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Leftwich Could be Out for Season...Or Not

Devastating news for Jags fans: Byron Leftwich could be out for the season with a serious knee injury.

Wednesday update: Recent reports suggest he might not miss any time at all. This is the Jags' bye week, and Leftwich might be able to play the following week against the Lions. Will his linemen have to carry him down the field?

TMQ: Cheerleaders on Halloween

The usual sweet and sour plays from our man Gregg Easterbrook, plus a discussion of that whole Redskins election thing and the correlation between cheerleader bikinis and winning.

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Snap Judgment: Wake Up

This week's ESPN Page 2 Snap Judgment column, featuring the Football Outsiders quarterback ratings as well as commentary by yours truly and the usual ESPN.com gang. Topics addressed this week: Tom Brady's bad day, Daunte Culpepper's bad day, and Kurt Warner's bad day, which some people seem to think was a good day because his team won. Kurt, however, was awful. I hope I do a good enough job here of getting across the idea "don't jump to conclusions based on one game" which is one of our mantras. Thanks again to the FO gang for helping me with QB comments on games I didn't see.

MMQB: Here's to the Little Guy

Peter King, in his review of Week 8, has a tribute to the player at the bottom of the roster who helps his team to victory, focusing on Reno Mahe of the Eagles, Randall Gay of the Patriots, Mwelde Moore of the Vikings, and, being Peter King of course, Dave Roberts of the Red Sox. Who is not, in fact, a football player. Though you would have to think he would be a very good wideout.

Sobering Plans for Jets Stadium

I am not sure why I find this New York Times article on the proposed new Jets stadium so hilarious, but this guy is really, really angry about the design. I mean, really angry. (Free registration required.)

Owens Gets a Little Too Funky

- Tickets to the Eagles - Ravens game: $175
- Donavan McNabb game jersey: $100
- Watching T.O. score the decisive touchdown and then do the Ray Lewis dance: Priceless.

Aaron in TNR: Off Season

My latest piece for The New Republic. It's about the Red Sox championship, not football, so no comments here, but I wanted to link for those interested in my other work. This is a free article, but you do have to register.

Surprise, Surprise

SI.com's Don Banks runs down his list of the ten biggest surprises of the 2004 NFL season. Two of them aren't a surprise if you read Football Outsiders last year and during the offseason: Minnesota has a great offensive line, and the AFC is better than the NFC. His #1 surprise is Curtis Martin's career year -- seriously, how often does a running back have a career year at age 31? Of the surprises Banks picks, the one that totally has me stumped is the disintegration of the Dallas defense. They are getting sliced and diced like Tuna sashimi.

One City, Two Titles

Yes, this is a football site, but since the home office is in beautiful downtown Framingham, Massachusetts (home of Lou Merloni!) I thought it was only appropriate that post 1918 be something related to last night's Red Sox victory. I thought this was hilarious for those who didn't notice: after the Red Sox won last night, relief pitcher Curt Leskanic did snow angels behind the pitcher's mound in tribute to the New England Patriots.

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Football Commentary: Week 7 Strategy Review

Week 7 strategy analysis from our friend William Krasker. You'll be surprised what he has to say about Mike Martz's decision to accept a penalty to get 3rd-and-28 instead of 4th-and-18.