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Jared Allen and the NFL All-Pro Curling Team

Former All-Pro defensive end Jared Allen made a bet with a friend that he could become an Olympian, and so he's formed a curling team with fellow ex-NFL players, and they're working to try to make the 2022 Olympics. The team includes Michael Roos, Keith Bullock, and Marc Bulger. I assume they live the mayonnaise lifestyle.

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Hall of Fame Announces 2019 Finalists

The 15 finalists for the 2019 Pro Football Hall of Fame were announced.

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SITE NEWS: 2019 Playoff Fantasy Challenge

It's time for another game from Football Outsiders! Pick the best fantasy team you can using one player -- but only one player -- from each of the 12 playoff teams. The winner gets a free copy of the 2019 KUBIAK fantasy football projections. Click for rules and to enter.

FO Madden Stars for December 2018

Once again this season, we have teamed up with EA Sports to bring Football Outsiders-branded player content to Madden 19 on a monthly basis. Today, we get to announce the Football Outsiders December players for Madden Ultimate Team on consoles. (Click to read more.)

Injury Aftermath: Week 17
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Injury Aftermath: Week 17

With the regular season over, we take a look at the injury situations for each of the playoff teams.

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Monday Morning Digest, Playoff Edition: MVP Mahomes is Locked and Loaded

Featuring a real-time diary of what it was like trying to keep track of the Wild Card race (and rooting for the Eagles) on Sunday.

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Black Monday 2018 Discussion Thread
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Black Monday 2018 Discussion Thread

Black Monday, the NFL's annual post-season day of coach and/or GM firings, got its start on Sunday, as news broke the Tampa Bay Buccaneers fired head coach Dirk Koetter. The Jets also fired head coach Todd Bowles. Comment on all the firings and non-firings in this thread.

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Injury Aftermath: Week 16
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Injury Aftermath: Week 16

Bad news for the AFC South, as the Texans and Titans both lose key players ahead of a potential playoff appearance.

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Monday Morning Digest: Can the Eagles Count on St. Nick to Deliver Again?

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate! This is the most pessimistic thing you will read today.

Josh Gordon "Steps Away" From Football

Patriots Wide Receiver Josh Gordon tweeted that he is once again stepping away from football to focus on his mental health. Coincidentally, Tom Pelissero is reporting that he faces yet another suspension.

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