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The Browns' Suckiness Defies Math And Reason

Neil Paine at FiveThirtyEight has put together a fun feature (well, it's fun if you're not from northeast Ohio) showing that entering their 20th season since returning to the NFL, the Cleveland Browns are basically right back where they started: an expansion-quality team.

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Sloan Sports Analytics Conference Research Papers Competition

The Sloan Sports Analytics Conference is pleased to announce the call for abstracts for the 2018 Research Papers Competition. The conference showcases cutting-edge research that in past years has been featured in top media outlets and even changed the way sports are analyzed. We would especially cherish the opportunity to highlight some of best work going on in the world of football analytics. In addition to presenting at the conference, the researchers with the top football paper will also be given the opportunity to share their insights here on Football Outsiders.

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Monday Morning Digest: Overreacting to Preseason Week 1

Featuring an exclusive transcript of the Cam Newton-Kelvin Benjamin confrontation. Let's just say it was such a classic confrontation that it was downright Elizabethan.

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Derrius Guice Tears ACL, Out for Year

Well, here's your first killer injury of the preseason. Washington lost its promising rookie running back to an ACL injury in last night's preseason opener against the Patriots. Back to Rob Kelley and Samaje Perine we go.

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AAF Different From Leagues That Have Come Before

I've got to be honest, this AAF thing sounds like the best plan for a spring league yet. They really are trying to hit the sweet spot of real football as a developmental league, working with the NFL rather than challenging it. They've got real coaches involved, including Brad Childress, Mike Martz, and Rick Neuheisel. The teams are in medium-sized southern cities without NFL clubs (well, Salt Lake City isn't exactly southern) plus Phoenix and Atlanta. They've got a TV contract with CBS Sports Network.

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FOA 2018 Media: Steph Stradley

Football Outsiders Almanac 2018 media: Steph Stradley asked me a few questions about the Houston Texans for her blog at the Houston Chronicle, and I answered them. Topics covered include the Texans as a whole, Deshaun Watson, and some things that may be surprising to people that watched Houston.

SITE NEWS: Design Refresh

We’re excited to unveil our new website design with the goal of improving your user experience. Here's what you can expect...

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Ohio State Puts Urban Meyer on Administrative Leave

Huge news from college football, as the Ohio State Buckeyes are putting Urban Meyer on "paid administrative leave." They are investigating claims in a story from college football reporter Brett McMurphy that Meyer was aware of allegations against a former Ohio State assistant coach and did nothing about it. This could be the end for one of college football's premiere coaches at his dream job. Offensive coordinator Ryan Day will be the acting head coach during the investigation.

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SITE NEWS: FOA 2018 Errata Sheet

Information about correcting a handful of errors in the print version of Football Outsiders Almanac 2018. (Click to read more.)

SITE NEWS: Regarding Kindle Version of FO Almanac 2018

We regretfully announce that there will be no Kindle version of Football Outsiders Almanac 2018. (Click for more details.)

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