Stafford Signs Contract Extension with Rams

Los Angeles Rams QB Matthew Stafford
Los Angeles Rams QB Matthew Stafford
Photo: USA Today Sports Images

NFL Offseason - In his first season in L.A., Matthew Stafford helped his team win the Super Bowl. Along the way, he threw for a franchise record 4,886 passing yards and tied Kurt Warner's record with 41 touchdowns.His reward: four more years and $160 million added to his contract.

The Rams themselves announced the four-year extension; Albert Breer of NFL Network has the financial terms. Stafford's contract had one year remaining for $23 million, so he's effectively tied to L.A. for five years and $183 million. He is now scheduled to hit free agency after the 2026 season; he turns 39 in February of 2027. 


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1 Rams thread:

Also trade Woods for a 6th to TN. Re-signed Brandon Powell to a 1 year contract too. 

Good to see GB using that new cap space on Tonyan (ugh) and Rasul (meh) while this happens. Just get me Landry and Julio, please.

2 Be careful what you wish for....

Both major injury risks and Julio is OLD now. What I don't get is, if Adams was going, why GB were not in for Amari Cooper. He's not as good as Adams but he is a #1 receiver and only 27(?), and paid similar to what you were paying Adams. A +/- of Adams and a 4th for Cooper, a 1st, and 2nd would not look so bad.

4 You misunderstand

I'm not suggesting trading Adams to the Cowboys (who couldn't afford him). But rather that if he was going to be traded to Vegas, it would have been smart to get in on the Cooper trade (GB being a much more attractive destination than Cleveland).

5 Just speculating, but two…

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Just speculating, but two things:

First, I doubt the cowboys were going to trade Cooper to a conference rival.

And second, Green Bay probably views Cooper as overvalued for what he is and the contract he has.

7 Reply button?

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Yeah, well GBs not that smart lol they don't seem to value the position highly with the way they've been treating it the past couple decades lol 

6 Maybe

But if you are only valuing a player at a 5th rounder it would be a bit surprising to be so fussy about where he went.

Is he a bit overvalued on his current contract (even ignoring signing bonus which Jerry has already eaten)? Maybe a little but which other receivers are you going to spend that money on?

8 I'm not saying I agree with…

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I'm not saying I agree with the justifications. If I were GB, I would have taken a flyer and if I were Jerry, I would be seeking the best draft comp I could get irrespective of the optics.

But this is Jerry Jones we are talking about and the Packers we are talking about.

9 Heyoooo

ATL Philip Rivers 2.0 to Indy for a 2022 3rd