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Injury Aftermath: Week 1
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Injury Aftermath: Week 1

Green Bay's high-profile quarterback appears to have avoided major injury, but two of the league's most prolific veteran tight ends are set to miss extended time.

UPDATE: Deion Jones to IR.

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Monday Morning Digest: The Steelers and Le'Veon Bell are Risking It All

More Le'Veon Bell and Odell Beckham than you can shake a stick at, plus Nathan Peterman's career quarterback rating, which is barely old enough to buy a beer.

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Scott Kacsmar's Full 2018 NFL Predictions

Scott Kacsmar shares his full predictions for the 2018 NFL season.

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For a Passing League, the NFL Still Doesn't Pass Enough

For a lot of Football Outsiders, this won't come as a big surprise, but NFL coaches tend to run way too often, even in long-yardage situations where passing would seem to be a much better strategy. Josh Hermsmeyer at FiveThirtyEight shows all the data and finds only one team that passed more than it ran on second-and-long: your reigning Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles.

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SITE NEWS: Football Outsiders Returns to Madden NFL 19

It's time to share the details on our involvement with Madden NFL 19 Ultimate Team and Madden NFL Overdrive for mobile devices during this upcoming season. (Click to read more.)

Move Over RPOs, Here Come Bunches

Great article by Matthew Coller on the ESPN 1500 website in Minnesota, looking at what strategies successful offenses around the league are likely to copy this year. Sitting down with John DeFelippo, the new Vikings offensive coordinator, he found less of a concentration on RPOs and more on bunch formations to confuse the defense. The Rams used more bunch formations than anyone else last year, and had tons of success out of them.

Every Drew Brees Pass, Analyzed

The Advocate charts every pass Drew Brees has made since joining the Saints in 2006.

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Grand Schemes

Here's a cool little season preview feature from the Washington Post, breaking down one important play for each NFL offense with fun little moving diagrams. Almost everyone gets a pass play, but Jacksonville of course gets a run play.

SITE NEWS: KUBIAK Update Thread (9/4)

This thread is for Football Outsiders to keep a continuous listing of the changes and updates made to the 2018 KUBIAK preseason fantasy football projections. Please do not post to this discussion thread if you are not FO staff. If you have questions about this year's KUBIAK projections, please send them to our mailbag (mailbag@footballoutsiders.com).

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Cut Day Megathread

A thread for discussing all the various moves and news of cutdown day.

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