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Browns Fire Hue Jackson and Todd Haley

The shoe finally dropped in Cleveland today as the Browns fired head coach Hue Jackson after yesterday's 33-18 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Cleveland's record of 2-5-1 was 1.5 more wins than Jackson managed in his first two seasons with the Browns, but owner Jimmy Haslam had finally finally finally finally finally seen enough. Jackson's list of accomplishments in Cleveland includes a record of 1-35-1 in games played on Sundays, likely a record that will stand for a long time.

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Raiders Trade Amari Cooper to Cowboys

Well, the Cowboys finally got the receiver they needed, but boy did they pay a lot for him. Dallas will send a first-round pick to Oakland for a year and a half of Amari Cooper. Cooper was a Pro Bowl wide receiver his first two years, but his numbers have fallen to 70 catches for 960 yards and eight touchdowns in the last season and a half (20 games). That's still pretty good, and he'll be the best receiver on the Cowboys, but he's getting out of a bad situation and into... another bad situation, at least as far as offensive scheme?

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Injury Aftermath: Week 7
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Injury Aftermath: Week 7

The Buccaneers lose a key linebacker for the year, the Dolphins lose a key receiver, and the Jets are close to running out of safeties.

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Browns Trade Carlos Hyde to Jaguars

Well, that's one way to get more carries for Nick Chubb and his (very limited sample size) 10.8 yards per carry. Carlos Hyde is apparently going to Jacksonville for a fifth-round pick. This also would suggest Leonard Fournette's hamstring injury is more of a long-term problem and he's not coming back anytime soon.

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Cardinals Fire OC Mike McCoy

Could the days of constantly running David Johnson straight into a pile of defenders be over? The Cardinals fired offensive coordinator Mike McCoy this morning, replacing him with Byron Leftwich. It's the second straight season that McCoy has been fired in the middle of a season; the Broncos fired him halfway through last year. Leftwich is a Bruce Arians disciple, so the hope here is that we'll get a more exciting Cardinals offense that a) uses Johnson smarter and b) throws downfield more often.

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The Packers and Wasted Timeouts

Paul Noonan at Acme Packing Company has compiled a list of which teams call their timeouts early, and which do a good job of saving them for the end of the half. As you might expect, considering this was written for a Green Bay blog, the Packers lead the league in early timeouts, and Noonan shows specific examples this season how the early use of timeouts has cost the Packers points and, potentially, wins.

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Derek Anderson to Start for Bills

Buffalo Bills head coach Sean McDermott announced Wednesday that with Josh Allen out due with an elbow injury, Derek Anderson will start Sunday's tilt versus the Indianapolis Colts.

(Thanks to Kevin Patra and NFL.com for mentioning Football Outsiders and DVOA in the article, by the way!)

Anderson had spent seven years in Carolina as Cam Newton's backup, throwing all of 168 passes in that time. He was not re-signed after last season and remained unemployed until the Bills acquired him last week. With Allen injured and Nathan Peterman healthy, Anderson is the best option on the roster.

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Injury Aftermath: Week 6
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Injury Aftermath: Week 6

Questionable quarterbacks and hamstrung kickers.

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Buccaneers Fire Defensive Coordinator Mike Smith

The Buccaneers are the first team to make a coordinator change in 2018.

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Monday Morning Digest: What to Make of the NFL's Most Mysterious Teams

I cover about 500 topics. Near the end there's a segment about Josh Allen and the other DVOA/DYAR bottom feeders.