Sunday to Monday? That's a pretty ridiculous inconvenience for ticket holders, even with advance notice. Some people are going to be pretty frustrated when they plan a road trip to watch a 1pm game and be back home for work on Monday, only to have the game moved to Monday evening.

A better solution to "MNF games are bad" would be to stop scheduling teams multiple times, particularly if they aren't expected to be competitive. In 2021, the Ravens, Steelers, Raiders, Bills, Saints, Seahawks, Giants, and Bears all played two MNF games. Some of this could have been avoided.

I don't want to see KC, LAR, or TB every week, but I do want to turn on an MNF game expecting to see good football.