Cowboys Hire Brian Schottenheimer as OC

Former Jacksonville Jaguars Pass Coordinator Brian Schottenheimer
Former Jacksonville Jaguars Pass Coordinator Brian Schottenheimer
Photo: USA Today Sports Images

NFL Super Bowl - The Dallas Cowboys will name Brian Schottenheimer as their offensive coordinator, according to a report from ESPN's Adam Schefter.  

The Cowboys initially hired Schottenheimer in March 2022 as an analyst. He last served as the passing game coordinator with the Jacksonville Jaguars under Urban Meyer. Schottenheimer has previously held offensive coordinator roles with the Seattle Seahawks, St. Louis Rams, and New York Jets, with additional stints with the Indianapolis Colts, San Diego Chargers, and the currently-named Washington Commanders.

Schottenheimer is stepping in for Kellen Moore, who accepted an offensive coordinator job with the Los Angeles Chargers one day after he and Dallas mutually parted ways. In 2022, the Dallas Cowboys finished 15th in offensive DVOA and 13th in offensive passing DVOA. After missing some time due to injury, Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott finished 14th among qualifying quarterbacks in DYAR and 11th in DVOA. 

In Schottenheimer's 12 seasons as an offensive coordinator, he has produced three top-ten finishes in single-season offensive DVOA; all three came during his time with Seattle. 

While Schottenheimer's role is not yet defined outside of its title, Mike McCarthy will definitely be calling plays for the Cowboys in 2023. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones confirmed initial reports of McCarthy taking play-calling duties on Thursday. 

"I think Mike's the coordinator," said Jones, according to Yahoo Sports' Jori Epstein. "Whoever he brings in is the assistant to him in the coordination. But Mike is the coordinator."

"Mike of course knows the personnel, knows [Dak Prescott], so picture if I had just interviewed him and he was coming in, how far ahead he is making this thing really work. I think we're avoiding some of the facilities of somebody new coming in, yet at the same time getting to expand."

McCarthy began his coaching career under Brian's father, Marty Schottenheimer, as a quality control coach with the 1993 Kansas City Chiefs. 


11 comments, Last at 07 Feb 2023, 8:36pm

#1 by carlosla // Feb 04, 2023 - 3:29pm

More nepotism

Points: 1

#3 by theslothook // Feb 04, 2023 - 5:07pm

Even by the incestuous nepotism standards of the NFL, this hire is the ultimate failure of the imagination.

Points: 2

#4 by Darren // Feb 04, 2023 - 5:09pm

As an Eagles fan, I approve.

Points: 6

#5 by ImNewAroundThe… // Feb 04, 2023 - 7:10pm

Took the Jags 26th ranked pass DVOA to 30th and they jumped to 6th this season.

Of course they'd hire him. 

Points: 3

#6 by NYChem // Feb 05, 2023 - 9:26am

Brian Schottenheimer is absolutely the best choice as the outcome of a deliberation process guided by the question "who would I be most comfortable shaking hands with and seeing standing next to Mac when we lose in the Divisional next year?" as posed within the mind of one Jarel Wayne Jones.

Points: 0

#7 by Aaron Brooks G… // Feb 05, 2023 - 9:45am

I like that he’s an OC, but his shirt is praising interceptions.

Points: 1

#8 by big10freak // Feb 05, 2023 - 12:16pm

Is it out of line to ask, “Why?”

Points: 1

#9 by Will Allen // Feb 06, 2023 - 7:49am

Did not see that coming, and I always expect the dumbest, when it comes to winning football games, from Jerral. Of course, this is mostly on McCarthy.

Points: 0

#10 by Grendel13G // Feb 06, 2023 - 4:15pm

Cowboys: We need an offensive coordinator so bland and unimaginative that he won't mind ceding playcalling duties to the bland and unimaginative McCarthy.

Schottenheimer: Hey guys, I heard you were hiring!

Points: 0

#11 by Lost Ti-Cats Fan // Feb 07, 2023 - 8:30am

Why have they hired an OC if, as Jerry says, "Mike is the coordinator"?

Points: 0

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