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Coaching Matters

This article at the MIT Sloan School of Management summarizes a research paper by University of Chicago public policy professors Christopher R. Berry and Anthony Fowler entitled "How Much Do Coaches Matter?" Berry and Fowler found that in all sports, coaches "explain about 20 to 30 percent of the variation in a team’s success."

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Browns Deal Zeitler to Giants for Vernon

Hey kids, it's a major player-for-player trade. These are always fun and we don't get many of them. Cleveland is sending right guard Kevin Zeitler and pick 155 to the Giants for pass-rusher Olivier Vernon and pick 132. (Both those picks are fourth-rounders.) The Browns made Zeitler the best-paid guard in the game a couple years ago but they'll now replace him with 2018 second-round pick Austin Corbett. It's a big upgrade for the Giants from Jamon Brown at right guard.

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Texans Place Franchise Tag on Jadeveon Clowney (PLUS: More Franchise Tags!)

One of the biggest impending names in free agency was just taken off the market. The Houston Texans have placed a non-exclusive franchise tag on edge rusher Jadeveon Clowney, meaning that he can technically still sign with another team, but that team would have to give two first-round draft picks back to Houston. The Texans have said they would like to sign Clowney to a long-term extension; per league rules, they have until July 15 to work that out.

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SITE NEWS: FO Seeks Assistant Editor

Football Outsiders is seeking a full-time Assistant Editor. Click here for details and a link to apply.

Cowboys DE Randy Gregory Suspended Again

So it turn out that Randy Gregory's positive drug test at the 2015 combine was a red flag after all.

Gregory, the Cowboys' second-round draft choice that year, was suspended indefinitely by the NFL today for violating the league's substance abuse policy. It is the fourth suspension going into what would be his fifth NFL season, the last year of his rookie deal. Gregory has been suspended for 30 games in his career; he has played 28, with one start. He did have 6.0 sacks in 14 games last year, but likely won't be doing much to follow that up in 2019.

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Raiders, Coliseum Authority Reach Agreement for 2019

Change of plans, kids. It looks like your Oakland Raiders are going to stay in Oakland in 2019 as your Oakland Raiders. There's also a team option in the deal for 2020 in case the Raiders' new stadium in Las Vegas is not yet ready as planned.

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NFL, Kaepernick Apparently Reach Settlement

Lawyers representing unsigned quarterback Colin Kaepernick and Carolina Panthers safety Eric Reid released the following statement on Friday afternoon concerning their clients' collusion lawsuit against the NFL:

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Rob Weintraub's Pac-12 Alumni Trophies
Photo: USA TODAY Sports Images

Rob Weintraub's Pac-12 Alumni Trophies

Rob Weintraub picks the NFL's best player in 2018 from each school in the Pacific-12 Conference.

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Ravens Trade Joe Flacco to Denver

The Ravens have agreed in principle on a deal to trade Joe Flacco to the Denver Broncos. Compensation is as yet unknown but will likely be a mid-round pick. The king of failed completions heads to Denver, and Case Keenum will likely be cut after just one season with the Broncos. This is an upgrade on throwing the deep ball, but is it an upgrade in any other way? Flacco last year was 16th in passing DVOA, which is nice but was also just half a season and was much better than his last three seasons.He had ranked 26th or lower in 2015, 2016, and 2017.

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Rob Weintraub's Big 12 Alumni Trophies
Photo: USA TODAY Sports Images

Rob Weintraub's Big 12 Alumni Trophies

Rob Weintraub picks the NFL's best player in 2018 from each school in the Big 12 Conference.