Walker Biggest Reach, Neal Biggest Steal of 2022 Draft

New York Giants T Evan Neal
New York Giants T Evan Neal
Photo: USA Today Sports Images

NFL Draft - Arif Hasan of The Athletic analyzes the biggest surprises found when draft results to pre-draft expectations. Using The Athletic's Consensus Big Board and the draft point value chart of Chase Stuart at Football Perspective (so the difference between the first and eighth pick in the first round is bigger than the difference between the first and eighth pick in the fifth round), he has identified the players who went earlier or later than expected.

Using that methodology, the biggest reach of the draft was Travon Walker, who was eighth on the big board but went first overall to the Jaguars. Other first-round reaches including Patriots lineman Cole Strange and Packers linebacker Quay Walker.

The biggest steal goes to the New York Giants, who drafted Alabama tackle Evan Neal at seven when he was second overall on the big board. The next steals are quarterbacks: Malik Willis at 86 to the Titans and Matt Corral at 94 to the Panthers.

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2 comments, Last at 03 May 2022, 8:04am

#1 by ImNewAroundThe… // May 02, 2022 - 5:37pm

Hadn't thought of that before. Makes sense though.

I was low key thinking the Titans should've thought about taking Matt Corral at 26 (after Willis and Pickett were off the board) with only 2 years of Tannehill left (and honestly we've probably seen his ceiling, the fear I would've had before paying him). But then they traded AJ Brown and...well I don't think the #1 seed should just tear it all down. They got an intriguing  backup at least. Good on them for treating Logan Woodside exactly how the Seahawks should be treating Lock et al, a camp body. Perfect balance of weighing when to select a QB prospect to value. 3 picks before him that should hopefully contribute right away, while having no true long term commitment on Willis. 

Oh and another playoff team that paid a RB and had to trade a 20 something mil a year WR. At some point teams will learn...oh wait...oh, my team did the same thing...never give RBs 2nd contracts boys! Tyler Boyd/Tee Higgins about to be on the market huh?

Also good for Carolina to grab a QB. Although I'm more skeptical as the pick they traded was used for a QB anyway and I'm not sure about the older Corral over Howell. That 3rd next year is likely to be higher too. But, they still needed a QB because they shouldn't have trusted the same room as last year (like Seattle smh).

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#2 by Aaron Brooks G… // May 03, 2022 - 8:04am

Eighth to first is a bigger gap than 8th to UDFA!

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