SITE NEWS: Football Outsiders Almanac 2022 Now Available!

Football Outsiders Almanac 2022
Football Outsiders Almanac 2022
Image: Erik Orr

NFL Offseason - We're happy to announce that the Football Outsiders Almanac 2022 Digital Edition is now available! This is the 18th annual version of the book that the Boston Globe called the "Bible for superfans and fantasy football leaguers." It's over 500 pages of cutting-edge statistical analysis, obsessive film study, and trademark humor. Full previews for all 32 NFL teams and the top 50 projected NCAA teams, plus over 500 player comments and KUBIAK fantasy football projections are all included.

This year, you'll get access to the digital version of FO Almanac 2022 through a FO+ subscription. Right now, with our Early Bird Sale, you can get an FO+ subscription for 20% off through July 31. That gives you access to FO Almanac 2022 plus the DVOA database and the KUBIAK preseason fantasy projection tool. Once we get into the season, you get weekly fantasy projections and picks against the spread.

Like last year, you can read the FO Almanac team chapters as online articles, or you can download the entire PDF version to read including the college previews and the player comments with KUBIAK projections.

The print edition of Football Outsiders Almanac 2022 should be available on by the end of the week and will cost $29.99.

We will also be doing a series of livestreams to promote the Almanac and look at all 32 teams over the next eight weeks. We're hitting two teams per show, two shows per week, mostly on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1pm EDT. You can watch our livestreams on Twitch or YouTube or listen to them after the fact on the Football Outsiders Podcast Network. We start this week with the AFC South, covering Houston and Tennessee on Tuesday and Indianapolis and Jacksonville on Thursday.

If you need more help with the Almanac or FO+, please e-mail us at

For those of you who download the Almanac early, feel free to use the thread below to inform us of errors that we missed during proofreading. They're inevitable, like Thanos or Joe Burrow. We'll correct them before submitting the print version.


34 comments, Last at 22 Jul 2022, 4:03pm

#1 by fynsta // Jul 12, 2022 - 11:16am

Looking forward to reading it!

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#2 by MJK9965 // Jul 12, 2022 - 12:21pm

the best and most comprehensive work on football anywhere.  I look forward to it every year. 

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#3 by Jeremy Billones // Jul 12, 2022 - 1:21pm

I own a dozen years of electronic copies of the Football Outsiders Almanac. As far back as 2009


In Theory.


In practice, unless I purchase this year's copy, EDJ refuses to permit me to access any of them.  I have nothing polite to say about that.

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#26 by Theo // Jul 16, 2022 - 1:58pm

What is that kind of nonsense?

If you dont buy the new version, you lose access to previous versions?

Wow. Thats bad.

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#31 by almon // Jul 20, 2022 - 8:56pm

did FO switch distributors?  i can't find the link to see what i bought before this year

(i've bought the almanac in print or electronic since 2005)

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#4 by mehllageman56 // Jul 12, 2022 - 1:35pm

Does the early bird special apply to those who have purchased before, and are slated to renew later in the year?  Just asking for myself.

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#7 by Aaron Schatz // Jul 12, 2022 - 5:00pm

I believe you can use the early bird discount even if you have used other discounts in the past. However, if you currently are on a subscription plan, I'm told you can't switch to the discount or a different sale. I hope that answers the question.

UPDATE: So it looks like the discount is for new customers only. I'm sorry we didn't fully specify that in the announcement.

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#20 by mehllageman56 // Jul 13, 2022 - 11:44am

Not a problem Aaron.  Thanks for getting back to me.

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#5 by Travis // Jul 12, 2022 - 2:38pm

p. xvii: Approximate Value is a system created by Doug Drinen of Pro Football Reference. The goal is to put a single number on every season of every NFL player since 1950, using a very broad set of guidelines.

PFR calculates Approximate Value starting with the 1960 season, not 1950.

p. 210: Roethlisberger’s final couple of seasons were about his ego and Pittsburgh’s unwillingness to push the idea of a replacement, à la how Bob McAdoo tried to force out Eli Manning in New York.

Ben McAdoo, not Bob.

p. 227: But despite that past success, Fisher was fired after the season. The 1999 Browns, 1972 Cardinals, and 1968 Falcons also fired their coaches.

The Browns didn't fire Chris Palmer until after the 2000 season (which is also in the table).

p. 235: His 26-41 record in New York was terrible, but you can question how much of that was Bowles himself ...

Todd Bowles went 24-40 as the Jets' head coach; he'd previously gone 2-1 as interim HC for the 2011 Dolphins.

p. 241:Todd Bowles’ defenses haven’t finished worse than 10th in stuff rate since he first became a coordinator in 2013.

Bowles took over for Juan Castillo as the Eagles' defensive coordinator six games into the 2012 season.

p. 300: One of only six guys named “Gus” ever to play pro football, Edwards seemed poised to cruise past Gus Holloman, a defensive back/punter with the AFL Broncos and Jets, into third place on the all-time Gus Approximate Value chart.

At least six other Gusses played in the NFL before 1960, the first year of Approximate Value. Gus Sonnenberg was probably the best of them.

p. 304: Harris became the first Patriots running back to put up back-to-back 100-plus-DYAR seasons since Danny Woodhead in 2011 and 2012.

Only if restricted to rushing; James White had 100-plus-DYAR receiving seasons in both 2018 and 2019.

p. 317: Who holds the single-game NCAA rushing record? ... Gordon set the record in November of 2014, but Perine broke it just one week later with a 427-yard outburst against Kansas as a freshman in an Oklahoma rainstorm.

Perine has the FBS record for rushing yards in a game, but players at the NCAA FCS and Division III levels have rushed for more.


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#8 by fynsta // Jul 12, 2022 - 9:07pm

In reply to by Travis

p. 123: additions including MVS, Smith-Schuster, Jones, and safety Jordan Reid.

Justin Reid, not Jordan.

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#9 by Vincent Verhei // Jul 12, 2022 - 10:26pm

In reply to by Travis

That is great work. Thank you for finding all of those so quickly. Two notes:

This page on PFR's site says that AV goes back to 1950, but the data is only displayed back to 1960, so I'm guessing that's a typo on their end.

You're right about Bowles starting as a coordinator in Philadelphia, but the 2012 Eagles were also in the to 10 in stuff rate, which means Bowles' streak now stretches back across a full decade with four separate franchises. So it's even more impressive!


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#10 by Bryan Knowles // Jul 13, 2022 - 12:08am

I believe the AV thing is actually a underreported change in methodology. When it first came out, it did include the 1950s.  I think it had significant problems dealing with two-way players, however, and that was quietly removed later.

That passage was almost certainly first written when AV first came out, and has been passed along since then; I'm not sure when they dropped the 1950s, but it went unnoticed!

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#29 by horn // Jul 18, 2022 - 2:59pm

Carson had 27 TDs passing [and one rush] not 24 as mentioned on the first page of the Colts section. 

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#30 by Vincent Verhei // Jul 18, 2022 - 3:40pm

Thank you. That error will be fixed in the next edition.

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#6 by James-London // Jul 12, 2022 - 3:05pm

I've got all of them in hard copy. When is this years' due to

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#19 by Aaron Schatz // Jul 13, 2022 - 10:02am

We should have it for Amazon USA by the weekend. I think it takes another couple days after that to be available from Amazon UK. But it's coming soon!

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#21 by James-London // Jul 13, 2022 - 1:18pm

Thanks Aaron,

Looking forward to it

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#12 by Raiderjoe // Jul 13, 2022 - 3:33am

If undecdidd about book am here to say is good book to read about football thjngs even if sometimes predictions may be incorrect like if Has Raiders coming in anywhere other than 1st lapce in agc wets. Moist realistic thinking on this is Raiders win dicivision. Stable team good quarterback, best receiver, defense good, kicker good, head coach tremendous.  Chiefs okay.  Chargers alright. Beobcos new quarterback but is gead coach anh good? Nobody can say but good chance he will stink. 

So realistically have to conclude Raiders are cream of the crop with Chiefs, Brobcis and chargers all behind Raiders and smelling Raiders exhaust fumes

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#17 by billprudden // Jul 13, 2022 - 8:27am

Indeed, respectfully nodding.

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#13 by Raiderfan // Jul 13, 2022 - 7:30am

“Moist realistic thinking”

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#15 by Aaron Brooks G… // Jul 13, 2022 - 7:52am

Every parent knows what that means.

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#16 by Raiderfan // Jul 13, 2022 - 8:23am

From the Miami section:

”McDaniel was part of the now infamous 2012 Washington coaching staff ”

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#18 by Aaron Schatz // Jul 13, 2022 - 10:00am

Hi everyone! There's now a new version for download that fixes all the errors mentioned above as well as some spelling errors we found in the Denver chapter.

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#22 by hifidelity // Jul 13, 2022 - 3:05pm

Hmm...We can't seem to find that

The page you requested was not found.  Please check the URL and try again. If you believe you have reached this page in error, please contact 

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#23 by Aaron Schatz // Jul 13, 2022 - 3:30pm

I just downloaded it OK. Please email us if you are still having an issue.

EDIT: Aha, I think I discovered your problem. You are not logged in as an FO+ subscriber. When you click on the Almanac as a non-FO+ subscriber, it is supposed to give you the sample chapter, which this year is the New York Giants by Thomas Bassinger. Instead, it's bringing up that "we can't find that" page. We'll get that fixed! But you need to be an FO+ subscriber to download the entire book.

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#24 by ginger // Jul 15, 2022 - 10:52am

So to read the pdf version on my iPad will cost me $48?

They do say the cost of living is going up.

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#25 by Raiderfan // Jul 15, 2022 - 2:33pm

Looking the Almanac, one thing really struck me.  While the raw stats projected for the QBs is very close to their 2021 projections, their DVOA is often 50% lower, or more. Why???  If the answer is “because they are facing a tougher slate of opponents “, then their raw numbers would logically drop as well.  And surely everyone is not facing a tougher average slate of defenses than the previous tear.


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#27 by timtellean // Jul 17, 2022 - 11:08am

SF P. 221 - the SF offense Pers Freq adds up to 106%

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#32 by djunkin01 // Jul 21, 2022 - 12:50pm

Am I the only one that seems to be missing the QB/RB/WR sections?

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#33 by Theo // Jul 22, 2022 - 4:02pm


FO used to have a dedicated "report mistakes" thread. 

So dont be surprised if this year only few are reported in this one. 

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