SITE NEWS: KUBIAK 2022 Projections Now Available!

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NFL Offseason - Attention Football Outsiders readers: The KUBIAK 2022 preseason fantasy football projections are now available!

The KUBIAK online application gives you all our fantasy football projections for the 2022 season. It's an easy-to-use online application with projections constantly updated throughout the preseason and customizable to your league's rules. You can save multiple leagues with multiple sets of rules. You can download the projections, including projections tailored for your league, as a .csv file for easy analysis. We'll even track inflation in your auction so you know how keepers or players drafted early have affected the auction value of players still left to be drafted.

Our standard view compares the rank in KUBIAK fantasy points over position baseline to the average draft position in drafts at ESPN, Yahoo, and around the Web. Plus, an expanded positional view lists the actual stat projections for each player along with projected DVOA for "skill position" players.

KUBIAK includes projections that you won't find in the upcoming Football Outsiders Almanac 2022 such as IDP players, first downs, quarterback sacks, and 100-yard games.

You get access to the KUBIAK preseason projections with an FO+ subscription. Click here for more information about our FO+ subscription prices. FO+ subscriptions also include the digital version of Football Outsiders Almanac 2022 and weekly fantasy projections all season long.

To see how the KUBIAK application works, you can check out our trial version featuring our final 2020 projections.

Important for returning users: You'll want to use the first drop-down menu and choose "Manage Leagues" to get a list where you can take your 2021 leagues and clone them to list the 2022 players with your previously entered rule sets.

Also, please note that ADP is not yet listed for rookies; we hope to have that fixed up soon.

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